• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Whippet

Southern Counties Whippets

A very good entry, well done to those that managed this show and the Scottish club show. It is always a pleasure to judge Whippets as there is quality in depth. This was reflected by my BOB winning the group, BP winning the puppy group, and B Veteran 3rd in Veteran Group – v well done to all of you. I was trying to put up curvy Whippets, of a correct size, with a long low front movement, and was pleased to find many who matched that. Both line ups pleased me v much

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 1ST WHEELSPIN SILVER SHADOW AMONG SILKDANCE (C PRICE) V promising baby. Quite forward and put in a collected performance. He has a long, masculine head, lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, just needs a longer upper arm. He has a deep, well filled chest. Correct topline. He has a v good rear. Accurate mover with a moderate stride. 2ND RICHCLASS RUN FOR COVER (MR N J RICHARDS) 6 mths and v much a baby. Topline still needs to finish. He was more together on the move than 3. He Has a v good neck, good shoulder, but also short in upper arm. Well ribbed back and a v good read. 3RD PALMIK KING OF CLUBS (MR M & MISS Y HOWGATE & HULL) Puppy - Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 0 1ST AARMINIAS LUV THE WAY YOU LIE (MRS M L & MISS A L PLACE) V shapely puppy of a good size. Masc head, with a lovely eye and expression. He has enough neck, well laid shoulder and a good return of upper arm. Elbows could be tighter. He has a deep chest and good tuck-up. Moderate rear with low hocks. Parallel mover with a lengthy stride. Really looks a picture stood. BP & RCC 2ND PENBRIAR DARK SECRET AT MANNERPOOL (MR S & MISS K GLASSPOOL & MANNERS The oldest in the class. I found his v shapely and a good mover. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Just a bit slack in pastern. Well bodied. Just a bit too much hind angulation, but nice low hocks. 3RD MARIMAY TANGO (MISS LM COOPER) Junior - Dog Entries: 13 Absentees: 1 1ST CLOUDSIDE RIVER DREAM OF COLLOONEY (MRS L & MRS V SMITH & COULTER) Shapely, well balanced d. He has a good head with a lovely expression. Could have a better neck. Well Laid shoulder with a decent return of upper arm. Deep chest. Correct topline. Liked his rear. Could Just stride out more. 2ND COURTBIRCH STORM WARNING (MRS D J GOWER) Liked his balance and flowing outline. Lengthy head with a fair length of neck. Balanced and Moderate in his angulation. Correct topline. Accurate mover with an even stride. 3RD SUPETA'S SECRET WEAPON (MRS S & MISS F MYCROFT) Yearling - Dog Entries: 11 Absentees: 2 1ST PALMIK WHISPER AGAIN JW (MR M & MISS Y HOWGATE & HULL) Very together and standing has a shapely outline. He has a lovely head and a long neck. Well laid Shoulder but upright in upper arm, so is a bit untidy in front. Well bodied, v good rear with the right amount of angulation. Flattens off on move, but uses his rear so v well. 2ND NUIT D'ETE DES PLAINES DES BRUYERES AT BRYNNSIMEON (IMP FRA) (MRS D L M DENNIS-SMITH) He is still quite raw, rightly at 14 mths, and needs to mature in body. Super head, eye and expression. Long neck, well made front. His ribs go well back. He has more angulation than ideal and can throw a Hind leg moving. 3RD EDENWHIP QUANTUM OF SOLACE (MR G & MR J POOLE & WINKLEY-BALMER) Graduate - Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0 1ST WHEELSPIN SILVER SHADOW AMONG SILKDANCE (C PRICE) 2ND LAYWAYS NORTHERN LIGHTS OVER COPPERSHELL (MR & MRS P R, MS S R & MRS H GLITHERO, PHILO & WAUGH) 3RD ENOLACANS ANTONIO BANDERAS AT CHIPPERLAKE (IMP) JW (MR M & MR A CAHILL & TIMBERLAKE) Shapely d who was a fairly accurate mover, could just have a longer stride. Lengthy and masc head but lacks some stop and chin. Long neck. Moderate and balanced in his angulations. Liked his underline. Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 11 Absentees: 3 1ST PALMIK HEARTS ON FIRE (MRS A V SUTTON) This dog looks so good on the move, handler could make more of him on the stack. Thought he was the most balanced in this class. Shapely outline on the move. Very good head. Long neck. Chest reaches his elbows. Moderate rear. 2ND SHALFLEET SIR TOM JW SHCM (MISS J WILTON-CLARK) Would prefer him more balanced in angulation, but he moves v well. V good head. Lengthy neck. Needs More front angulation and less in the rear. Thought he had a better topline than 3. 3RD COLLOONEY YABBA DABBA DO (MR & MRS D G SHORT) Limit - Dog Entries: 22 Absentees: 2 1ST COURTBIRCH FORCE OF NATURE JW (MS S J COURTNEY) I like his moderation and balance. He has a v good head, long neck, well laid shoulder and a lengthy upper arm. Deep chest, very good rear. Moves well but just flattens his topline. 2ND LIKIRIA MOONSHINE SONG (MR C & MISS P FARRANT & WITHAM) Masc d who could be a little more elegant, he is quite strong in head. Strong neck. Liked his front, v Good feet. Moderate and correct rear. 3RD CROSSCOP NO MATTER WHAT (MR G POOLE) Open - Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1 I thought this was a very strong class 1ST COLLOONEY KELTIC COWBOY WITH STARCHELLE (MRS H R, MR T, MRS V & MISS A SHAW-RAINEY, RAINEY, COULTER & PLACE) He is so well balanced and I particularly liked his long, easy stride. He has a good, masc head. Long neck. V good front. Grand body with a good toplie, which he holds on the move. V good rear. CC 2ND CH JOTHRYN BJORNE TO LOVE JW (MRS K J & MR J D JONES) He is a lovely size. Super head. He is well angulated in front, can stand just a little wide at times. Correct topline and v good underline. Well made rear and low hocks. Just not using his rear as well As 1 today. 3RD CH CITYCROFT HIGH SOCIETY JW (MR M WHITEHEAD) Veteran - Dog Or Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 3 1ST COBYCO CHASING STARS AT SCARLETFAIR (MISS H, MISS H & MRS J WAYMAN) V Whippety and a nice size. Masc d with a good head and a lovely expression. Long neck. Well laid Shoulder. He has a deep, well filled chest. Correct topline. Went well. 2ND DOBELANDS MISTY MOON (MR A HALL) Moved out well, just not as well balanced as 1. He has a longer stride than I expected on going Over. V good head, kind eye. Long neck, hold a good topline. Low hocks. 3RD DARQUELL KAY SERA AT TANCURELO (MR K & MRS C CLANE) Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog Or Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 2 I thought some seen dogs went well here whilst others had faded in the heat, and you have to judge what you see. I 1ST DEJARE DUTCH MASTERPIECE AT ZEGLYNN (G & Z PERKINS) Plenty of him and topline could have more curve, but v sound. Balanced angulation, deep chest. V good feet. 2ND DRAKESOAK RUM PUNCH (MRS G W JAMES) Liked his size, not quite the stride of 1. Curvy outline. Long neck. V good feet. Low hocks. Really showed well here. 3RD NATTAH ECHO IN THE MIST OVER MACALLDON (MISS C & MR R ALLANSSON RUNESSON & MACDONALD) Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 0 Some real babies here, I though there were many showing plenty of promise. 1ST PALMIK QUEEN OF DIAMONDS (MR M & MISS Y HOWGATE & HULL) She is such a pretty be, and a lovely shape, with enough topline for her age. Lengthy, fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest, just needs to fill. Correct length of body, v good rear. 2ND MARIMAY CANCAN (MR I B & MRS B M HALBERT) Very Whippety and she is developing nicely. She has a good head, long neck. Shoulders could be slightly better laid. Deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Nice rear. 3RD RAILFIELD RAINNYMPH (MR T K ELLIS) Puppy - Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 2 1ST FLORANCY ABOVE AND BEYOND DEROHAN (MRS C OSBORNE) V good pup, just 9 mths. Everything fits and flows. Feminine head. Long neck, well laid shoulder. Enough topline for her age. Super underline, Correct hind angulation. V good mover. 