• Show Date: 18/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Dalmatian

I think we could have wished for a larger ring, I tried to make the best of what we had, hence so much individual moving, Temperaments were excellent with a few jumping up for a cuddle. Well laid shoulders were very hard to find, which will make improving on this fault difficult for breeders. Strangely movement wasn’t too bad, in part im sure as the dogs seem to want to please, and also because most of the entry was beautifully muscled up.

Minor Puppy D (3,1)

1st: 3869 QUAYLE Mrs B Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre

Showy d of v good proportions. Masc head, could fine down in skull. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Could have a better front, but moves fairly well here. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Moderate hind angulation. Well muscled up. Holds his lovely outline moving.

2nd: 3818 BAIN Mr & Mrs J M Dunnydals Bassey's Gold Claw

Looks better on the move than standing, and needs a little more confidence. Has quite a good head, just a bit throaty. Enough neck. Fair front but could have a longer stride. Well bodied. Strong rear.

Puppy D (4,1)

Quite an evenly contested class.

1st: 3869 QUAYLE Mrs B Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre

2nd: 3851 MILLINGTON Miss L L Capearlla Pure Diamonds

Liked his outline and proportions. Masc head which is well balanced. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better lay of shoulder. Well filled in chest. Well ribbed back. Good turn of stifle with low hocks. Could not quite match the stride of 1.

3rd: 3859 PAGE, Mr I & PAGE, Miss C & PAGE Mrs K Rapanooey Calvin Klein By Winflash

Junior D (3,1)

1st: 3878 THORNE Mrs S Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop

Liked his proportions and elegance best of these 2. Masc head if rather deep in stop. Could have a better shoulder. Well ribbed with a strong loin. Well bent stifles. Fairly accurate out and back but could have a better stride.

2nd: 3852 MILLINGTON Miss L L Gloriandus Sagaro Of Capearlla

Slightly heavier d and just a little too compact. Has a pleasing head. Lengthy and strong neck. Shoulders are ok. Stands rather wide in front and turns his feet out, but isstraight coming towards. Well ribbed. Moderate rear with low hocks.

Post Grad D (8, 3)

1st: 3834 GIBBS Mrs M Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW

Very good moving d who has a v good outline. Masc head, just a bit too heavy in cheek and lips. Strong and lengthy neck. Quite a good front, he is just a bit broad in chest. Super legs and feet. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. His rear matches his front very well, hence his lovely long easy stride.

2nd: 3836 HERNANDEZ Mr & Mrs R & I Dalminshi Starlite Express JW

Shapely young d. Has a better head that 1. Lengthy neck. Fair front. Enough fill of chest, which reaches elbow. Better in topline than 3. Moderate rear, which could be used better.

3rd: 3843 LAMB Mrs R Dalpetro Digby

Limit D (7,1)

1st: 3881 WHINCUP Mrs D L & Mr K Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW

Shapely d who excels in profile action. Liked his head, well balanced muzzle to skull. Lengthy neck. Fairly well laid shoulders. Well filled chest, maybe just a little broad. Well ribbed with a firm topline. Strong rear, correct turn of stifle with low hocks. Uses his rear v well.

2nd: 3823 CROFT, Ms R & COBB Miss A Kalokairie's Bullet Proof

Also a v good moving d, just a bit proud of his tail. Masc head. Medium length neck with a fair front. Nicely filled chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Rear angulation matches his front. V good legs and feet.

3rd: 3833 FORREST Mrs N Elabri Esprit Horizon At Spotswood

Open D (7,1)

Lovely class to sort out,.

1st: 3830 DUNNACHIE Mr M Ch Dvojica Vendetta

Masc d so v well made. He has a masc head, good eye and expression. Lengthy and strong neck into quite a good shoulder. Well filled chest. Well ribbed back, topline is firm on the move. Well made rear and, as were all, in super muscle. Liked his v easy movement. CC

2nd: 3853 NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S & BAKER Miss S Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW

He has a super outline and is also v good in profile action. Liked his head. Strong and lengthy neck. Could just have a little more width in his front. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. V good rear with low hocks. RCC

3rd: 3848 MCCARTHY Mr & Mrs J C & K E Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW

Veteran D (3,1)

1st: 3872 SAMPSON Dr E & Mr W Stocklore Wizard Of The Forrest Sh.CM

Well balance d. He has a v good head, good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Could have a slightly better front. Well filled chest. Level topline. Moderate rear. Accurate out and back.

