• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Southern Counties. West Highland White Terriers

I was very happy with the quality of this entry. A very long time ago I ‘borrowed’ as Westie for junior handling. Its great that in all that time the breed has hardly changed, and still have wonderful temperaments. Minor Puppy (3,1) 1ST ASHGATE STAR GAZER (MRS K BERRY) V good mover. Strong, rounded skull. Good muzzle. Dark eyes,neat ears. Enough neck. Straight front. Shoulder could be better. Level topline. Moderate rear. Well set tail. BP 2ND LILMILL PICK POCKET (MR A J & MR S D LILLEY & MILLING) Moved well. Needs a better temperament. Short neck. Can firm in topline. Puppy D ne Junior D (3,1) 1ST LIZANDYCRIS PACO ROOBAN (MRS J E & MISS J E CARLIN & GILLOTT) Really lovely young d. Masc head. Rounded skull, correct stop. Blunt muzzle. Neat, pointed ears. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Straight front, can firm in front action. Well sprung ribs. A fraction long in loin which held him back in the challenge today. Super rear, v well muscled. Holds himself well moving. 2ND COMDALE FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (MR D & MRS J NEWCOMB) He is a little longer in back than 1. Rounded skull, rather shallow in stop. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Needs more angulation. Yearling D ne Grad D (2) 1ST KRYPTO THE VAGABOND PRINCE (MRS G & MR N TADHUNTER) Fairly compact in outline. Rounded skull, slightly shallow in stop. Ok neck. Stands rather wide in front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Rear marches front. 2ND LYNNSTO SPECIAL AGENT (MISS M DALE) Slightly long but a really well made d, unfortunately decided to drop his tail half way through class. V good head. Long neck. Straight front. Good rear. Post Grad D (3) 1ST FRISBECK GUITARMAN (MR T OWENS) Masc head. Good skull, blunt muzzle. Dark eyes. Neat ears. Lengthy neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Straight front. Fairly compact in body with a short back. Well set tail. Quite a good rear. 2ND KRYPTO THE VAGABOND PRINCE (MRS G & MR N TADHUNTER) 3RD CHARMEDAUTUM WILLIS (MRS D A ANTHONY) Limit D (4,1) V good class. 1ST LINDENKA I'M DEXTER (MRS M PURCHON) He has a lovely head. Rounded and strong skull. Blunt muzzle. Neat ears. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Straight front. Maybe just a fraction long. Well set tail. Super rear. In v good coat. RCC 2ND THE DASHING DEVIL'S MACHO MAN (MRS T SQUIRE) V smart d. Super head, neat ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, could have a longer upper arm. Well ribbed. Short back. Moderate rear. 3RD KARAMYND STAR PLAYER WITH ASHGATE (MRS K BERRY) Open D (7,3) 1ST CH ARMADALE'S SON OF A GUN AT MAXULA (IMP NLD) (MR & MRS D W G NOYCE) Smart d, v well balanced. He has a v good head, strong skull. Blunt muzzle. Long neck and a short back. Could have more angulation. Super body. Well ribbed. In harsh, double coat. Moved v well. CC 2ND CH LIZANDYCRIS LINE ME UP (MRS J E & MISS J E CARLIN & GILLOTT) Looks good moving round. Could have a stronger head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders needs more width of chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Well set tail. Low hocks. 3RD CH KRISMA JUMP START (MRS D A BRITTEN) Veteran D/B (2,1) 1ST LINDENKA BAXTER (MRS A & MR T A W STOCK) 11 yard d in good condition, didn't see much point in moving today. He has a masc head. Medium neck. Well sprung ribs. Just a bit long in back. Strong rear. BV GOOD CITIZEN D/B. Ne Minor Puppy B (5,3) 1ST LILMILL CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (MR A J & MR S D LILLEY & MILLING) Nicely proportioned and v fem. liked her head. Dark eyes. Neat ears. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation. Well sprung ribs and a level topline. 2ND CLANESTAR CARELESS MOON (MRS D K LANCASTER) V much a baby. She is a nice shape. Lengthy neck. Straight front. Level topline. Well set tail. Went v well. Puppy B (4,1) V good class, all really promising. 1ST KREMENETSKI D'GIULIETTA DI VERONA ATELIB (IMP RUS) (MRS E P & MR M V BARTLEY) She has the most lovely eye and expression. Round skull of strength. Well set, neat ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Short back. Good ribbing. Level topline. Well set tail. Well made rear. Moves v well. Just needs to coat up. 2ND WESTIGO FULL OF CHEEK (MISS K HARPER) She looks v good moving round, can still firm out and back. Not quite the strength in head as 1. Ok neck. Straight front. Legs slightly forward set. Well ribbed. Short back. Rear matches front. 3RD SWIFDON LATE NIGHT SPECIAL ( MRS R DAVIES) Junior B (3) 1ST THE DASHING DEVIL'S POPCORN AT GILBRI JW (MR R J & MRS T M GAYDON) Really lovely b. She has a fem head. Well set ears. Could have a fraction more neck. Well laid shoulders. Short back. Well ribbed. High set tail. Good rear. Moved really well. Real contender for higher awards. 2ND ASHGATE NAUGHTY BUT NICE (MRS K BERRY) Close up and another v good b. She has a fem head, needs just a bit more stop. Better neck than 1. Level topline. Well sprung ribs. Well set tail. Could be a bit tidier out and back but v good in profile. 3RD SALMARKS SKYE ROCKET WITH CHARMEDAUTUM (MRS D A ANTHONY) Yearling D (4,2) 1ST KARAMYND GUILDED LILY (MRS J A GRIFFITHS) Well proportioned b. Short in back. Fem head. Strong skull. Lengthy neck. Shoulders ok. Well ribbed. High set tail. Well bent stifle and low hocks. RCC in great company. 2ND LYNNSTO PANDORA'S BOX (MRS A MITCHELL) V good profile mover, just a little long in back. Well ribbed. Balanced in angulation. Harsh coat. Grad B (1) 1ST ANDJOLIAM APPOLONIA (MR P EASON) V well proportioned b who moves so well in profile. Fem head of strength. Long neck. Well made in front, although could be tidier coming towards. A little longer in back than idea, Level topline. V good rear. Post Grad B (6,1) 1ST WESTIGO FLIRTY GERTIE (MISS K HARPER) Honest sort of b, v typy and well made. Likes her shortness of back. She has a fem head, dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Level topline. Uses her rear well. 2ND HOPECHARM INDY STARS OVER ANDJOLIAM (MR P EASON) V well presented b. She has an appealing head. Ears well set. Lengthy neck. Fairly short in back. Big ribs. Level topline. Moderate rear. Could be tidier in front but v good in profile. 3RD REIFRANDIES FURZEY AT CABON (MISS D C BACON) Limit B (6,1) Nice class and pretty even. 1ST KARAMYND MAY QUEEN (MRS J A GRIFFITHS) Liked her shortness of back. She has a fem head. V good eyes and expression. Strong, rounded skull. Long neck. Straight front. Well ribbed. Quite a good rear. Would like a better coat. Moved v well. 2ND LINDENKA APPLE KRUMBLE (MRS M PURCHON) V good mover, just a fraction longer than 1. She has a fem head, lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Needs a bit more hind angulation. 3RD LYNNSTO EVELYN ALL (MISS M DALE) Open B (2) 1ST CH BURNEZE OUR MARNIE (MISS M & MRS A BURNS) Lovely b, real showgirl and so v good on the move. Fem head. Moderate neck. Straight front. Well laid shoulder. Short back. Well ribbed. Super rear. In v good coat. CC & BOB, delighted to watch her charm her way to RBIS, well done. 2ND LYNNSTO THAT'LL DO NICELY AT BRAXQUIN (MRS R E & MR T A DAVISON Liked her shape v much, bit lazy with her tail and between coats. Fem head. More neck than 1. Straight front. Level topline. Well muscled rear. Good profile mover.

Jeff Horswell