• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Basenji

A really super entry both in quantity and quality, which made this such an enjoyable experience. This is a very international breed and I think if the many clever breeders continue to work together the future must be bright. To me the standard is very clear in describing the shape a Basenji should be, they are square. I was delighted to be able to Basenjis that met this requirement and was very happy with both line ups. Up and back movement was better than I expected. Fronts remain a problem with forward shoulders, however I thought there were less slack pasterns than previously. Feet need attention, this is a hunting breed and good feet are essential. A couple a little overweight, which does spoil the elegant look required.

Veteran D (3) Nice class to start. 1st CH/INT CH TOKAJI AMERICAN GIGOLO AT EMBEAU JW SHCM (MRS E GRAYSON) Liked his outline and proportions, well up on leg and shorter in back than 2. Well balanced head, super eye and expression. Neat ears. Could have slightly more neck. Front is ok. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good tail. He is v slightly untidy in front. Balanced profile stride. BV 2nd CH TOKAJI AMERICAN GANGSTER AT TENFIELD SHCM (MS K ELLIS) Just slightly longer in loin than 1, but goes with a super stride. Masc head. Good eye and expression. Front a fraction forward and could be tidier coming towards. Firm topline. V good tail and shelf. 3rd INT CH FARGO DREAM DU CHEMIN DE LA LUNE AUX REVES [ATC AU02182FRA] (MISS J CASSANET) Liked his shape. Coat could be better and feet tighter. He has a well balanced head. Lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Angulation is well balanced.

Puppy D. Ne

Junior D (12,1) 1st BAHATICCA'S HOGWART WIZARD PLJCH, ATJCH, EUJW`17, CLUBJW`17 [ATC AV00732POL] (MRS N PAZDZIERKIEWICZ) Lovely type and outline. Elegant and moves round with a super side gait. Could be a fraction shorter in muzzle. Lovely eye and wrinkling to skull helps his expression. Shoulders a bit far apart and could be tidier in front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Correct rear with low hocks. Handled to get the v best from him. A better front and he would have been a stronger contender. I see his is brother to the junior b winner, cracking pair. 2nd KRENDAL MYSTERIOUS TALISMAN PHAREAL IMP BLR (MR P & MRS J FALCUS) Liked him very much, could be a bit more attentive on the move. He has a lovely head. Super eye ear and expression. Good neck. Shoulders a little wide apart. He is just a fraction longer than 1. V good rear. Fairly accurate out and back, but insisted on leaning. V good in profile. 3rd BAHATICCA'S INFERNO FOR SHYLLAR (IMP POL) (MR C S & MRS J K NICHOLLS) Elegant d v typy outline. Liked his head. Dark eyes, hooded ears. Crested neck. Just a bit too moderate in angulation, but v well balanced. Feet could be better. Went v well.

Post Grad D (8,1). 1st VESTOID ROMULUS (MRS S L YOUNG) Nice Basenji who won this class with a bit in hand. He has a masc head. V good eyes and expression. Lengthy neck. Decent front, just a little slack in pastern, feet are Ok. Could be firmer in topline, but it is better on the move than stood. Decent out and back and v good in profile. 2nd WAZIN BRI MASTER OF JENBASI (IMP SWE) (MRS J P STEWART) He is a shapely d. Could be better out and back but goes well in profile. Masc head, ears could be neater. Super neck. Well ribbed. High set tail with well made rear and corrects shelf. 3rd TOKAJI KLASSIC TRICKSTER AT SARAWANA (MRS S KNOWLES) Doesn't make the best of himself stood but a fairly well made d. I liked his head. Just arches his topline a little. Moved well.

Limit D (8,1) 1st ABULUKA OBAMBA [ATC AU03105BEL] (MR E AREND) Elegant but still masc d. He has a v good head. Super eye, ears and wrinkle give a v good expression. Could have more crest to neck. Super feet and pasterns. Would like him just a fraction shorter in back. High set tail. v good rear. Collected mover with lengthy stride. 2nd VESTOID SKY YELPER (DR M & MR I ROGISH & SMITH) Lots to like about him, especially his head and movement. Would like him shorter in back. V good neck. Deep chest. Pasterns a little slack. Well made rear. 3rd EMBEAU SUN SEEKER (E, E & J AREND, GRAYSON & ROWLAND) V typy, good leg length to give elegance. Found him a little too moderate in his angulation, but he is v well balanced. V good head. Super eye and expression. Short enough in back. High set tail, single curl. Lifts his front a little but uses rear v well.

