• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

SKC. Cocker Spaniel

I very much enjoyed judging this lovely entry. I think the breed is in pretty good shape. Pleased to watch the very lovely BOB winner go on to win the group and RBIS, she can easily compete at this level. I thought the most common failing was being too narrow in front, where the front legs almost touched standing. Most had the correct depth of chest. Temperaments were delightful. Minor Puppy D (5,1) 1. SNOWGATE STARSTRUCK (MR A & MRS E MURRAY) Compact blue. He has a v good head, well balanced, super eye and expression. Could have slightly more neck and a better laid shoulder, although he has a lengthy stride. Well sprung ribs. Just right for hind angulation, low hocks. Moved as a minor pup should. Delightful baby. 2. LYNLOCHAN PERSEUS (MISS K SCOTLAND) Close up and a lovely pup. More neck than 1 but also a bit longer in back and topline can firm. Liked his head v much. Super eyes. Nice feet. Well sprung ribs, which go well back. Right amount of hind angulation. 3. BELLTREES KANDYMAN (MRS M CLELAND) Puppy D (3) 1. RYALLCOURT TAN ABOUT TOWN AT SCOMAR (MRS M HYND) Free moving d. Has a masc head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Can turn his feet out slightly moving. Well sprung ribs. Level in topline. Correct turn of stifle with low hocks. 2. KASTRIAN AFFECTION (MRS B ROBERTSON) Super presentation on this black. He has a v typy head. Moderate in neck. Just a bit narrow in front as yet. Well ribbed. Topline can slope. Low hocks. Accurate on move. 3. MEAKWOOD MAKE A WISH FOR KENWAD NAF (MR R KENNEDY) Junior D (7,1) 1. RYALLCOURT TAN ABOUT TOWN AT SCOMAR (MRS M HYND) 2. KYNA ONE DIRECTION (MRS D & MR K GRICE) Really cockery d. He has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm, but could be better coming towards and lifts his feet . Big ribs, short loin. Level topline. Correct rear, not over done, with low hocks. 3. CRAIGDEAN HOLBY CITY (MRS S EWAN) Yearling D (3) 1. GLENNTREE TRADITION (MR D C & MR M D TODD & RAHMAN) V typy masc black d. Well balanced head, correct stop. Kind expression. Has a fairly long neck. Front is good with a well lais shoulder. Liked his width of chest. Level topline. Big ribs. Tail set and carried higher than ideal. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Showed and moved very well to take CC, understand his title today – well done. 2. SERCI AFTER DARK AT SHADOW AMOR OF CHAMFORD (IMP SRB) (MISS R CLIFFORD) V typy d. Pleasing head. Enough neck. Front assembly is quite good but he is a little narrow in chest and ribs can still spring more. Super topline. Liked his tail set and carriage. Rear angulation matches front. 3. COOLEELA RED ADMIRAL (MRS RAINEY) Grad D (4,2) 1. CREELSHAUGH KAOS (MR J GARRETT) He is a really well made cocker, so good to go over. Liked his head, little too much throat. Enough neck. Super front. Big ribs. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Accurate on move, but needs to be more settled and together. 2. COOLEELA RED ADMIRAL (MRS RAINEY) Post Grad D (9,1) 1. AMAROANNE GLORY DAYS (MR H TAIT) V typy cockery d, liked his compactness of body. He is in really hard condition, although could carry slightly less weight. Masc head. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Longer in loin than ideal and too moderate in rear. Has good width and went well. His shape, movement, conditioning and performance took him to RCC 2. KALISPELL KISIM KELPIE ( MISS C Y YILMAZ) Liked him a lot, just a little longer and a little narrower in front. He has a v well balanced head. Long neck. Fair shoulder. Level topline. Better rear than 1. 3. SHIREPARK STARRY EYED (MRS AM SUTTON) Limit D (10,1) 1. GALLINGOS GOLD FINGER (MRS R WILLIAMS He has a super outline and is v well conditioned. Masc head, well proportioned. Kind eye. He has enough neck. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Has good width to his chest. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. V good rear. Handler tends to take his too fast. 2. ANNILANN MISTER BLUE SKY (MISS RAY) Liked him v much too. Pleasing head, kind eye. Could be cleaner in throat. Lengthy neck. Shoulder set not as good as 1 and shows in his topline moving. Big ribs. Level topline. Well bent stifle, low hocks. Moved pretty well. 3. KALISPELL KAPOW ( MISS C Y YILMAZ) Open D (6) 1. BEL/LUX CH LYNWATER BELGIAN CHOCOLATE JW SHCM (MR P CARPENTER) Really showy d who looks good in profile action. Masc head. Correct eye colour, lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good width of chest. Level topline. Well ribbed. Just a bit too much length od second thigh and hind angulation, although he uses is v well. 2. IR SH CH BENCLEUCH BRILLIANTINO AT KERRIJOY (MRS K BRENNAN) V typy d, liked his outline, tail carriage spoils the picture. V good head, if a little lippy. Enough neck. Quite a good front but needs more hind angulation. Super body. Moved v well. 3. PORT/GI CH CORRALET AMOR BRUJO [ATCAU01363ESP] TAF (MRS R ADAMS) Veteran D (2) 1. CHATIVORE STARGAZER (MESDAMES FAIRBAIRN, MADIGAN & NUTTALL) V typy d, liked his width of chest and spring of rib. Super head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, but could have gone better in front. Level topline. Tail set ok. V good rear. He has a v typy head. Long neck. Angulation is well balanced and moves we... would have more width right through. 