• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

Southern Counties. Gordon Setters

A very interesting entry to sort out for my first CC appointment. I found type a little varied, and this made a few classes difficult to sort. The most common problem was forward shoulders – sadly a problem in most breeds. Quite a few lacked muscle, and I think this is easily put right and would improve the movement in many. Only 1 mouth issue, which was a narrow jaw. Presentation was excellent. Minor Puppy D (3) 1ST LOURDACE HEADHUNTED BY CROMASAIG (MR D, MR D, MR A, MRS J & K ALCORN, CROWTHER & MACARA) Looks a raw baby, just as he should. Presents a v good outline. He has a v good head, correct width of skull and balance to muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders ribs go fairly well back. Well made rear. Level topline. Needs to muscle up and obviously develop in body. Loose up and back, but just right for age. 2ND HERNWOOD JACK O'LANTERN BY RACKENS (MR K & MRS R HORLER) Really liked the shape of this playful pup, and looks a picture in profile. Has a masc head. Correct neck. Needs to firm in pasterns and feet, which is where 1 had the edge. Well ribbed. V good rear. Topline better moving than stood. 3RD LOURDACE HEADLINER (MS CL HOLLOWAY) Puppy D (5) 1ST LOURDACE HEADHUNTED BY CROMASAIG (MR D, MR D, MR A, MRS J & K ALCORN, CROWTHER & MACARA) 2ND CAIRACAILIE SPICE OF LIFE (MR R E, MRS J M & MISS K H ROBERTS) Quote mature for 6 mths in body. He has a masc head, nice eyes and a lovely expression. Not quite the neck of 1. Fair front. Well ribbed back with a level topline. Moderate rear, well muscled up. Needs to be tidier out and back, but v good in profile. 3RD LOCKSHEATH BEACH COMBER (MRS S GREGG) Junior D (4) Not much between the first 2, both really promising young Gordon's. 1ST HERNWOOD ACHILLES AT ETTRICK (MR A J & MRS D A HARKER) Liked his outline and proportions. Masc head, well balanced. Could have a longer neck. Shoulders ok with a long, sloping upper arm. Deep chest. Good width. Well ribbed. He holds a level topline. Enough hind angulation. Slightly better out and back than 2. 2ND HERNWOOD APOLLO (MR P, MRS C A & MISS C SANDIFORD & LEWIS) Presents a v good outline. Well balanced head, slightly lippy and throaty. Longer neck than 1. Well ribbed with a short loin. Good rear angles and well muscled up. Feet can tighten. Also looks so good in profile. 3RD CAIRACAILIE SPICE OF LIFE (MR R E, MRS J M & MISS K H ROBERTS) Yearling D (3) 1ST KILNRAE HALLMARK (MRS T BRYANT In profile he is lovely standing and moving. Liked his head, well balanced with correct stop. Lengthy neck. Fairly well angulated front and rear. Level topline. Needs more spring of rib, slightly narrow through and untidy out and back. Tan could be clearer. Super side action. 2ND HERNWOOD BOSTON HIGH FLYER (MS K MCCARTHY) He is a well balanced shape. Liked his head. Good neck. As yet narrow in front and turns his feet out. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear. 3RD KATTANDALE CANTERBURY (AI) (MRS S & MISS K WRIGLEY) Grad D (3) 1ST HERNWOOD APOLLO (MR P, MRS C A & MISS C SANDIFORD & LEWIS) 2ND TSRUHNOVA TUMNUS JW (MR D & MRS G MELVILLE) Shapely d with a well balanced head. Correct width of skull. Dark eyes. Would like a little more neck. Shoulders are quite well laid, sloping upper arm. Can just develop in chest. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Not the up and back action as 1, but still young. 3RD HERNWOOD BOSTON HIGH FLYER (MS K MCCARTHY) Post Grad D (5,2) 1ST LIRIC FUSILIER WITH SHILLAY JW SHCM (MR I & MRS C FORD) Liked his outline and proportions, length of coat makes him look slightly short in leg. Pleasing head, fairly deep, lovely eye and expression. Could have slightly more neck. But well laid shoulders. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Enough hind angulation. Could be slightly tidier out and back, but v good profile. 2ND AMSCOT ROYAL PURPLE OF BILLINGHAM (MISS L A GLAYSHER) Liked his proportions. Masc head of correct width of skull, deep stop. Nice muzzle and right amount of lip. Medium neck. Topline could be better. V good rear, side wounds slightly, but a long stride going round. 3RD LIGNUM MASTER MARLIN AT KEASWOOD JW (MR K & MRS S L HORN) Limit D (13) V good class with plenty of potential winners. 1ST AMSCOT RAISIN BLACK (MRS J COLLINS-PITMAN) One of the younger dogs in class. Fairly well bodied, now needs to muscle up. He has a v good head, if slightly lippy. One of the lengthiest necks in class. Excellent front assembly. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Just needs to firm in front but v typy profile action. 2ND HERNWOOD THUNDERSTORM (MR L E, MR N & MRS E POYNTER) Like him for type v much. Tan could be clearer and feet better. Well balanced,masc head. Fairly good neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed, v good topline and tailset. Super rear. 3RD MELVIEW MOVING TIME JW (MRS L HALL) Open D (5,1) 1ST SH CH/ITA/INT CH LUDSTAR FREDERICK FRANKENSTEIN ( DR M & DR L S IVALDI) Really super mature d in v good muscle. He has the most lovely head, well balanced and a big open nose. Moderate length of neck and could be slightly better in shoulder. Well sprung ribs, deep chest and the right width. Level topline. So well made in rear. Parallel doing away and a long perfectly balanced profile action. CC and BOB, pleased to see him get 3rd in group 2ND SH CH LOURDACE FULCRUM JW (MESSRS D, D & MRS ALCORN, CROWTHER & BADDELEY) Another top class d, also in great muscle. He has a lovely head, masc with a super eye and expression. Medium neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well ribbed back with a deep chest. Super topline. Well bent stifle, low hocks. A slightly tendency to over reach, but a top class d. RCC 3RD YENNADON LOCHAN AT RUBYMOON JW SHCM (MR K D & MRS C E BUTLER) Veteran D/B (1) 1ST SH CH LAURELHACH LIMITED EDITION AT YOHENOAK (MR & MRS S ROBSON) Super outline and looks so v good in profile action. Lengthy, well balanced masc head. Long neck. Quite a good front. Would like more spring of rib and a shorter loin. Holds a super topline. Well made rear, just lacking muscle now. BV Good Citizen D/B (3) 1ST KYUNA OLYMPIC ARROW OF TYMORA SHCM (Mr P TYE) V typy masc d, placed in the strong limit class. Well balanced head. Good eyes. Moderate neck. Deep chest, could have a fraction more leg maybe. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. 2ND GRAYLACIER CELTIC ANGEL (MRS J COLLINGBORN) V fem, and still young and raw. She has a fem head. Could have a stronger neck. Decent shoulders. Moderate rear. Just needs to fill in the middle. 3RD KIMGILEE MAORI SECRET (MS G POWELL) Minor Puppy B (5,1) All real babies. 1ST LOURDACE HEXAGON (MR C J JOHNSTONE) She is v fem and nicely muscled up. Liked her head proportions. Lengthy neck. Best shoulder in class. Deep enough in chest. Level topline. Well ribbed back. Holds a level topline. Well made rear and so good going away. 2ND CAIRACAILIE SUGAR N SPICE (MR R E, MRS J M & MISS K H ROBERTS) Typy b who is fairly mature. Well proportioned head, correct stop. Neck is lengthy. Not shoulder of 1. Super bone, legs and feet. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Good in profile. 