• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Boxer


Always a fun breed to judge and I was happy with such a nice entry. Sadly I seem to bring bad weather when judging Boxers, the last time we had to go indoors, and Leeds after weeks of glorious sunshine we had heavy rain. Boxers are clearly a very clever breed as most decided to jump over the ‘lake’ in the middle of the ring, and some took a lot of encouraging to go outside. I think the breed is in a very good place, there were hardly any entered that didn’t have a significant number of merits. Classes were all competitive, and I can quite understand dogs switching places from week to week. Most were the correct basic square shape. Most bites were perfectly acceptable, only a handful of wry mouths. Only a few loose eyes. I found fronts to be a problem, forward shoulders being a common problem. Pasterns were often either a bit slack, or too upright – with a few knuckling over, although I do think being on really alert didn’t help some with this. Oddly although some could have been cleaner coming towards me, most had a decent length of stride. Almost all had low set hocks, and I was impressed with the conditioning of the dogs, not only clean but almost all were really well muscled up. I was very happy with both line-ups and note the same sire was responsible for both RCCs and the BP winner, and the RDCC winner sired the BOB. It’s also clear that breeders make use of each other’s stud dogs and there is a competitive but friendly spirit within the breed. Minor Puppy D (7,2) Some v promising pups, fairly loose and raw, which is fine for their age. 1st: MILLER Mrs Y C Walkon Masterclass Probably the most forward in the class. Impressive outline, square, slightly sloping topline. Pleasing head, masc with strength, fairly clean. Lengthy neck. Can still fill in front. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Nice tight feet. Best mover in class. Fully of quality. BP. He was in the final 4 for the CC, I have no doubt he will win very many. 2nd: HUMPHRIES Mr C Chribanna Baccarini Baby of the class, but he moved better than those behind him. Masc head. Strong neck. Well filled front, chest to his elbow. Firm topline. Square in outline. Liked his rear and hind action. 3rd: KELLY Mrs E & Mr J Casemates Hogwarts Puppy D (3) Not an easy class to sort out, each had different plus points. 1st: BROUGH, Mr G & CAIRNS, Mrs J & MURRAY Miss L Galicar Investigating With Limubox Square in outline and well balanced in angulation. Ultra showman. He could have more chin but super mouth. Super neck. Shoulder could be better laid. Good depth. Hard topline. Correct hind angulation and a better mover than 2. 2nd: PORTLOCK, Miss S J & WRAGG Mrs M Idleforde Show And Tell To Sheiken Square d. He has a better head than 1. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Deep chest and well ribbed. Hard topline. Too much hind angulation and therefore not as much drive as you would wish. 3rd: 5103 SAUNBY Miss K M Kelsant Jumping Junior D (9) 1st: PAYNE, Mrs D & FLINTOFT Miss S Boxania Spice Guy At Birleyvale Liked him v much and a fairly easy winner of this class today. He has a square outline. Masc head, just enough muzzle, clean skull. Long and crested neck. Can firm in pasterns. Better shoulder than most. Well bodied with a firm topline. Strong rear. Good mover. 2nd: BURNETT Mrs S A & Mr B P Sushe Too Cool To Fool Liked his v smart outline, just a little wide and heavy in front. Masc head, clean skull, nice depth and width of miuzzle. Crested neck. He is a bit upright in front, but this was the case of many in class. Firm, slightly sloping topline. Liked his rear angulation. Moved well in profile, but prefer a better tail. 3rd: MAIR, Mrs J & MAIR Misses L & S Glenauld Geordie Shore Yearling d (2,1) 1st: MILLER Mrs Y C Ch Walkon Big Star JW Shapely young d. Fairly well balanced head, with good width and depth of muzzle. Dark eyes with a super expression. Strong neck. Slightly wide in front and could be cleaner coming towards, but plenty o time to tighten up.. Firm, sloping topline. Well bent stifle, liked his low hocks and he moves v well going away. In final 4 for CC. Grad D (2) 1st:DAVIS Mrs J & Mr S A Bricliff Prince Charming Thought him slightly squarer in outline and firmer in topline of this event matched pair. Could be slightly longer in muzzle, but it has depth and width with a v good mouth. Enough neck. Well filled front. Well ribbed. Liked his hind angulation. Good mover. 