2nd: 3816 ALCOCK Miss J Creaganbrec Face Of Beau At Dalspartan Sh.CM

Another nice d, no hint that he is a veteran. Could be slightly stronger in muzzle. Good neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Well bodied.

Minor Puppy B (2)

Both really promising babies.

1st: 3861 PAGE, Mr I & PAGE, Miss C & PAGE Mrs K Winflash Miss Dior

Looks her age and of course can still firm up in front. Fem in head. Eyes can darken. Lengthy neck. Slightly better shoulder than 2 and has a longer, lower stride, well ribbed back. Topline is ok. Well made rear and already well muscled. Thought her a really lovely prospect. BP and PG2

2nd: 3891 WRIGHT Miss J M Millbelle Fernie

Shapely, fem b. She too has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Just lifts her front slightly moving, but should settle. Well ribbed back. Moderate hind angulation. Super feet.

Puppy B (1)

1st: 3839 HOBBS, Miss C & WHITING Ms M Rapanooey Rascallion

V shapely pup. Fem head, could have a slightly stronger muzzle. Lengthy neck. Would like a better shoulder and can still develop in chest. Well bodied. Level topline. She has a well angulated rear with low hocks, super feet. Went well

Junior B (1)

1st: 3849 MCCARTHY Mr & Mrs J C & K E Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy

Delightful temperament. She is big ribbed and could carry a little less weight. Fem head. Enough neck. Rather forward in shoulder. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Moved fairly well.

Post Grad B (16,4)

1st: 3854 NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S A & BAKER Miss S Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW

Really lovely fem b. She has a super head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck and the best shoulder in class. Can still develop in chest a little. Holds a level topline. Super rear. Her spotting could be more perfect, but her movement is super. RCC

2nd: 3824 CUTHBERTSON Mr & Mrs A T & M Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni

Shapely and fem b. She has a well balanced head. Good neck and quite a good shoulder. Enough fill of chest and has good depth. Well ribbed. Level topline with well set and carried tail not using her rear quite as well as 1.

3rd: 3873 SAMPSON Dr E & Mr W Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW

Limit B (14,4)

1st: 3889 WILKINSON Mrs S Gwynmor High Five To Hunacres JW (Imp)

She is full of fun and gave her handler a hard time. She has a lovely head. V good neck. Best shoulder in class and slightly better filled chest than 2. Well bodied, with a short loin. Super topline. Strong, well angulated rear. V good mover when not playing!

2nd: 3862 PAGE, Mr I & PAGE, Miss C & PAGE Mrs K Vivienne Westwood By Winflash

Very close up. Liked her head. Lengthy neck. Deep chest. Super topline. Well made rear. Feet could be slightly better. Handler gets every ounce from her.

3rd: 3874 SAMPSON Dr E & Mr W Dalstorm Black Orchid Sh.CM

Open B (8)

1st: 3864 PHILIP Mrs L & Mr M J Dvojica Bubble N'chic At Nordalset

Really super b heading a v good class. She is super on the move in profile and accurate enough out and back. Fem head. Super neck. Well laid shoulder. Fair fill of chest. Super body and rib. Firm in topline. Excellent rear. Stands on lovely legs and feet. CC & BOB, congratulations on becoming a Champion.

2nd: 3831 DUNNACHIE Mr M Ch Dvojica Volition

Shapely b who is a v good mover. Liked her head v much. Lengthy neck. Just not quite as clean in shoulder as 1. She has a well filled chest. Good depth. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Uses herself v well on move.

3rd: 3826 DODDS, Ms C A & PEARSON Mr S A Ch & Ir Ch Int Ch Kelevra Classic Cliche JW Sh.CM

Veteran B (1)

1st: 3835 GIBBS Mrs M Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW

Good honest sort of b in grand form. She is fem in head. Medium length of neck with quite a good shoulder. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Well bend stifle and low hocks. Moved v well.