• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pug


Minor Puppy D (4,1) 1. TARTANMOPS DIAMONDS N COAL (MISS I FERGUSON) Well proportioned, square d. Liked his head best in this class. Large, dark eyes. Rounded skull. Near ears. Moderate in neck. Shoulders well laid. Forward in upper arm and a little untidy in front, well bodied. V good hind angulation. 2. SUNLEA LEDGEND OF THE SWORD (MR J J & MRS W T URWIN) V much a baby and head needs to develop. Thought his slightly more square than 3. Well movies. Balanced in angulation. High set tail. 3. SUNLEA CAST A SPELL OVER MEGIPUGI (MISS M I COWIE) Puppy D (8,4) 1. MEGIPUGI'S HOTTER THAN HELL AT GILDEROAK (MR J W FINLAY) Square d of v good proportions. He has a masc head, super eye and expression. Rounded skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Pasterns are a little slack. Super body, well ribbed. Level topline. High set tail. Could have more hind angulation, but uses his rear so well. BP 2. GORDON VON TERMEL MOPSCO (IMP MNE) (MISS S EDWARDS) Liked his outline and slightly prefered his head and eye to 3. Crested neck. Front legs well under him. Level and short back. Well set tail. Moderate hind angulation. Went well. 3. SCARISTA FLYMETOTHESTARS (MR J & MRS A FALCONER) Junior D (5) Some v nice juniors. 1. RIAJAE ON THE BRINK (MISS R JOHNSTON) He is square and cobby and moved so v well. Pleasing head, shows just a bit of white. Liked his neck. Well made front. Short and level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Tail is ok. 2. JUDAMIE BOWTIE NICOBRI (MRS N TURNBULL) Liked his squareness and moved so v well. Masc in head. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Liked his front assembly. Well bodied. High set tail but only a single curl. Uses his rear v well. 3. SOLO AMORE PER ROMABELLA JW (MRS A M E SKEATS-HOLLAND) Yearling D (3) 1. MACMOORE MR TAMBOURINE MAN JW (MR G & MRS G MCALENY) Lovely young d. Square, correct proportions. Just a little heavy over the shoulder. Liked his head. Large, dark eyes. Crested neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Short loin. Moderate in hind angulation. V good on the move. CC 2. DATIRO SEA CADET (MRS V & MR B WHITE) Masc head. Dark, large eyes. Rounded skull. Long neck. Wide chest. Could be better in upper arm and pastern. Well ribbed. Holds a level topline. Could be a fraction shorter. Enough hind angulation. Moved well. 3. ZOBEARS COMMANDER IN CHIEF (MRS D STUART) Post Grad D (5,2) 1. JUDAMIE BOWTIE NICOBRI (MRS N TURNBULL) 2. PORTLYCHARM RAFFLES FOR HUGIEBOOGIE SHCM (MRS L REID) 3. V good moving d, has a masc head. Rounded n skull. Large, dark eyes. Well placed nose. Neat ears. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front but a tendency to go over on 1 pastern at times. Not quite as square as 1. Level topline. Well set tail. Liked his hind quarters. Limit D (9,2) 1. BRADMARUL SPARK TO FLAME TO SPELLOWGATE (MISS E A DU-MON) Square d, liked his proportions. Masc head, thought he was just a bit better in eye than 2. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. A bit slack in pasterns. Super body, well made rear with low hocks and so v well muscled. Moved v soundly. 2. RHODENASH KOTTEN KANE AT EMPUGRIUM JW (MISS D MCFARLANE) Square d, v close up. Also square and cobby. Masc head. Rounded skull. Super neck. Well made in front. Grand body. Fairly high set tail. Level topline. Liked his rear. Went well, perhaps not quite as freely as 1 but his is accurate out and back. 3. TSUSELENA BON JOVI (MRS S LEE) Open D (10,2) Not an easy class to sort and v competitive. 1. TEASELTAIL CALL ME ARTHUR TO TAFTAZINI JW (MRS H ATTWOOD) Plenty of him, he is a v good mover. Liked his head. Large, dark eyes. Well placed nose. Lengthy neck. Shoulders are well placed. Liked his width of chest. Level topline. Well set tail. Good rear. Just a bit better in hind action than 2. RCC 2. CH/LUX CH CALAQUENDI NEBUCHADNEZZAR JW SHCM (MRS A & MISS L C HILL) V good d. fairly square. Masc head. Dark eyes. Rounded skull. He has a strong and crested neck. Well laid shoulder. Maybe could have a fraction longer leg for perfect balance. Level topline. Well set tail, enough bend of stifle with low hocks. 