2ND PENBRIAR FOR PLEASURE (S GILLESPIE) V shapely black. She has a long neck, could be slightly cleaner in shoulder. Deep chest. V good underline. Liked her rear. 3RD ASHKYEM FISHER ROCANA (S S & J L MULLIGAN) Junior - Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 5 1ST PALMIK MISTY EVE JW (MR M & MISS Y HOWGATE & HULL) Shapely b who moves out well. She has a fem head and long neck. Well laid shoulder but needs a longer upper arm. Deep chest, well ribbed. V good topline . Liked her rear and hind action, could be tidier in front. 2ND LOLANI TENNESSEE HONEY (MISS S E & MR M P LAIN & ALEXANDER) Very Whippety, length head with a v good eye. Long neck. Can still fill in fornt. Chest comes to her elbow. V good topline and underline. Moderate rear. 3RD COURTBIRCH DIAMOND DUST (MS S J COURTNEY) Yearling - Bitch Entries: 11 Absentees: 1 1ST SPYANFLY SHE'S A SWINGER (MS P S OLIVER) Really lovely b. She is so well balanced, everything fits together and flows. She has a fem head, long Neck. She has a v good front. Correct topline. Well bodied. Could have a better underline. Super rear. She is accurate out and back with a long, low stride. CC & BOB. 2ND COLLOONEY EYE FOR THE BOYS (MRS J H BLACKLEE) Shapely b, very curvy. Fem head. Well shaped eye. Long neck. Not quite the front of 1. Well ribbed. Correct length of body. She was more accurate moving than those below her. 3RD JOTHRYN HEAVEN SENT TO ZENOBIA (MRS F FINCH) Graduate - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2 1ST JOTHRYN HEAVEN SENT TO ZENOBIA (MRS F FINCH) She was the best mover this class. Fem head. Good neck. Moderate front angulation. She tends To flatten in topline on the move. Super rear. 2ND BLONDESSA BE HAPPY JW (MRS C JULIAN) Shapely and type b, just not the stride of 1 and lifts her front feet too high. Fem head although Could be stronger in muzzle. Nice depth of chest, which is well filled. Correct underline. Good rear. 3RD KLARUCHART AILAMA WITH CITYCROFT (IMP POL) (MRS J, MISS R & MRS A WHITEHEAD, SMITH & MIXIDES) Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 17 Absentees: 2 1ST KIDARUKA FOREVER LOVE (MRS A AINSCOUGH) She moves out well, holding her shape. V good head. Nice fill of chest. Moderate but balanced in her Angulation. Could have more neck. Topline ok. V good underline. Low hocks. 2ND CREME ANGLAISE'S LA COLLE NOIR TAF [ATC AT02822NLD] (MISS J & MR K DOHERTY & VAN DER SCHAAF) She is a lovely size. Fem with a pretty head. Enough neck. Well angulated, just a bit slack in Pastern. She has a super rear and is accurate out and back. 3RD CROSSCOP GLITTERING PRIZE NAF TAF (MRS L & MR G MORRIS & WADDELL) Limit - Bitch Entries: 14 Absentees: 3 1ST COBYCO CANDY CREME (MRS L YACOBY-WRIGHT) She was better out and back than 2. She is a v nice shape. Good head, long neck. Well laid Shoulder but a bit upright in upper arm, although a lengthy stride. She has a v good underline and a nice topline. Super rear. 2ND DANLUKE LADY FOXTROT AT ZENOBIA JW SHCM (MRS F M FINCH) V typy b. Fem head. Moderate neck. She has a well made front. V good topline and underline. Correct, Moderate hind angulation, just needs a bit more width to her thighs. V good profile action. 3RD CREME ANGLAISE'S LA COLLE NOIR TAF [ATC AT02822NLD] (MISS J & MR K DOHERTY & VAN DER SCHAAF) Open - Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 3 This was a very lovely class with quality right down the line. 1ST CH NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU AT CROSSCOP JW SHCM (MRS L & MR G MORRIS & WADDELL) Very type b with a lovely outline and such a good profile mover. Good head with a long neck. Well Laid shoulder, slightly short in upper arm. Deep chest with a v good underline and a correct topline. Well ribbed back. Hind angulation matches her front. Just rather close going away so had to settle for RCC. 2ND CH PALMIK EN VOGUE JW SHCM (MR M & MISS Y HOWGATE & HULL) Very Whippetty, not the topline of 1. She has a super head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep Chest. V good underline. Well made rear. Good mover. 3RD JOTHRYN BJORNE AGAIN JW (MRS K J & MR J D JONES)

Jeff Horswell