• Show Date: 18/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

Puppy D (14,2)     

Lots of promising babies in this nice class.   

1st: 2655 DIXON Mrs T Golden Gate Heybett avec Debrita (Imp   

He is v well made and sound pup who stood away in this class. V good, masc head. Large ears. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. He has well laid shoulders. Good body. Level topline and a well made rear. Carries himself well. Found him full of quality and type. CC & BP 

2nd: 2648 COOPER Mrs I Renedream's Credence    

V shapely pp, just needs a bit more width through. Liked his head with low set ears. Dark eyes. Good neck. Well angulated front and rear and moved v well. Level topline.   

3rd: 2684 MCKENZIE, Mr A & MULDOON Mr K Scherzando Roxy,s Dancer Von Queshiasn

Junior D (9,2)   

1st: 2650 CROW Mrs D Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavallo (Imp)    

Enough of him. Very sound and showy d. Masc head. Dark eyes. Well set, large ears. Has a lengthy neck. Well laid back with legs placed nicely under him. Well bodied. Level topline. He has enough turn of stifle.   

2nd: 2681 MCGUIGAN, Mrs & Miss A & T & BLACKWELL Mr J Doucai's Heir Of Destiny At Annamac    

Liked his outline and proportions. Well set ears, a little too broad in skull. Well made front. Good body. Liked his rear. Just needs a bit more confidence.   

3rd: 2661 FRAME Mrs E Elfallons Little Dragon  

Post Grad D (3)   

1st: 2641 BODEN Miss D K Ceffidax Guiding Spirit    

Would prefer a little less of him. He is v showy and is a good mover. Masc head. Dark, expressive eyes. Large, well set ears. Rather heavy in skull. Ok front, level topline. Has a well bent stifle.   

2nd: 2643 BOWES, Ms S & GWYNNE Miss C I Pinkwillow Funhouse    

Liked his size better but just a bit unsettled. V good head. Super ears. Nice front. Well ribbed back. Could have a better rear.   

3rd: 2637 BARKER Mrs S D Goldamulet Amber Tone (Imp)    

Limit D (7,2)   

1st: 2638 BARKER Mrs S D Cheeswood Shimmering Moon    

Happy and showy pp who moved well, correct tail carriage and correct coat. He has a v good head. Darkest of eyes, super ears. Enough neck. Could have a better shoulder. Well bodied. Holds a level topline. Well made rear.   

2nd: 2690 MOYES, Mr B & Mrs E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis Privates On Parade    

He has a super head. Needs a little more confidence on the table. Lengthy neck. Deep chest. Good front. Well bodied. Good rear.   

3rd: 2651 CROW Mrs D Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW (Imp)    

Open D (8)   

1st: 2652 CROW, Mrs D & WRISNIG Ms S Twice As Nice Seven Monkey Fury JW (Imp)    

V showy d who moved so v well. Has a pleasing head. Eyes could be better shaped, but dark and expressive. Liked his ears. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Level topline. Uses his rear well. RCC   

2nd: 2708 TATNELL Mrs S Ch Proud Pony Mustang Of Spiritcrest (Imp)    

He is a v shapely d, would prefer a better length of stride. Lengthy head. Lovely eyes and ears. Good neck. Deep chest. Well bodied. Has a good rear.   

3rd: 2644 BRIDGWATER Ms C Scherzando Twist    

Veteran D (2)   

1st: 2659 DOWSETT Ms D P Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir Via Tteswood CW12 Sh.CM JW   

Liked his shape. His angulation is fairly moderate, but in super balance. Liked his head. Good eyes and ears. Enough neck. Well bodied with a level action. More accurate than 2 out and back, although could have a better stride.   

2nd: 2693 MOYES, Mr B & Mrs E & HUNTER Miss G Nysiros Meet Joe Black via Bryelis    

Liked his proportions. Masc head. Super ears. Enough neck. Moderate front,just a bit untidy coming towards. Enough turn of stifle.  

Puppy B (10,3)   

1st: 2656 DIXON Mrs T Glorious Yasmine avec Debrita (Imp)     

Really lovely pup, just needs a bit more confidence. She has a super head. Darkest of eyes, well set, large ears. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body. Level topline. Well made rear. Sound mover. A real contender for higher honours.   

2nd: 2704 SKIVINGTON Mr R Ajatiaza's Cherish Me    

Liked her v much as well. Just no it quite as well made in the rear as 1. She too has a pretty head, super ears. Dark eyes. Long neck. Deep chest. Just tucks rear under standing.    

3rd: 2670 JOHN Mrs A P & Mr H P Valkrest Indianapolis    

Junior B (8,3)   

1st: 2687 MOYES, Mr B & Mrs E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis Dancing Queen     

Really well made pp. she has a v good head. Well set ears. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Super front. Well bodied, can be a little lazy in topline at times. Super rear. Moved v well.   

2nd: 2662 FRAME Mrs E Elfallons Crazy Moon   

Liked her proportions. She has a super head. Good eyes and ears. Lengthy neck. Good chest. Not quite the front of 1 and a little untidy coming towards. Grand body. V good rear.   

3rd: 2671 JOHN Mrs A P & Mr H P Iakarandas Hera     

Post Grad B  (4,2)    

1st: 2682 MCGUIGAN, Mrs & Miss A & T & BLACKWELL Mr J Doucai's Too Cute To Scare At Annamac  

Liked her outline and proportions. She is just a fraction broad in skull. Long neck. Super texture to her crest. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Could be a little more confident.   

2nd: 2701 RADCLIFFE Miss M Zerachiel Political Agenda    

Well bodied. Not the head of 1, she is rather short in muzzle. Well set ears. Ok neck. Balanced in angulation. Just a bit rounded in topline.   

Limit B (10, 5)  

1st: 2667 HELLMUTH Mr & Mrs S & A Shumllea Press Release Jw    

She is a lovely shape and has super skin. Lengthy head. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Fairly long neck. Well made front with correct forechest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. V good rear. Accurate out and back, could have a slightly longer stride. Maybe not quite as feminine as the open winner. RCC   

2nd: 2689 MOYES, Mr B & Mrs E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis Private Dancer     

Liked her proportions, could be slightly firmer in topline. Lovely head with well set ears. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Liked her front. Well spring ribs. Good rear. Carries tail well.    

3rd: 2663 FRAME Mrs E Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Elfallons    

Open B (7,3)   

1st: 2685 MORGAN-STANLEY Messrs K & R J Debrita Dirty Dancing With Golbourne JW     

Liked her shape and proportions. She has a v good head, which is so feminine . Well set ears and dark eyes. Could have a fraction more neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle. Accurate out and back and has a lengthy enough stride. CC & BOB 

2nd: 2712 WILSON Mrs & Miss E A & K Habiba Chasing Rainbows    

She has a lovely head. Low set ears and super eyes. Lengthy neck. Good front. Was just arching her topline slightly stood. Well made rear. Accurate out and back, needs a fraction more stride.   

3rd: 2664 GRANGE Miss K Harriet Take Me Away To Kojiki (Imp) JW   

Veteran B (3,1)   

2 lovely, elderly ladies.   

1st: 2683 MCGUIGAN, Mrs & Miss A & T & BLACKWELL Mr J Annamac Fairy Tail      

She has a v nice head. Dark eyes. Super ears. Lengthy neck. Deep chest. Holds a level topline. Felt she had the slightly better rear of these.    

1st: 2683 MCGUIGAN, Mrs & Miss A & T & BLACKWELL Mr J Annamac Fairy Tail     

Liked her v much. Fem in head, which is well balanced. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Topline ok. Well ribbed.