2. PEMBROKEGATE DANDY LAD (MISS N RODGER) Minor Puppy B (8) Lots of raw babies playing as babies! 1. KYNA WITCHCRAFT (MRS D & MR K GRICE) V typy b who put in a collected performance. She Is fem in head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Shoulders could be better and lifts her front slightly. Well ribbed. V good rear. 2. LYNLOCHAN OPHELIA (MISS K SCOTLAND) She is a v pretty pup, fem head, super eye and expression. Long neck. Balanced in angulation and has a balanced, easy stride. Just needs to develop in body. 3. CHATAWAY THE NUMBER ONE GIRL AT DEVMONT (MRS DEVINE) Puppy B (10,2) Quite a difficult class to sort out, as you would expect all at different stages and all with things to develop. 1. BITCON BLUE SATIN (MR B SMITH) She is a lovely shape and v well balanced. She has a really lovely head, super eyes and expression. Correct neck. Well made front. Has good width of chest and ribs go well back. Firm in topline. Enough hind angulation. Moves well. Not in as good a coat or trim as some others here, but her shape and construction earnt BP 2. GRANDTULLY ELIZA DOOLITTLE (MESSRS B J & S MCCABE-BELL) Beautifully presented b in super coat. She has a pleasing head. Ok neck. Well developed chest. Little forward in upper arm. She has a slight tendency to slope her topline. Well let down hocks. 3. MARQUELL MIJAS BREEZE (MR D C & MR M D TODD & RAHMAN) Junior B (7,2) 1. KENWAD GUCHI BOO (MRS L A DUNCAN) V cockery b of a good size. She is a lovely shape, compact in body. Fem head, which could perhaps be v slightly longer. Ok neck. Well made front. Super body and rib. Well made rear. Just needs more muscle. 2. SNOWGATE INDIGO MIST TO CRIMICAR (MRS T A SHERLOCK) She is slightly longer than 1. Prefer her head. Lengthy neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and turns feet out slightly. Big ribs. Rear matches her front. 3. EBACO PEACH SCHNAPPS AT TIMBRIC (MRS K J BACON) Yearling D (8,1) 1. PLAIGLEN JENGA (MS F GLENDINNING) Good honest sort of cocker who is well put together and moves quite well. She has a v pretty fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. She is v well ribbed back, could still develop in body. Super rear. In the challenge she put on a great performance whilst others threw in the towel to ear RCC. 2. LOCHRANZA ONE FROM THE HEART (MRS S MACFARLANE) She is v typy. Typical in head. Long neck. Not as good in front as 1 and can turn her feet out. Well bodied. Level topline. Rear matches front. 3. EBACO PEACH SCHNAPPS AT TIMBRIC (MRS K J BACON) Grad D (1) 1. KIRLINJIS MADE YOU STARE (MISS K TORBETT) Nicely balanced b with a v good outline. Fem head, slight stop. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Needs a bit more width in front. Level topline. Well made rear with low hocks. Post Grad B (3) 1. COLENDA CHASING SHADOWS (MRS R M THOMSON) Liked the compactness of this b. She has a well balanced head. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulder. Fair width of chest. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. 2. WHINBURN A STITCH IN TIME FOR LAELIA ( MRS L BEVILACQUA) Typy b who has big ribs but also a big belly. She is so v well muscled up. Fem head. Liked her neck. Well balance, moderate angulation. Moved well with level topline. 3 ISHUSWELL ROSE GARDEN (MRS J M RETSON) Limit B (9,1) 1. HELENWOOD AMAZING GRACE (MRS J H MARRIS-BRAY) V shapely v of good proportions. She has a fem head, lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front and s decent stride. Well ribbed. Level topline, slope to croup. Well bent rear and low hocks. Best mover in class. In challenge decided not to use her tail. 2. CRAIGDEAN PANDORA (MRS S EWAN) Compact outline. Could be a little more feminine. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder level topline. Maybe a bit much hind angulation. Open B (7,3) Really super class of 4 champion quality bitches. 1. SH CH ANNILANN MISS SING JW (MISS S J WHITING) Even in good company she is outstanding. Super head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, long, well sloped upper arm. Big ribs. Short loin. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Accurate out and back and just super in profile, using her tale the whole time. Top quality b CC & BOB. 2. QUETTADENE STARTIME JW SHCM (MRS S & MRS P SHINKFIELD & LESTER) Lovely outline. She has a fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder could be firmer in pastern. Super body. Level topline. Well ribbed. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Another good mover. Returned to challenge for RCC and just didn’t perform, looked fed up. 3. KALRIZIENNE'S ZAFFIRO JW (MRS J & MR G GLENNERSTER & STEELE) Veteran B (3) 1. SH CH GLENNTREE RUBY SLIPPERS JW SHCM (MS C & MR I BLACKLEY & SALERO) Lovely b in great form for 10. She has a pleasing head. Long neck. Well made in front. Big ribs. Level topline. Well made rear. Went v well. In contention with the younger girls. BV 2. ANNASIDE MOONBEAM (MR P & MRS M DAVIES) V typy b. Liked her head. Enough neck. Well balanced in angulation. Not as accurate out and back as 1. 3. SHADOWVIEW LOOK AT ME (MRS V GRAY)

Jeff Horswell