Open D (13) Really lovely class that took a lot of sorting out, after the first walk round I liked them all. Cant think I have ever judged a stronger class of Basenjis. 1st HU CH BAAKO BAYO DE KUNGARA AT-JCH 2017 [ATC AU02914AUT] (P STEINACHER) Super type of basenji. He is well up on leg for elegance, short in back v good out and back and a long free stride. Perhaps slightly long in muzzle,so not as good in head as some. He has a super eye and expression. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back with a short loin. Level topline. High set tail. Good legs and feet. Totally balanced. CC & BOB 2nd IT CH GUNGA ITAPUCA [ATC AT00275BRA] (MR S SCHIAVO) Another lovely d who is so good going around. Masc head, just a little low set in ears. Lengthy neck. Good legs and feet. Level topline.good turn of stifle and low hocks. RCC 3rd AUST CH/AM GRAND CH KAZOR'S BREAKIN THE BANK (MRS S & MS M DUNSDON & FOX) Liked his elegance. He is an accurate mover and good in profile. Tail could be better set. He has a masc head. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Holds a firm topline.

Good Citizen Scheme D (5,1) 1st CH ABULUKA NATEMBA FOR EMBEAU (IMP BEL) (MRS S & MRS E DUNSDON & GRAYSON) V typy d giving his handler rather a tough time. Has a well proportioned head. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Could be deeper in chest. Shorter in back than 2. Quite a good rear. 2nd VESTOID SKY YELPER (DR M & MR I ROGISH & SMITH) 3rd MEMETUKA DEALER'S CHOICE (MRS V L GASKELL) Veteran B (1) 1st CH KISSANGANI DREAM MAKER AT DJOSER SHCM (MR & MRS R DRUMMOND) Typy, fem b who excels in profile action. She has a well proportioned head. Neat ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulders. Correct depth of chest. Could be a fraction shorter and I would prefer a better tail. V good rear. Fairly accurate out and back.

Puppy B NE

Junior B (13,1) Markings troubled me in this v good class, white coming too far up the body and even along the topline 1st BAHATICCA'S HOGWART WITCHCRAFT ATJCH CLUBJW`17 [ATC AV00730POL] (MRS N PAZDZIERKIEWICZ) Lovely type b who is a v easy mover. Better in head than 2. Flat, wrinkled skull. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front, could be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed back. Held her topline. V good rear. High set tail with double curl. RCC 2nd EMBEAU SUN TREASURE (MR M T BANTON) Liked her outline v much. I thought her slightly plain in head and needs width of chest. Super neck. Well angled front. V good legs and feet. Level topline. Would like a higher tail set. V good rear. 3rd TOKAJI KLASSIC TRINITY (MRS D & MRS P HARDY & HALLAM) Lots to like. She was giving her handler a hard time moving, as only a basenji can. Pleasing head. Super eye and expression. Could be tidier out and back. Goes well in profile. Tail ok.

Post Grad B (4,1) 1st FLUGELBERRY FIZZ PRINCESS (MISS E E MATTHEWS) Good honest sort of b, handler could make a bit more of her on the move. She has a v good head. Such a typical expression. Well placed ears. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Short back. Well ribbed. Single curl to tail, which could be higher set. Well bent stifle and low hocks. 2nd MEMETUKA RIZE'N SHINE (MRS V L GASKELL) Elegant b. She has a fem head. Ok neck. V good legs and feet. Level topline. Moderate rear, just a little close going away. 3rd WOODELLA TIME TO SHINE FOR MARZUKU (MRS G BASELEY) Fem b. Liked her head v much. She is elegant could have a better topline and tail set. Moderate length stride.

Limit B (1) 1st DJOSER NEFERKHEPERU (MR & MRS R DRUMMOND) Well proportioned b who looks better moving than standing. She has a fem head. Flat skull. Neck is ok. Shoulders set a little wide apart. Topline could be slightly firmer. Well bent stifle, good shelf, low hocks. Accurate on move with a lengthy stride.

Open B (10,1) 1st AUS CH ZANDEENA GETN CORT IN THE ACT (MRS S DUNSDON) V good type, fem b. She has a super head. Lovely eye and expression. Crested neck. Good front. Firmer in topline than 2. Lovely pasterns and feet. Well ribbed back, good spring of rib. High set tail. Good turn of stifle. Could be a bit better in front action, used her rear so well. CC 2nd AFRICAN MYSTERY'S FAHARI AT EMBEAU (IMP BEL) (MR E & MRS E AREND & GRAYSON) Lovely for type, would prefer less white on her sides. Super head. Lengthy neck. Deep chest. Another with good legs and feet. High set tail. V good rear. Accurate out and back. Easily of CC quality. 3rd CH/AM/CAN CH KLASSIC'S GIRL WITH A CURL (IMP USA) (MRS D, MRS P, MRS S & MR J HARDY, HALLAM, KITE & G) She is a fraction longer than those above. She has a really good head. Enough neck. Well made front and rear. Ok topline and tail.

Good Citizen Scheme B (1) 1st MEMETUKA HI ROLLER (MRS V L GASKELL) Elegant and fine boned b. Accurate out and back, could just have a better stride. Liked her head proportions. Well wrinkled, flat skull, well bodied. Double curl and fairly high set tail. Well bent stifle with low hocks.