• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

Southern Counties. Sussex Spaniels

Interesting entry to judge. I thought type was rather even, even if most were shorter in leg than my interpretation of the standard. I was shocked at how many undershot Sussex were shown, mainly amongst the males – please be aware of this for future matings. I understand 2 gained their JW on the new system – well done Puppy D (2) 1ST EALD VILLAGE POACHER FOR SHUVICK (MRS S J WAY) Really typy pup with a lot of promise. He has a good head. Medium neck. Nice front with good legs and feet. Level topline. Well ribbed. Moved typically. Junior D (3) 1ST EALD VILLAGE POACHER FOR SHUVICK (MRS S J WAY) 2ND SOVAROMA RELATIVELY FRANK WITH BOWSWIZZLER (MRS C SWIETALSKI) Typy d. Masc head, could be tighter in eye. Correct neck. Could have better legs and feet. Well ribbed. Level topline. Well muscled rear. Typical mover. Liked his coat and colour. 3RD OPALREEF ECLIPSE (MISS L JUDGE) Post Grad D (2) 1ST SERENDEL SUSSEX ENDEAVOUR (MR J GOODWIN) Liked him v much. Well balanced head. Could have cleaner eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. Moved accurately with typical gait. 2ND DEANWAY STORM PETREL AT QUINTIC (MR J & MRS P PERKINS) Shorter in leg. Fairly well balanced head. Ok neck. Short upper arm. Well ribbed back. Doesn't need any more weight. Moderate rear. Limit D (4) 1ST YORKHAM ROCKING RUDOLPH (MR JP & MRS S EVANS) I find him somewhat short in leg and long in back. He is a v good colour and the best mover in class. Well proportioned head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Rib go well back. Level topline. Better rear than 2. RCC 2ND LABRY BERRY BREZHNEV [ATC AT01616RUS] ( MRS N PENNEMAN) Similar type to 1. He too has a good bite. Typical head. Eyes could be clearner. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be better in pastern. Well bodied. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Low hocks. 3RD JUBILWELL PROPER JOB (MRS J MASSEY) Open D (4) 1ST SH CH IVCAR ANYTHING GOES (MR A & MRS S HUGHES) Beautifully presented d who is a really good mover, but still typical. Slightly shorter in leg than I prefer. He has a v good head. Eyes are ok. Correct neck. V good front. Feet could be better. Well ribbed back with no waist. Level topline. Well made and muscled rear. Top quality. CC & BOB 2ND SH CH TAWNYKA IT'S A PUZZLE FOR BELCAM JW SHCM (MRS E BOWE) Similar type to 1. Good head. Would prefer a darker and tighter eye. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. V good bone. Just a fraction long. Rather moderate in rear. Moved quite well. 3RD QUARR PERSUASION (MISS L BANNISTER) Veteran D/B (3) 1ST SH CH/BEL CH NORRISS NORTHERN CASSANDRA (MR C B & MRS V I WAKEFIELD) Lovely for type. She has a fem head, with good eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly slack in pastern and feet now. Well ribbed. Topline a little slack. Enough hind angulation. Really typical mover. She has had top honours from me before, here and abroad, and was in the running again today. BV 2ND NORRISS NORTHERN TORPEDO (MR G C L & MISS J E SMITH & MURRAY) Masc d whose outline I liked v much. Eyes could be tighter. Correct neck. Shoulder ok. Elbows could be better. Well ribbed. Level topline, needs more hind angulation. 3RD QUINTIC VOGUE OF BOWSWIZZLER (MRS C SWIETALSKI) Good Citizen D/B (1) 1ST OPALREEF ECLIPSE (MISS L JUDGE) Nice proportions, tended to pace most of the time. Well proportioned head. Eyes could be tighter. Slack topline. Balanced in angulation. Puppy B (4) 1ST IVCAR MATILDA (MR A & MRS S HUGHES) Really good mover. She is lower than I prefer. Super head. Best eyes in class. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. V good front. Ribs go well back. Firm topline. V good rear. Liked her v much. BP 2ND EALD VILLAGE SCANDAL (MS V A DAVEY) Similar type to 1 and she is a v good colour. Fem head. Correct neck. Well ribbed. Stands a bit wide in front, better coming towards than 3. Good body. Needs more hind angulation. 3RD EALD VILLAGE TEMPTRESS (MR C B & MRS V I WAKEFIELD) Junior B (4,1) 1ST EALD VILLAGE SCANDAL (MS V A DAVEY) 2ND DEANWAY SUGAR PLUM FAIRY (MRS A L MOON) Liked her proportions for type. She has a v good head. Correct neck. Rather wide in front on the move. Well sprung ribs. A bit too much waist. Moderate rear. Good coat. 3RD PINDANI LISTEN TO THE MOON (MR I & MRS K SMITH) Post Grad B (2) 1ST KNUCKERHOLE RUBY CAROUSEL AT ROANHOWE (MISS L BANNISTER) Liked her proportions. Would prefer a broader skull. Correct length of neck. Shoulders are fairly well laid. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Quite a good rear. Typy mover when in her stride. 2ND SOVAROMA CHERRY SUNSET AT OPALREEF (MISS L JUDGE) Like her head. Correct neck. Just a bit long and topline could be firmer. Slack feet. Liked her balance of angulation. Limit B (4) 1ST SAXONBEJAYZ BOMBSHELL (MR G C L & MISS J E SMITH & MURRAY) Liked her proportions the best in this class. She has a fem head with strength, correct neck. Rather too heavy over the shoulders. Deep body with plenty of leg length. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Low hocks. Moved fairly well. 2ND EALD VILLAGE GOSSIP (MS V A DAVEY) Has a broader skull than 3, would prefer darker eyes. Correct neck. Shoulders are well laid. Needs better pasterns and feet. Well ribbed, topline ok. Moderate rear. Liked her coat and colour. 3RD DEANWAY STORM IN A TEACUP (MRS A L MOON) Open B (4,1) Not much between these 3 v good bitches, pretty even in type too. 1ST JUBILWELL BAL MAIDEN (MR & MRS CADWELL) She had slightly the better hind action of these 3. Pleasing, fem head. Correct neck. Good angulation in front, shoulders set just a bit far apart. Well ribbed back with no waist. Level topline. Quite a good rear. Used tail well. CC 2ND SH CH SOVAROMA SCRUMPTIOUS SERENDEL (MR J GOODWIN) Also used her tail well, and it is slightly better set. Fem head. Correct neck. Shoulders could be better set. Good bone. Level topline. Well ribbed with no waist. Moderate angle stifle and hock. RCC 3RD CH PINDANI MYRTLE JW (MR I & MRS K SMITH)

  Jeff Horswell