3. KILBARCHAN'S DOUBLE TROUBLE BY TSUSELENA (MRS S LEE)3. Veteran D (2,1) 1. TIDEMILL TELL ME QUANDO WITH PUGLOVA (MR A W & MRS D GREENWOOD) Square and cobby d who moved quite well. Has a masc head, would prefer a larger nose. Super eye and expression. Medium neck, well ribbed. Firm topline. Well let down hocks. BV Minor Puppy B (4,2) 1. CALAQUENDI PANAMA HATTIE (MRS A & MISS L C HILL) She is v much a baby. Square in outline and good leg length. Head needs time. Lovely eyes. Long neck. Better topline than 2. Well made rear. Well set tail. 2. MOYARD INKHEART (MRS M CUNNINGHAM) Just a bit longer as yet. She has a fem head. Well set nose. Dark eyes, liked her neck. Good width of chest. Ok rear. Moved well. Puppy B (8,3) V much babies. 1. EMPUGRIUM SPARKLING EMBER (MISS D MCFARLANE) Thought she was square and a v shapely pup. Liked her head. Dark eyes. Crested neck. Fairly good front. Well sprung ribs. Holds a firm topline. Well set tail. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. 2. ROXMARR HEART OF GLASS AT FLASHNIK (MISS N & MISS H CANNON & BURROUGHS) Liked her v much. She is fairly square and nice width of chest. Fem head. Lovely eye and expression. Just a fraction longer than 1. Topline ok. Liked her rear. 3. BRIDDISH MASSACHUSETTS (MRS S FARNWORTH) Junior B (4,1) 1. PARADIZ RONADO HASTA LA VISTA BABY (MRS D & MRS E STUART & WARD) Square b who put in an assured performance. Fem head, rounded skull. Would like a slightly bigger nose. Good neck. Well filled chest. Holds a level topline. Well set tail. 2. CLODANA MISCHIEF MANAGED OF MACMOORE (IKC) (MR G & MRS G MCALENY) Much younger b, pleasing head, ok in neck. Well made front. Just looks a fraction long as yet. Well bent stifle. Low hocks. 3. SEPHINA LUNA MAGIC (MRS S M EVANS) Yearling D (9,4) 1. MACMOORE JESAMINE JW (MR G & MRS G MCALENY) Free moving, square b with a slightly better front than 2. Fem head. Dark eyes, with a lovely expression. Rounded skull.She has a lengthy neck. Level topline. Fairly well set tail. Could have more turn of stifle. Low hocks. Square b, good size, super going round. CC & BOB 2. . CH RHODENASH DREAM CHASER OF TAFTAZINI JW (MRS H ATTWOOD) She is v square. Liked her head. Dark, expressive eyes. Rounded skull. Good ears. Lengthy neck. Not quite shoulder of 1. Nicely filled front. Level topline. High set tail.good bend of stifle with low hocks. RCC 3. DATIRO ANEMONE (MR D & MRS L HICK) Post Grad B (9,3) 1. RHODENASH LIVIN A DREAM (MISS S EDWARDS) Square b who is a lovely mover. Fem head. Expressive eyes. Round skull. Cobby body. Well made front. Level topline. High set tail enough hind angulation. 2. CRISSAM HIGHLAND HEATHER (MISS C & MISS S NISBET) She is just a fraction longer than 1. Pleasing head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Ok front. Well filled chest. High set tail. Moderate rear. 3. ZOBEAR DOLLY MIXTURE AT MARILLIUM (MR W & MRS M MULHOLLAND) Limit B (6,3) Slightly disappointing class. 1. RIAJAE SCUDDA HOO SHCM (MISS R JOHNSTON) She is square and cobby. Moved well. Fem head with a rounded skull. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Fairly good front. Level topline. Tail could be higher set, enough turn of stifle. Low hocks. 2. TODHARLAN BLUEBELL POLKA (MISS M SIMPSON) Just a bit heavier and longer. She has an appealing head, dark eyes. Medium neck. Good width of chest. High set tail. 3. EASTONITE MOON RIVER (MRS N TURNBULL) Open B (12,4) 1. FLASHNIK DAISY DREAM (MISS N & MISS H CANNON & BURROUGHS) Square b with a v good topline. She has a fem head. Dark eyes. Lengthy and crested neck. Shoulders could be better laid. Well ribbed. High set tail. Would like a little more hind angulation. Moved really well. 2. READSTONE MISCHIEF MANAGED FOR THEOCLIFFE JW (MISS O JAMESON) Liked her size. Square and cobby. Could have a better topline. Lovely head. Large, expressive eyes. Rounded skull. Long neck. A bit forward in shoulder. High set tail. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Another good mover. 3. CALAQUENDI CAUSE CELEBRE AVEC RAGEMMA JW SHCM (MRS G, MRS A & MISS L SAFFER Veteran B (1 abs)

Jeff Horswell