• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

Birmingham German Spitz Mittel

Minor Puppy D. Ne Puppy D. Ne Junior D (1) 1st: 585 SAICH Mr & Mrs C J & L M Lindcoly The One An Only Slightly off square. Such a well made d. Masc in head. Dark eyes. Uses his ears v well. Medium neck. V good front. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Just right in hind angulation. Moved v well. Post Grad D (2) 1st: 579 HUGHES, Mr M P & Mrs L M & FORRESTER Mrs J S Marlais Moonlight Serenade Over Candease Square d who won class on his more economical movement. Masc head. Correct stop. Dark eyes. V good ears. Medium neck. Balanced in angulation. Level topline. Well bodied. 2nd: 572 CONNOR Miss L Galvizach Daraydala Class Act V good d who just picks his feet up a bit, liked his head. Well shaped eyes. Good ears. Lengthy neck. V moderate in angulation. Just a little long in body. Limit D (3) 1st: 584 ROGERSON, Miss L & ROGERSON, Mrs P & MULLHOLLAND Fisherbloom Black Shamen With Nosregor V typy d who moved the best in this class. Pleasing head, although you need to look through his markings. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Just a bit narrow in chest. Level topline. Well made rear. In enough coat. 2nd: 577 HEARSON Miss J A Nixtev Uraxys At Jumasue Square d full of himself and could have gone better. Super coat texture. Pleasing, masc head. Enough neck. Balanced if rather moderate in angulation. Super body, topline and tail. 3rd: 578 HEWETT Mrs L Spellcast Talk Tidee Open D (4) 1st: 583 ROBERTS Mrs D Longsdale Turning Tables At Cwrtafon Lovely d and an easy winner of this competitive class. Square. V good head. Super eye ear and expression. Correct neck. Well made front. V good body. Super rear. Typical mover. Would just like a better coat. CC & BOB 2nd: 586 SAICH Mr & Mrs C J & L M Ir Ch Zephon Akio At Lindcoly Can sometimes look a bit long. Won this place on his front action. V good head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Firm in topline. Balanced and moderate in angulation. Moved well. RCC 3rd: 576 HALL Miss H M Sobriety's Grizzly Bear For Pufnstuf JW Veteran D (1) 1st: 568 BELLINGHAM Miss T Abbicher Thriller Square d who goes with a brisk and even stride. Masc head, could have darker eyes. Enough neck. Well balanced angulation. Level topline. Not seeming to enjoy himself. Minor Puppy B ne Puppy B (2) 1st: 589 WINSER Miss D Nixtev Zin Of Lysebourne Fairly square. She has a fem head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Well made front. Level topline. Good rear. Can firm in action. BP 2nd: 567 ALFRED, Miss S & HESLOP Miss A Flamuna Shenanigans With Teamor Really good pup who needs to settle. Square in outline. Balanced in angulation. Super head. A bit narrow in chest. Junior B (1) 1st: 575 DRECHSLER Miss A Longdale's New Addition Fem and square b, enjoying showing. Pretty head. Dark eyes. She has a lengthy neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Could have better hocks. Coat rather soft. Post Grad B (2) 1st: 582 PURVES, Mrs & PURVES Mr G Bulabs Blonde Lady Had the better head of these 2. Well balanced muzzle to skull, lovely ears and good eyes. Medium neck. Well laid in shoulder but rather untidy coming towards. Topline could be better.well made rear. Between coats. 2nd: 570 CLAYTON Mr G H & Mrs I E Studholme Phizz Wizard Square v. Rather short in muzzle & I would prefer darker eyes. Lengthy neck. V moderate in angulation. Topline ok. Another between coats. Limit B (5,1) 1st: 565 ALFRED Mr W Nixtev Vitesse At Teamor Not in her v best coat, square b with a v good head. Correct balance of muzzle and skull, dark, well shaped eyes and v good ears. Enough neck. Well bodied. V good rear. Could be ever so slightly tidier coming towards.CC 2nd: 587 TAYLOR Miss T Clarmers Mischief Managed Under Tispitza She is square and head appeals. Super eyes and ears. Well bodied. Balanced in angulation. Well set tail. Level topline. Could be a better mover. 3rd: 569 BELLINGHAM Miss T Grizwold Moons Mystic Charm Open B (2) 1st: 588 THOMAS, Miss L C & HULL Mrs C Clarmers Talking Mischief With Kelmorespitz Lux Jr Not much between these 2 young bitches. She has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Correct neck. Shoulders could be better. Carrying a bit much body. Level topline. Well made rear. Slightly better in front action than 2. RCC 2nd: 580 MOIR, Mrs J & MOIR Misses L & S Jansanleis Envy Liked her head v much. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Could be a bit wider. Level topline. V good tail set. Good rear. Could have been more settled. Veteran B (3,1) 1st: 566 ALFRED Mr W Rossfort Black Girl At Teamor Square b in good form. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Balanced in angulation.moved well. 2nd: 581 MOIR, Mrs J & MOIR Misses L & S Ch Jansanleis Mayhem JW Liked her v much but sadly a mouth fault that held her back. Would prefer slight;y higher set ears. Good neck. Well balanced in angulation. Could cry a little more body. Moved well.

Jeff Horswell