• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Japanese Chin

Richmond Japanese Chin

Always a delight to judge this breed. I thought competition was quite even, good to see some lovely veterans. Some were just a bit long I thought. Veteran D (3,1) 1st: 566 TALBOT Mr & Mrs M & S Dalehouse Snap Dragon At Silmacs Better head of these d lovely old boys. Correct neck. Nice front. Well bodied. Just a fraction long. V good rear. 2nd: 565 TALBOT Mr & Mrs M & S Dalehouse Coeur De Lion At Silmacs More compact in body but not as good a chin. Dark eyes. Nice front. Level topline. Sp Beginner D (1) 1st: 525 DAY Mrs D A Aleemia Star Struck At Dorcharday He has a good head, nice skull. Could be slightly darker in eye. Good neck. Liked his width of chest. Level topline. Just slightly long. Balanced in angulation. Moved v well. Puppy D (3) 1st: 545 MCKENZIE, Mr A & MULDOON Mr K Rakuchin Dangerous Liaison Von Queshian Baby of the class but I thought him the best shape. Liked his head, fairly large eyes with typical expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder and good upper arm. Short in back. Moderate rear. Can tighten in front but v good in profile. BP 2nd: 517 BANKS Ms R Choya Tadashi Great character. Liked his head, could just have bigger eyes. Elegant neck. Just a little longer than 1. Well made rear. Better mover than 3. 3rd: 527 DORAN Ms M Choya Takahiro With Osakazuki Junior D (6,2) 1st: 539 HUDSON, Mr S & STEELE Mrs S E Sharlarna Valentino At Threadgold Super character, really full of himself. Liked his head, super eye and expression. He has a good neck. Well made front. Just needs to mature in body. Level topline. Ok rear. Moved well. 2nd: 522 CUSHING Mrs J Ennistar's Katsero Akio At Spiritisle (Imp) Liked his shape. Not the eye and expression of 1. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Good turn of stifle. Just a bit long and needs to body up, but still young. 3rd: 525 DAY Mrs D A Aleemia Star Struck At Dorcharday Post Grad D (7) 1st: 519 BENTON-TAYLOR Mrs L Sansarc Jacobean Liked the outline and cobbiness of this young d. V good head, could maybe have a slightly larger eye. Correct neck. Well laid in shoulder. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Moved v well. 2nd: 554 QUINN Mrs T A & Mr A M Mattadam Samurai at Sharlarna Another really cobby d, coat just a bit fuzzy. He has a masc head, liked his eye with a typical expression. Nice front. Level topline. Moderate rear. 3rd: 528 DORAN Ms M Shardlow Mikado With Osakazuki Limit D (5,1) This was a nice class headed by 2 v good dogs, with not much between them. 1st: 530 FARMER Mr G W Sangria Midorchi Motivation I thought he was just a bit smaller than 2. Liked his head. Well placed nose. V good eyes and typical expression. Short back and a cobby body with a wide chest. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Moved v well with style. RCC 2nd: 568 WALLHEAD Mrs J Sleepyhollow Lester At Merida He has a lovely head, good size eyes and a typical expression. Liked his width of chest and such a good body. Well made front. Could have a fraction more hind angulation. V good mover. 3rd: 528 DORAN Ms M Shardlow Mikado With Osakazuki Open D (6, 2) 1st: 549 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na Really lovely Chin. Super proportions, cobby but still elegant. Liked his head, correct rise to skull. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Super body. V good rear. Moved well, full of style. CC & BOB 2nd: 538 GROGAN , Mr L & LINDSAY , Miss L & O'HERLIHY Ms Sleepyhollow Baroque At Anjuli Sh.CM Thought he was just a bit shorter than 3. Masc head, dark eyes. Correct neck. shoulders a little wide apart. Could carry a bit less weight. Level topline. Super profile action. 3rd: 564 SCHEMEL Dr A Sharlarna's Mirage Veteran B (2) 2 really super veterans. 