• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Keeshond

Birmingham Keeshond

I enjoyed judging this breed at this level for the first time. Whilst a few had coats longer and softer than ideal I didn’t think any were a health concern. Front assemblies are something of a problem, a good shoulder was rather rare. Temperaments and presentation were all excellent.

Minor Puppy D (1) 1st: 738 LUSH Miss S K Ednaaron Moonlight Quite a heavy d of 8 mths. He has a v good head, dark eyes, well set ears. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Elbows could be tighter. Level topline. High tail set. Moderate rear. Accurate out and back. In soft puppy coat. Puppy D ne Junior D (1) 1st: 754 TEW Mrs V Bargeway Viking Warrior Fairly square in outline. Masc head, well shaped. V good expression. Could have more neck. Ultra moderate in his angulation, but balanced, producing an even stride. Topline level. V good tail. Well ribbed. Moves close at rear, ok in front. Post Grad D (4,1) Fairly even class of bouncy young dogs. 1st: 725 BRUNT Mr C R & Mrs G A Zandvoort Mr Bond Liked his squareness. Has a v good head. Dark eyes. Good ears. Could have a bit more neck and better laid shoulders. Well filled front. Level topline. Excellent tail. Enough hind angulation. V good in profile when settled. Best coat texture in class. 2nd: 734 HARRIS Mrs M Neradmik Cary Grant For Watchkees (Imp) He is square and shows & moves v well. Pleasing head, eyes could be slightly better shaped. V good ears. Enough neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Well bodied. Coat could be better textured. 3rd: 756 WATKINS Mrs O & Mr O Ursas Sumbarsky Pramen Limit D (6) 1st: 739 MATTHEWS, Messrs & Mrs & RANSLEY Mrs Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster With Valindale V good young d. He is square and v well balanced. Liked his head, would prefer slightly darker eyes. Uses ears well. Enough neck. Shoulders could be slightly better laid. V good body. Level topline. Correct rear with low hocks. Well set tail. In correct coat and moved v well. 2nd: 726 BRUNT Mr C R & Mrs G A Zandvoort Purrsonal Life (ai) Liked his shape, square. Masc head, dark eyes but could be better shaped. V good neck. Best shoulder in class, but a bit untidy coming towards. Well sprung ribs. Good tail. Not topline of 1. Well made, moderate rear. 3rd: 742 MILES, Mrs J A & DEAN Miss S A Neradmik Kiss Chase With Lekkerbek Open D (7,2) Really nice class to judge. 1st: 735 HARRIS Mrs M Ch Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees Sh.CM He is v well made and as such moves well in profile. Masc head which is well balanced. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. V good front with well laid shoulder,probably the best shoulders in the entry and he has a good angle to upper arm. Nice fill of chest. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Good rear. Can sometimes over stretch, but squares up on move. CC & BOB 2nd: 740 MATTHEWS, Mr D & PECK Mr D Byquy Workin Boots Square d, his lovely shape placed him here. Pleasing head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. More moderate in front angulation than 1. Super body. Well set tail. Rear is moderate. V good and typical in profile action. RCC 3rd: 722 ANDREWS Mrs P M Ch Neradmik Daddy Dear With Maldine Veteran D (3,1) 1st: 762 WILKIN Mrs C M & Mr R Ch Pommary Quick Silver At Whizzkees AW(G) In great form, not as much coat as some, but this shows off his square outline. V good head. Dark eyes, lengthy neck. Good front, well ribbed. Tail could be better. Moderate rear. Smart and brisk mover, just a bit untidy in front. BV 2nd: 761 WILKES, Mrs S & WILKES, Miss K & CLARKE Mr S Helkeesen Surfin For Dakaraikees Heavier d, he has a pleasing head, good eyes and ears. Shortish neck and moderate front angulation. Big body. Level topline. V moderate rear. Just a bit wide coming towards. Minor Puppy B (1) 1st: 748 PATTISON Mrs S Eastkees The Sunbird V pretty fem pup. She looks a shade long stood, but shortens up on the move. Good head. Enough neck. Fairly good front and her angulation is balanced. Level topline. Well set tail. Moved well. Good coat texture. Puppy B (2) 1st: 755 TEW Mrs V Bargeway With Grace V promising pup. Square in outline. Fem head, well set ears. Dark, expressive eyes. Lengthy neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Well bodied. Level topline. V good tail. Moderate rear. V good mover with correct length of stride. BP 2nd: 732 FITCHES Mr A J & Mrs J M Samoykees Gypsy Girls Moon Delightful temperament, but not helping her handler. She is a fraction longer than 1. V pretty, fem head. Ok for neck. Needs more angulation front and rear. Well bodied. Moved fairly well when in her stride. Junior B (2) 1st: 745 NEWMAN Mrs S E & Miss L J Leazehond Prairie Flower V promising b just out of puppy. Maybe a fraction off square. She has a v good head, fem with a lovely expression. Enough neck. Rather forward in shoulder. Super body. V good tail, high se with a double curl. Enough hind angulation. V good mover. 2nd: 752 SHREEVE Mrs G & Mr P Gineter Christmas Angel Shapely b, giving handler a tough time. She has a good head. Dark eyes. Slightly narrow in front and needs better shoulders. Well ribbed back with a level topline. Moderate rear, but also slightly narrow. Post Grad B (6) 1st: 746 NEWMAN Mrs S E & Miss L J Wolfswinkel Maria Ogren at Leazehond Sh.CM (ai) V good junior, could perhaps be just a bit more of her. She has a fem head. Lovely eyes and ears. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Super body. Firm in topline. Correct rear. Moved v well. Her shape and soundness combined with a lovely head earnt her RCC 2nd: 749 PATTISON Mrs S Eastkees Sparkling Diamond Close up and i liked her v much. Just found her slightly longer. She has a fem head. Dark eyes with a lovely expression. Medium neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Well made rear. Moved v well. 3rd: 763 WILKIN Mrs C M & Mr R Whizzkees Ebony Slipper Limit B (3,1) 1st: 751 SHARP-BALE Mrs J Neradmik Grace Kelly V nice young b in full coat. Carrying plenty of weight and looks shorter on leg than she actually is. Fem head, super eyes. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Could have a slightly better front. Level topline. High set tail with double curl. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Moved well. 2nd: 764 WILKIN Mrs C M & Mr R Whizzkees Ebony Sinders JW Totally out of coat, but she is fairly square and well up on leg. Pleasing head. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. Would like a better topline and tail. Well made rear. Tended to lean on move. Open B (6,1) 1st: 728 CLARK Mrs G Byquy Pebbles At Kwajongen Fem b of lovely proportions. She has a fem head. Lovely eye and expression. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Could have slightly better shoulders. Super body. Well set tail. Correct rear. Could be tidier in front but moved well going and in profile. Found her v typy. CC, her 3rd I understand, well done. 2nd: 758 WHITE Mrs J M Neradmik Dear Darling of Whitchakees Not much between 2 and 3, thought she had slightly better hind action. Fem head with well set eyes. Medium neck. Moderate front angulation. Could have a bit more width of chest. Level topline. V good rear. 3rd: 737 HILL Mr & Mrs A Whizzkees Ebony Silver For Plymkees JW Sh.CM Veteran B. Ne

Jeff Horswell