3RD CAIRACAILIE CHIANTI (MRS G BROWN) Puppy B (4) 1ST LUDSTAR LA LA LAND TO LIRIC (IMP IT) (MRS M JUSTICE) What a super prospect, really lovely pup. She has a beautiful head, fem with width. Lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs, short loin. Level topline. V good rear. Can still firm up and back of course. Looks super in profile. Should do a lot of winning. BP 2ND CAIRACAILIE SUGAR N SPICE (MR R E, MRS J M & MISS K H ROBERTS) 3RD HERNWOOD BUFFY SUMMERS (MR P & MRS C A SANDIFORD) Junior B (6,1) 1ST LUDSTAR LA LA LAND TO LIRIC (IMP IT) (MRS M JUSTICE) 2ND AMSCOT LOVE IS IN THE AIR JW (MRS J COLLINS-PITMAN) Another really lovely youngster. She has a super head. Fem and well balanced. Enough neck. Well made front. Could have a bit more width between her elbows. Well ribbed back. Super topline. V good rear. Looks good in profile action. 3RD PEGASETT MIZ GUYDANCE JW ( MRS G M & MR J SEYMOUR & NEWTON) Yearling B (3) 1ST CAIRACAILIE NIGHT OF LOVE WITH ORDETT JW (MRS Y SLAUGHTER) Good moving young b. She has a fem, well balanced head. Enough neck. Quite good shoulders. Well bodied with enough spring of rib for her age. Level topline. Moderate hind angulation. 2ND PENSYLWANIA BLACK LOFTY AT LYNWOOD (IMP POL) (MR R C & MRS J P MUGFORD) V shapely b. Lengthy head with correct width of skull. Long neck. Good shoulders. Just needs to develop in body and rib. Well bent stifle. Could use her tail more on move. 3RD KATTANDALE BLACK FERN (AI) (MRS S & MISS K WRIGLEY) Grad B 9 (5) 1ST LIRIC NOSTALGIA J W (MRS M JUSTICE) Really super b, so v typy and a v good mover. She has a lovely head, fem with width of skull. Super eyes and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back. Strong loin. Topline is ok. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Can firm in front still. Super profile action. Although young she won CC . 2ND CAIRACAILIE NIGHT OF LOVE WITH ORDETT JW (MRS Y SLAUGHTER) 3RD LUDSTAR ISABELLA LAURELHACH (IMP ITA) (MRS F & MRS C BOXALL & BAGE) Post Grad B (8,2) 1ST FLAXHEATH TOP MODEL AT GLENMAURANGI (MRS A & MS T PHILLIPS & WATKINS) Well made and typy b, just enough coat. She has a well balanced head. Lengthy neck. Best shoulder of the class. Deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Shorter in loin that 2. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Can just be tidier in front. Super in profile. 2ND GRAYLACIER CHARLIE'S ANGEL AT GLYNDERYS JW (DR M THOMAS) She too is a v good profile mover. Lengthy and fem head with enough width of skull. Lengthy neck. Deep chest. Better spring of rib than 3. Slightly long in loin. Lovely low hocks. 3RD LIGNUM WHIRLWIND JW (MR G I & MRS A J PALLISER) Limit B (10,1) Not an easy class to sort out, lots of compromises. 1ST BLACK ANVIL SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED TO HERNWOOD (IMP USA) (MR P, MRS C A & MISS C SANDIFORD & LEWIS) She is a v well made b, and a v good mover. Long head which is too narrow. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. She has a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back, with decent spring of rib. Level topline. Well made rear. Tan could be better. 2ND KYUNA BELIEVE IN MAGIC BY MOONGLADE JW (MR M G M, MRS C & MRS E WATSON & ROBERTS) Well proportioned b who went v well. In enough coat. Quite a good head. Lengthy neck. Quite good shoulders. Fairly deep chest. Level topline. Needs a little more hind angulation but uses her rear v well. 3RD ECAMEADOW SAFFRON WITH WALLBANK (MR R & MRS J DIXON) Open B (5,1) 1ST SH CH HERNWOOD CALYPSO GODDESS JW SHCM (MR P, MRS C A & MISS C SANDIFORD & LEWIS) Best mover in this class, both up and back and in profile. She has a typical head. Lengthy neck. Could be slightly better in front. Well ribbed. Short loin. V good rear with low hocks. Would like clearer tan and better feet. Puts everything in on move. RCC 2ND SH CH LAURELHACH ENTRAPMENT JW (MRS F BOXALL) Lovely outline, she has a v good head, fem with good width of skull. Lengthy neck with well laid shoulder. Good depth chest. Can stand slightly close in front. Well ribbed. Short loin. Firm topline. Well bent stifle. Just a bit untidy coming towards. 3RD LAURELHACH LIGHTNING AT GLENQUIN (MR P, MRS L & MISS N JOHNSTON)

  Jeff Horswell