• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Richmond Yorkshire Terriers

The early morning dampness on the ground seemed to affect a few here. Luckily it quickly dried up. Veteran D ne Sp Beginner D. Ne Puppy D (1 abs) Junior D (2) 1st: 878 BOOT Mr & Mrs P & B & A Jastarlo Proper Job For Barotoba V good young d, 17 mths and so more developed in coat than 2. Liked his head, correct stop. Super eye and expression, neat ears. Correct neck. Could have a better laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs going well back. Holds a level topline on the move. Fairly good rear. Liked his tan, v good coat.CC & BOB 2nd: 892 FROSTICK Mr M Marlukney Homeward Bound Promising d of 13 mths, obviously not in fUll coat yet, but colours ok. Masc head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Liked his chest. Well ribbed back. Nice rear with muscle and good width of thigh. Just a bit untidy in front, parallel hind action. Post Grad D (2,1) 1st: 884 BUTT Mrs D Beaupetite Sweet Obsession Nice outline and proportions, not coping too well with the ground. Masc head, better pigment would enhance his expression. Neck is ok, super body with a level topline. Rear balances his front. Colours are ok, coat could have a slightly better texture. Limit D (1 abs) Open D (8,4) 1st: 890 CUADRADO Mr A Esp Ch Mygord Para La Seda Liked his outline, fairly compact in body with a super topline. Masc head, eyes could be better set. Correct neck. Fairly good front and accurate coming towards. Well sprung ribs, but ribbing could go further back. V good rear. Good colours and super coat texture. RCC 2nd: 879 BOOT, Mr P & Mrs B A & FITZGERALD Mr R J Ch Jumara On The Edge Of Barotoba He has a better head than 2, but could have a better expression. Correct neck. Fairly good front, just a bit wide coming towards. Well ribbed. Level topline. Has a good turn of stifle. Good coat texture. 3rd: 883 BUTT Mrs D Beaupetite He's Got The Look Veteran B ne Sp Beginners B ne Puppy B (8,3) 1st: 880 BOOT, Mr P & Mrs B A & FITZGERALD Mr R J Jastarlo Eye Katcha At Barotoba Liked her shape and attitude. She has a fem head, dark eye. Enough neck. Quite a good front, can just turn her feet out slightly. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Moved v well. Just needs to finish in coat to trouble the best. BP & 2 in puppy group. 2nd: 893 HIGGINS Mrs L Jastarlo Kadjer Dream Another really promising pup. Fem in head. Dark eyes. Would like better set ears. Ok neck. Straight front. Good topline. Maybe slightly longer than 1. V good rear. 3rd: 881 BUNCE Mrs V Sladesmark Starting Over Junior B (1) 1st: 901 PATTISON Mr J Jasopian Trouble Maker Really lovely b of 15 mths. Liked her shape. Fem head, dark eyes, ears are ok. Enough neck. Well made front. Level topline. Well made rear and she is v nicely muscled. Tan could be slightly richer. Super mover when settled, went so well in the challenge. CC Post Grad B (8,3) Difficult class to sort out. 1st: 889 CARR Miss S R Willihelm Special Romance Liked her construction and proportions. Better head than 2. She has a v good eye and expression. Would like better ears. Ok neck. Nice front. Well bodied nice rear. Fairly good mover. Better colours than 2. 2nd: 882 BUNCE Mrs V Sladesmark Swan Song Liked her outline. She too is well made and sound. Slightly down faced in head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder. Topline is ok. Coat has a lovely texture. 3rd: 894 HIGGINS Mrs L Jastarlo's Blue Gene Limit B (3,2) 1st: 875 ASKER Miss C Beaupetite She's Got The Look Not the smallest b, but she is very nicely made. Fem head. Dark eyes. Ears are ok. Moderate neck with a well laid shoulder. Slightly long in back, but she is well ribbed back. Nice rear. Could have a richer tan. Open B (4,1) 1st: 906 STREEK Mrs V Ch Sherazade Special Moment JW Lovely colours and super texture to her coat. She has a super head, dark, well shaped eyes giving a lovely expression. Neat ears. Ok neck. Correct front. She is slightly long compared to the junior winner. Better rear than2. She moves well and used her tail just enough. 2nd: 903 SHARP-DIXON, Mr K & REYES Mr J Elite Shela Of Queenslake Liked her compactness. Used her tail the best of those here. She has a fem head. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder. Good body. Could be firmer in topline. Not the fall or colours of 1. 3rd: 899 MITCHELL Mrs P E Jasopian Desirable At Midapatri

Jeff Horswell