• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Samoyed

WELKS. Samoyed

I thought the breed to be in pretty good shape. Some coats were on the blow, which I didn’t worry about too much. A few rather untypical heads I felt. Some were rather unhappy on the day and not quite the temperament you expect. All beautifully clean – well done on such a wet day.

Veteran D (6,4) 1ST CH NIKARA DIAMOND DANCER JW ( MRS V & MRS S A FREER & SMITH) Top quality d. He has a v good head, flat skull. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed with a strong loin and form topline. Correct feet. Could have a fraction more angle to hock. Pins v slightly at times, uses his rear really well. Super in profile. CC & BOB and was in sparkling for to win the group later – well done. 2ND ANNAKAREYNA SPARKLING ICE AT ROSSKAJA JW (MR C & MISS R WEBB & BATES) In v firm body condition. Masc head, lovely eye and expression. Well set ears. Medium neck and not as well laid in shoulder as 1. Well bodied with a firm topline. Well bent stifle. Moved well. Minor Puppy D (3,2) 1ST NIKARA SECRET AGENT (MS E M THOMAS) Lovely pup with a super temperament enjoying his time in the ring. He is v well proportioned. Good head. Dark, well set eyes. Fair neck and quite a well made front. As yet a little narrow and loose in front action. V good body. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. Easy profile action. V much a baby but full of promise. Puppy D (3) 1ST TIKSI MOONGLOW (MRS J & MR D CROSS) Almost 12 mths. He is well proportioned, although can overstretch to appear long at times. Pleasing head, eyes v slightly rounded, but dark. Flat skull. Well set ears. Medium length of neck. Well filled in chest. Good spring of rib, could be shorter in loin. Level topline. Moderate angulation to his rear. Excellent profile action. BP 2ND NIKARA SECRET AGENT (MS E M THOMAS) 3RD NOBLE KNIGHT BOSCHI VECCHI CON DYNAR (IMP ITA) (MISS P WILLCOCK) Junior D (2,1) 1ST NIKITTA FLAMING STAR (MRS G HOUNSLOW) Nicely proportioned d. Masc in head, would prefer a slightly longer muzzle for balance. Dark eyes with a good expression. Medium neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder and needs to develop in chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Strong loin. Liked his rear, which he uses v well. Just a bit playful in front. Yearling D (3,1) Fairly evenly matched pair. 1ST EASY TO LOVE CARPATHIAN WHITE SMILE FOR BLOSSOMRAIN (IMP SVK) (MRS E DUDEK) Liked his outline. V good head, dark, well set eyed. Flat skull. Slightly more neck and a better shoulder than 2. Well webbed back to a strong loin. Firm topline. Well bent stifle. Stands a bit narrow at rear with hocks pointing in, but parallel on move. 2ND ROSNORSKE OBI WAN KENOBI (MR T W & MRS A J GWYNNE) In fuller coat than 1. Pleasing head, eye and expression. Well set ears. V good feet. Level topline. Good turn of stifle, but also stands slightly cow hocked, but much straighter moving. Slight tendency to crab. Post Grad D (2,1) 1ST FURZELAND DEVON BLAZE AVEC COCOSAMEL (MR D W N & MRS M A YOUNG) Liked his proportions, slightly out of coat. Found him a bit strong in head and eyes could have been better shaped. Medium neck. Super topline and well ribbed. Front angulation more moderate than his rear. Well set tail v good feet. Energetic mover. Limit D (7,1) Quite a tough class to sort out. All enjoying themselves! 1ST SAMARINDS SHOCK WAVE FOR SYANARIA SHCM (MR A & MRS P WINGER) Liked his shape and proportions and has a v well textured coat. Pleasing head, well balanced, flat skull. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Correct length of neck. Has a good front with correct width of chest. Well ribbed to strong loin. Liked his rear. Could be a little more accurate in front. 2ND TARONAKITS KALL ME KOSMIC (MISS M & MISS L GREEN & O'BRIEN) Liked his shape and coat texture. Masc head, correct stop. Well set eyes. Medium neck. Liked his front and sufficient width of chest. Well bodied. Needs a little more hind angulation and to flex more on the move. 3RD ROSNORSKE GLACIER ICE BLUE (MR T W & MRS A J GWYNNE) Open D (5,2) 1ST CH VANDREEM IMPERIAL CRUZ (MRS A & MISS N KIRKWOOD,CARRUTHERS) V showy masc d. He has a v good head with good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Needs a little more angulation to his front. Enough width of chest. Well bodied. Firm topline. More hind angulation than in front, with low hocks. Just can kick up a bit. RCC 2ND LIGHTO THE TWINKLING STAR OF BLOSSOMRAIN (IMP BEL) SHCM (MRS E DUDEK) Liked his proportions. Not the head of 1. Dark, well set eyes. Fair length of neck. Well balanced front and rear. He is slightly slack in pastern and could have a bit more width of front. Level topline. Well ribbed back. Lively mover. 