• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: junior groups

City of Birmingham Junior Groups.

Congratulations to the City team on putting on such a good show. 3 days enjoyed by all, was great to see how strong our hobby is. I enjoyed judging these junior groups, where the quality was high. I felt the final line up was as good as many BIS line ups and feel I had the privilege of judging very many future champions. Spoilt for choice I made the Bracco best with the Afghan runner up, both CC winners I undertand. Junior Groups Hounds I thought this group was particularly strong with top class

Hounds. 1st : 85 THOMPSON Miss N Cloudside Sunflower - AFGHAN HOUND Just loved her. Her proportions are ideal for the breed, correct length of leg and bacl. She has a fem head, is very well made, well set tail with a ring. On the move she goes with such style. A top class Afghan who I am sure will do a lot of winning. 2nd : 600 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Trade Secret - DACHSHUND (WIRE-HAIRED) Making her debut I understand and just a little unsettled at the end. I just loved her. She is a Dachshund with a wire coat. Super head, excellent front, v good rear, firm in topline and a long stride. 3rd : 908 HAM Mr S & Mrs A Aus Ch Crisnick Houdini (Imp) TAF NAF - SALUKI Gave this gorgeous Saluki the puppy group at Bournemouth, which shows how strong the group was. Love his moderation. Light mover. Just needs to firm up in front. 4th : 871 PARSONS Miss H Priorpark Pipsicle - RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK . She is strong but feminine. V well made, balanced in her angulation and moved well.

Toys 1st : 1609 NOWELL, Miss H J V & CROSSLING Miss S L Lasagesse Major Tom - ENGLISH TOY TERRIER (Black & Tan) Thought this dog was really typical. liked his head. Correct topline, lovely proportions and sound as they come. On Sunday he decided to play the fool, but a real character. 2nd : 1900 BALFOUR Miss C Suncube She Has It - MALTESE . Really liked the outline of this pretty b, nice compact body. She carries herself well, really sound and a perfect tropline. 3rd : 1748 WILLCOCK Mr D Newill Good As Gold JW - ITALIAN GREYHOUND V typical in outline and a good mover. Liked her head. Correct neck, ideal topline. V elegant. 4th : 2015 GRIFFITHS Dr EA & ML Manawyddan Victor Hugo - PAPILLON . This d has a lovely head with beautiful ears. Correct coat. Liked his length of body. Just needs to mature up.

Working 1st : 2648 SLATER Mr G Endlessacres Morning Glory At Chalfs NAF TAF - BULLMASTIFF This fit d impressed with his light movement, so impressive in such a large breed. His head is v typical, well made, like all big breeds at this age still a lot to come. 2nd : 2491 LAMBERT, Mrs F & EASTHAM, Mrs M & CRAIG Mr M Avice Reach For The Sky With Bouvpilot - BOUVIER DES FLANDRES . Fem b. lovely proportions and a super coat. She has a v good head. Balanced in her angulation and short in neck. 3rd : 3093 URWIN PRINGLE Messrs J A & I Jianerot Ivanna - ROTTWEILER . I liked her proportions and she has a correct topline and tail set. Fem in head, good depth and width, strong yet not coarse. 4th : 2806 BITHELL Mr R C & Mrs M Bourntwyn By My Side - GREAT DANE. The standard calls for elegance, and she certainly has that. Loved her long legs and short topline, giving a square outline. Long head. Just needs to finish in body, just as you would expect and wish.

Terrier 1st : 4599 GOODWIN Mr & Mrs A & J A Digelsa Date Night At Holtaire - MANCHESTER TERRIER. What a gorgeous bitch. Was my BOB winner at Welks. Shre has a super outline, with correct topline. Love her head and ears. In super condition and such a good mover. Was so close up in the final. 2nd : 4500 FRANCE Miss M R Miss Sophie Di Luna Caprese At Torbrae (Imp) - DANDIE DINMONT TERRIER . Really lovely. Correct size and a super outline, which she holds on the move. Good head, typical expression. Well made. Thought her super. 3rd : 4940 TOBIJANSKI, Miss J & TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Zippor Miss Skye – Sealyham. Ideal proportions and moved v well. Well made with a correct front, level topline and string rear. 4th : 4764 PATTERSON Mr G & Mrs C Snowmeadow Sauls Symphony To Gavleash - SOFT-COATED WHEATEN TERRIER. Really typy d. Liked his proportions. Soft coat with wave. Masc head. Sound mover.

Pastoral 1st : 3887 CHESHIRE Mrs A & Mr J Molyneux Start Me Up - OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG . Liked the strength of this square d. V good head. Lengthu neck. Good front. Rise in his topline. Moved typically. 2nd : 4198 WARNER Mrs K L Meitza Erik The King - WELSH CORGI (PEMBROKE) Really typy d. Liked his head with well set ears. Good neck. Straight front, well bodied. 3rd : 3707 LEE Mr A Kaijartuu Hopea Noita - FINNISH LAPPHUND V good type bitch . Liked her proportions, good head. Moved v well. 4th : 3984 COLLINSON Mr & Mrs N & J D Nikara Secret Love By Norjack - SAMOYED . Made up a v competitive quartet. Gleaming white coat. Well balanced in outline, sound mover.

Gundog This was a super group, hence the rather long shortlist. I can say that I have judged groups without the depth of quality I had here. The HPR breeds were particularly strong. 1st : 4980 FROST Mesdames A & J Dora Of Bushwacker (Imp) It - BRACCO ITALIANO. I think she is quite lovely. In the morning I judged the club show and in strong competition made her BIS. She has a long. Chiselled head. Correct neck. So well made and such a good mover with typical stride. Interesting to see her at maturity. Put on a great performance to win overall. Well done and good luck. 2nd : 5184 MCCULLOUGH Mr P F & Mrs M Kimmax Koz I Kan - GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTER. Gave this lovely b the CC from puppy at the National, think she looks better now with more maturity. Ideal proportions for a Wire. So well made and a super jacket. 3rd : 6587 WORTH Mrs C A Sarabande Lord Of The Dance (ai) - SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER). Lovely d, v typical outline. What impressed me was his front action, comes at you v true. Good head. Firm in topline and a strong rear. 4th : 5157 SIELSKI Mrs Z Orchidstar Bonds Of Speed JW - GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER Ideal proportions for the reed. Fit, well muscled d who moves so v well

Utility 1st : 7680 GRIMSHAW Mrs S Hafferlaffen Moonlight Shadow At Sharpuggles - SHAR PEI Really liked her proportions. Correct topline. Fem head. V good tail. Just needs to finish in body. V good mover.- Bitch 2nd : 7302 WHITEHEAD Mrs S Gladsheim Helios - KOOIKERHONDJE Really taken with this young d. he is v well made, correct poportions and a v sound and typical mover. 3rd : 7589 TAYLOR Mrs S Tuttlebees She's My Girl - POODLE (TOY) Full of fun, liked her head, eye and expression. Long neck. Fairly short in back. Went v well 4th : 7481 BAYLISS Mr R E Ch Kertellas On Fifth Avenue JW - POODLE (STANDARD) Long, fem head with the darkest of eyes. Long neck, well ribbed back. Liked her tail.

Jeff Horswell