• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Ibizan Hound

Birmingham Ibizan Hound

Probably an average entry for the times, sadly a few absent. I thought type was a bit mixed and this was my main priority, the breed has many distinctive features that make an Ibizan an Ibizan. Minor Puppy D ne Puppy D ne Junior D (1) 1st: 3907 HAMILTON, Mrs J & RAINSBURY Mrs V Alanura Incognito Ipotane V typy young d, just a bit raw. Lengthy head. Ears low set and need to firm up. Long neck. Steep shoulder. Chest well above his elbow. Correct ribs. Topline can settle. He has enough hind angulation. Moved typically. Tail could be better carried. His type took the RCC Post Grad D ne Limit D (1) 1st: 3894 BROWN Mr G & Mrs J M Vladimir Rjabina De Bergerac (Imp) Rather heavy in bone. Masc head. Well set ears. Ok neck. Shoulders are too well laid and chest is too deep. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moderate rear, but v wide. Short steps in front. Open D (5,1) 1st: 3911 WOODCOCK Miss V Ch Snowlief Turn The Page Really good example of the breed, full of type. Maybe slightly stronger in head than ideal. Super eye and ear. Strong neck. Short, steep shoulder. Chest well above elbow. Straight in pastern. Correct ribs. V good rear. Moved v well. CC & BOB, for me stood away n this entry and I was pleased to see him shortlisted in a strong group. 2nd: 3909 QUINT, Ms F & BROWN Mrs J M Van Vasco Rjabina De Bergerac Liked his shape. Head is masc. long neck. Steep shoulder. He is too deep in chest and slack in pastern. Correct ribs. Topline is a bit slack. V good rear. 3rd: 3903 CARTER, Mrs A & HOZEMPA Miss R Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW Sh.CM Veteran D (1) 1st: 3901 CARTER, Mr & Mrs N D & CHANNON Miss C Afilador Moonlight Shadow Sh.CM 10 years in good nick. Masc head' strong neck. Fairly good front. Chest deeper than ideal. Arches his topline. Well angulated rear. Could be more accurate on move. Minor Puppy B ne Puppy B ne Junior B (1) 1st: 3895 BROWN Mr G & Mrs J M Belladonna Rjabina De Bergerac (Imp) As yet rather all over the place moving. Long head. Well set ears. Good neck. Slightly too well laid in shoulder, slack in pastern. Doesn't want to be any deeper in chest. Topline is ok. Slightly long. Good rear. Post Grad B (1 ab Limit B (3,1) 1st: 3893 BENSTEAD Mr & Mrs S & R Plymouth Road Runner Van Oxymoron At Itibi (Imp NL Really typy b. Lightly built. Fem head. Ears are slightly low set. Correct neck. Steep, short shoulders. Correct ribbing. Chest well above elbow. Topline ok. Correct rear. Tail forms a curl spoiling outline, but moved v well. CC 2nd: 3908 HAMILTON, Mrs J & RAINSBURY Mrs V Kalo Skilo's Rose De Immortal Juno With Harrisclub Heavier sort of b. Head is ok. Enough neck. Shoulder too well laid and chest almost to elbow. Heavy in body. V good rear. Open B (2) 1st: 3910 TAYLOR Miss J L Falconcrag Valenta The lightest built of these 2. She has a fem head, quite fine. Deep in stop. Arched neck. Upright shoulder and rather upright in upper arm. Patterns could be firmer. Well bodied. Level topline. Correct rear. Chest could be shallower. RCC 2nd: 3906 HALL Ms S E Afilador Pandemonium Sh.CM Slightly on the heavy side. V good head, super eyes and ears. Long neck. Slightly too much front angle and she is slack in pastern. Well covered body. Nice rtear. Veteran B (1 abs)

Jeff Horswell