2nd: 5053 LITTLEWOOD, Miss M A & BOWLER Mrs S J Olleyville Stanley Man At Whirlobox Masc d, fairly clean in head, liked his width and depth of muzzle. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Fair front. Well sprung ribs/ low hocks. Post Grad D (8,1) 1st: 5047 JONES, Mr J & CHARLES, Miss E A & JAMES Mr M Charlons First Time With Maromad JW Masc d of v good proportions, preferred his leg to chest balance over 2, but v close between then. Well balanced head. Strong neck. Quite a good front, just a bit upright in pasterns. Firm in topline. Short loin. V good rear with low hocks. Went v well. 2nd: CLAYFORTH Miss L Casual Affair with Faerdorn Liked him a lot as well just not quite the elegance of 1. He has a masc head, could have a fraction more muzzle. Strong neck of sufficient length. Well balanced and fairly moderate in his angulation, so moved well. Firm topline. Nice low hocks. 3rd: DUNLEVIE Mr & Mrs A & D Applewest A Touch Of Bold At Caeredin Limit D (12,2) Strong class. 1st: MAIR, Mrs J & MAIR Misses L & S Glenauld Valegro JW Square outline and a v good mover. Has a masc head of quite good proportions. Clean skull. Super eye and expression. Lengthy, strong neck. Fairly well laid shoulder. Chest is well filled and reaches his elbow. Hard, sloping topline. Correct hind angulation with low hocks. 2nd: 4989 BEARDSELL & VAN-BECK, Mrs C & V & FIELDING Miss S Newlaithe The Fugitive Sh.CM Square, slightly heavier type d, but his angulation is balanced and he moved v well. Slightly lippy in muzzle. Clean skull. Strong neck. V well balanced in his angulation. Topline is good. Moved well. 3rd: 5006 BROWN, Miss J & HUTCHINGS Mr T Winuwuk Danny Mac Open D (9,2) Super class of Boxer males, some coping better with the weather than others. 1st: DRINKWATER Mrs S Ch Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez Thought him a v well made, good moving d. Liked his head, well balanced, clean is skull. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Quite good shoulders. He has a v good length and return of upper arm. Well filled chest. Firm topline. V good rear. A v well balanced D. CC 2nd: GRIFFITHS Mr M Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo Strong, mature d, just a little heavy in front I felt. He has a v good head. Square muzzle. Crested neck. Deep chest. Super body and topline. Correct rear and uses himself v well on move. RCC 3rd: PARKER, Mr D & MARTIN Mr S Ch Olleyville Otherston Lad Veteran D (2) 1st: WELCH Mrs J & Mr T Newlaithe Trojan For Treju Square outline and moved well. Masc head, clean skull. Super expression. Strong neck. Quite a good front. Deep chest. Hold a firm topline. Liked his hind angulation. BV 2nd: DOBBIE, Miss S & WHARTON Mr Q Kizzylee Import Ant Older and a little heavier and not quite topline of 1. Liked his head, well balanced, clean skull. Strong neck. Well filled chest. Balanced angulation. Sp Beginner D/B (3,2) 1st: 5051 KING Mrs S Lilbox King Of Dreams V promising pup, who sensibly didn't want to go into the rain. Square outline. He has a v good head, balanced outline. Level topline. Just v loose moving. Minor Puppy B (6,1) Promising class of real babies, all looking like babies, just as they should. 1st: HUCKERBY, Mrs S & DOWELL Mr G Norwilbeck Bellchime By Chance Liked her square outline. Well proportioned head. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front, can firm in feet and pasterns. Well bodied with a firm topline. V good rear. Just loose on move. 2nd: 5098 PYNEGAR, Mrs F & VLACHOS Mr J Atrotos Boudicca Iceni Warrior Queen at Berwynfa V good mover, thought her just ever so slightly long and needing to spring in her ribs, but plenty of time. Fem head. Crested neck. Good front. Plenty of hind angulation with low hocks. 3rd: 4994 BEAUMONT Mr G J & Mrs D M Beauimres Booyah Puppy B (9,1) Promising pups, vey little between the first 3. 