3RD CH NOVASKAYA LYSANDRO LEFAY (MRS E & MISS A MOODY & HAFFENDEN) Sp Beginners D (1) 1ST FURZELAND DEVON BLAZE AVEC COCOSAMEL (MR D W N & MRS M A YOUNG) Sp Beginners B (3,1) 1ST NIKARA SECRET DREAMER ( MR J G & MRS A E MANN) V pretty pup, just needs to come up on leg slightly. She has a lovely head. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Still loose on front. Well made rear. Easy profile mover when she got going. 2ND COCOSAMEL MISIA (MR D W N & MRS M A YOUNG) She is rather out of coat. Has a good head. Well set, dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Not the shoulder of 1. Level topline. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. Veteran B (4,2) 2 very bouncy 7 years olds. 1ST ANGELICUS CRYSTAL SERENITY (MISS J & MR A JOHNSON & KNIPE) She has the more economical action of these 2. Pleasing, fem head. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Moderate but balanced angulation. She has a level topline and well sprung ribs. Just lifts her rear slightly. 2ND ROSSKAJA ICE QUEEN VIA CHAMEEZ (MRS E L MOCHRIE-PHILLIPS) Super head and looks a picture stood. She is well made and in super hard condition. Tended to lift her feet rather high. Minor Puppy B (2) 1ST NIKARA SECRET LOVE BY NORJACK (MR N & MRS J D COLLINSON) Delightful 8 mths pup. She is v shapely. Pleasing head, dark eyes. Thick ears. Medium neck and ok in shoulder. Still can develop in chest. Well ribbed back, strong loin. Level topline. Good rear. Super profile action. 2ND NIKARA SECRET DREAMER ( MR J G & MRS A E MANN) Puppy B (3,1) 1ST RHADOST ZHIZNI SHAMPAGNE VIA VANDREEM (IMP RUS) NAF TAF (MESDAMES A, N, L S & D R KIRKWOOD, CARRUTHERS, BOBROWSKI & HARROLD) She has a pretty head, eyes can darken slightly. Good skull. Better in neck and shoulder than 2. Well sprung ribs. Can come up on leg. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Moved pretty well. 2ND KARASEA ORINOCO FLOW (C A & M S BROOKS) She has a pleasing head with dark eyes. Thick ears. Needs a bit more Neck. Well bodied. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Would insist on pacing, but decent stride when she got into it. Junior B (5,2) 1ST REACH FOR THE STARS WITH ALESKI (MISS A SOUTH) She is very slightly long in back. Good head, well balanced, correct stop with flat skull. Well placed eyes. Enough neck. Shoulders a little wide apart. She has enough width of chest and is accurate in front. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Correct rear. 2ND TARONAKITS IT'S KARMAN ( MRS S & MR R A BRANDENBERG & JACKSON) She too can look a little longer than ideal. She has a v good head. Slightly more neck than 1 an has a fair front. Rather tied in elbow on move. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3RD COCOSAMEL MISIA (MR D W N & MRS M A YOUNG) Yearling B ( abs) Post Grad B (4,2) 1ST TARONAKITS KALL ME KAYLEE AT XENORA (MISS J & MR A JOHNSON & KNIPE) The more square of these 2 wriggly girls. She has a fem head, well balanced. Dark eyes and a lovely expression. Medium length neck and quite a good front. Good width of chest. Level topline. Moderate rear. Moved well. 2ND ROSSKAJA SHOW ME THE ICE AT ZELENSKA (MR S & MRS H S GULLIFORD) V bouncy and looks between coats. Dark eyes. Thick ears. Fair neck, moderate front angulation. Well sprung ribs, a fraction long in loin. Moderate rear. When settled went well. Limit B (10, 3) 1ST NIKARA KALL ME KREATEVE (MRS V FREER) Really lovely b. She has a fem head, well balanced. Dark, well set eyes, thick ears. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Good width off chest. Level topline, could be just a fraction shorter. V good rear. Super on move. RCC 2. HELLAS BLUEAGEAN VEROE FROM BLUEAEGEAN (IMP GRC) (MRS M ZISSIS) She is a v good mover. Well balanced head. Dark eyes and a pleasing expression. Medium neck. Balanced angulation. Well sprung ribs.just looked a little heavy. 3RD NIKARA CHASING DREAMS FOR TARONAKITS JW ( MRS S BRANDENBERG) Open B (8,4) 1ST TIKSI FROSTED FLAME AW(S) (MRS J & MR D CROSS) Really lovely b. She has a fem head. Dark, well set eyes. Thick ears. Flat skull. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Good return of upper arm. Correct feet. Super topline. V good body. Well made rear. A fraction narrow in front, but a v good profile action. CC 2ND CH NIKARA DIAMOND JUBILEE WITH NORJACK (MR N & MRS J D COLLINSON) Liked her v much, just a little shorter on leg than 1. She has a v pretty head. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Not the hind action of 1. 3RD GEMORA ROYAL MISCHIEF MAKER (MR N & MRS G ROBINSON)

Jeff Horswell