1st: 541 LINDSAY Miss L Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva At Anjuli Sh.CM She is well proportioned. Super heard. Dark eyes and a lovely expression. Correct neck. V good front. Level topline. Well ribbed. Nice rear. Super on the move. Could perhaps carry less coat.RCC 2nd: 550 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Ch Stepheter Wanna Shout For Rakuchin Really super for her age. Not quite the muzzle of 1, but good skull and dark eyes. Enough neck. She is also well made front and rear. Short in back good rear. Moves v well. Sp Beginners B (3,1) 1st: 526 DAY Mrs D A Godheim Oklahoma At Dorcharday V good b. Liked her cobbiness. Good head. Lovely eye and expression. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Grand body. Moderate rear. Moved well. 2nd: 571 WHITE Mrs S J Palteemoor Princess Kasumi At Nihonqin V much a baby and needs body and coat but I think she is v promising. Fem head. Lovely eye and expression. Balanced angulation. Moved well. Puppy B (6,1) This was a really lovely class to judge, all showed much promise. 1st: 518 BANKS Ms R Choya Tomomi By far the most forward of these pups at 11 months. She has a fem head. Super eye and expression. Good neck. Well made front. Quite a good rear. She just needs to body up. V good mover. 2nd: 552 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Rakuchin Well Hello V much a baby but she is lovely. Super outline. Pleasing head, dark eyes. Good expression. Lengthy neck. Well made in front, ribs go well back and a level topline. Quite a good rear. Super temperament. 3rd: 520 CRANE Mrs L Cranvarl Truly Scrumptious Junior B (4,2) 1st: 555 QUINN Mrs T A & Mr A M Sharlarna Japanese Please Well bodied, cobby b. Liked her head. Dark eyes with. Good expression. Good neck. Well made front, long upper arm. Level topline. Could have slightly more hind angulation. Went well. 2nd: 523 CUSHING Mrs J Glendyke Magical Pixie Girl At Spiritisle V much a baby. She has a fem head, lots of nice curves, v good expression. Front could be straighter. Well ribbed back. Ok rear. Post Grad B (4,2) 1st: 560 ROONEY, Mr S J & GREEN Mr & Mrs J A Swifthocks Paws For Thought Really nice young b, just out of puppy. She has a lovely head. Nice rise of skull. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Cobby body. Level topline. Moderate rear. Moved well, with style. Thought she was going to be a contender for higher awards, but just looked unready in the challenge, I have no doubt she will do well. 2nd: 524 CUSHING Mrs J Roseheaven's Fire Dancer At Spiritisle (Imp) Nicely made b, just needs to use her tail better. Liked her head, good size, well placed nose. Enough neck. Balanced angulation. Just a fraction long. Limit B (7,3) 1st: 521 CRANE Mrs L Cranvarl Le Mistral JW Liked her shape v much, just needs a bit more coat to finish the picture. She has a good head. Lovely eye and expression. Liked her muzzle and chin. Lengthy neck. Best front in class. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. Moved well with style. 2nd: 546 PARADISE Mr A Shardlow Yum Yum Liked her shape and cobiness. Fem head, good size. Lovely eye and expression. Shoulders set slightly far apart. Super body. Level topline. Ok rear. V active on the move. 3rd: 542 LINDSAY Miss L Anjuli Beryl JW Open B (5,1) 1st: 553 PEARCE, Ms T & HANN Ms S Yama Moonlight Over Rakuchin Liked her shape and proportions v much, could be in fuller coat. She has a lovely head. Good width of skull, lovely eye and expression, nicely cushioned muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well made front, liked her width of chest. Level topline. Well turned stifle. Moved with style. CC, congratulations on her title. 2nd: 570 WALLHEAD Mrs J Choya Carolina V close up. She is another v good b, in better coat. Liked her eyes and skull. Lengthy neck. Just needs a little more chest. Well sprung ribs, level topline. Good rear. Looks lovely moving round the ring. 3rd: 548 PARADISE Mrs J L Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh.CM Jeff Horswell