1st: BROWN, Miss J & HUTCHINGS Mr T Winuwuk Looking For Love (ai) Square in outline. She has a v lovely head, correct balance. Clean skull. V good expression. Long neck. Needs just a little more width of chest. Well laid shoulder. Pastern and feet can improve. Super topline. V good rear. Moved v well. 2nd: JONES, Mr J & CHARLES Miss E A Winuwuk Justify My Love At Charlons (ai) Liked her v much. Square in outline. Fem head. She has more width of chest than 1, but needs to fill. V well balanced in angulation. Firm topline. Chest to elbow. Moved well. 3rd: BROOKS, Mrs W & BROOKS Miss S L Jackintabox Just Amazing By Jinnybrux Junior B (11, 3) 1st: FLINTOFT Miss S Boxania Midnight She is a well made, sound b. Liked her head proportions, fem with strength. Good neck. Well laid shoulder with long, sloping upper arm. Well bodied. Firm, slightly sloping topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 2nd: HUMPHRIES Mr C Chribanna Amethyst Shower Another v good young b. Wouldn't want any less muzzle. Super expression. Strong, crested neck. Quite a good front, not quite pasterns of 1. Well bodied. V good rear. She has a square outline and moves v well. 3rd: FAY-SMITH Miss L A Lorrosa Shine Like A Diamond Yearling B (7,1) 1st: 5037 GRIFFITHS Mr M Lanfrese Limelight Really lovely b, fem but strong. She is square in outline. Well proportioned head, would prefer smaller ears. Super neck. Well laid shoulder. Firm, sloping topline. Well bodied. Excellent rear with really good parallel, driving hind action. Holds her shape in profile with a long stride. CC & BOB 2nd: 5073 MCDONALD, Mrs E M & MCDONALD Miss K L Yeteb Little Miss Muffet V good young b, tends to over kick in the rear slightly, well proportioned head. Strong neck. Well filled chest. Just a bit upright in pastern. Super topline. Enough hind angulation. 3rd: 5110 TARBETT, Mrs E & Miss L & COXON Mr W Frankolina Domino Vitali Grad B (8,1) 1st: LOWERY Mr & Mrs J A Danlow Chance Ya Luck She is a v well made b who was fairly accurate out and back. Fem in head, v good muzzle. Long neck. Best front in class. V good chest. Firm, sloping topline. Well made rear. 2nd: FAY-SMITH Miss L A Lorrosa Scout's Honor Square outline. Fem head, could have a fraction more muzzle. Crested neck. Super topline. Maybe just a little too much hind angulation. V typy b. 3rd: DRINKWATER Mrs S Sulez Scrumptious Post Grad B (11,2) 1st: JONES, Mr J & CHARLES Miss E A Charlons Nostalgia JW Strong, square b who is fem. best mover in class. She has a pleasing head. Clean skull, nice balance of muzzle. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Quite good shoulders. V good feet. Firm, sloping opline. Well ribbed. Correct rear with low hocks. 2nd:BROWN, Miss J & HUTCHINGS Mr T Winuwuk Spice Girl She has a lovely outline, square with a v good topline. Has a better head than 3. Dark eyes. Good neck. Just a bit forward in shoulder. Well filled chest. Short loin. Well made rear, but could be firmer going away. 3rd: MORISON, Mrs B & GUNNARSDOTTIR Mrs I Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon With Xandene (Imp) Limit B (13,2) Another v competitive class. 1st: 5064 MAIR, Mrs J & MAIR Misses L & S Glenauld Eaden JW Square outline and a v good mover. She has a fem head, well balanced. Super eye and expression. Long neck. Quite a good front. Well filled chest. Firm topline. Short coupled. V good rear. She is a good combination of strength and femininity. 2nd: 5010 BROWN, Miss J & HUTCHINGS Mr T Winuwuk Brief Affair (ai) She is square and has a super head. Lovely eye and expression. Crested neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed back. Correct bend of stifle with low hocks. Could just be a little tidier out and back, but v good in profile. 3rd: WILSON Miss C Thorpaige Kiss Chase JW Sh.CM Open B (8) Super class and would have been delighted to sign a CC for all those placed. 1st: GRIFFITHS Mr M Ch Lanfrese Chin Chin She is square in outline and has a super profile action. Well proportioned head, but would like darker eyes. Super neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder, but has super pasterns and feet. Well bodied. Super topline. V good rear, low hocks. RCC 2nd: MCCARTHY, Mr D & GETHING Mr S Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire At Jeddhi Another top class b. She performed progressively better as the class went along. Better eye and expression than 1. V good, fem head. Crested neck. Fairly good shoulders, just a bit upright in pastern. Grand body. Hard, sloping topline.Well made rear with low hocks. Fairly accurate out and back. 3rd: PEARCE, Mr G & FRANCIS, Mr D & TOWNSHEND Mrs J Ch Jenroy Clarice Cliff With Longsdale Veteran B (2 abs)

Jeff Horswell