• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)


I understand that this was a fairly normal entry for the breed, although lots of absentees on the day. I thought mos entered were of good type. Fronts need watching.

Veteran D (2,1) 1ST ETERNITY'S AMAZE WITH TERVANTY SHCM (IMP SWE) (MS E A WOODWARD) Plenty of this masc d. Well balanced head. Intelligent expression. Medium length neck. Moderate front. Well bodies. Could be slightly shorter in back. V good rear with low hocks. Just lifts his front on move. Puppy D (4,2) 1ST FABLEHAWK WOLFHEART (MISS A & MRS M LINDSAY & GLENTON) V typy pup. Has a lengthy head. Medium stop. Dark eyed. Enough neck. Can develop in chest. Well ribbed with a short back. Firm topline, although it slopes slightly. V good rear. 2ND CLIFFEAST BOB THE BUILDER (MRS R F BANFIELD) Masc d. Lengthy head, medium stop. V good expression. Could have more neck and a better shoulder. Grand body. Correct topline. Well made rear. Junior D ne Yearling D ne Post Grad D (1) 1ST SULANEVAEH RAUL THANE (MRS S ELLIOTT) Fairly square d of medium and balanced angulation. Has a masc head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Ok for neck. Would like a harder topline. Brisk action. Limit D. Ne Open D (5) Class of v typy males. 1ST HAWKSFLIGHT THE HUSTLER ( MRS K B & MISS N E HESKETH & MACKIE) Well proportioned and the best mover in class, parallel and brisk. Masc head, maybe not the length of 2. V good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Rear matches his front. In good hard condition. CC 2ND CH DOMBURG VETTEL MAKES A MOVE TO DDALRUS (MR K HODGSON) Has a slightly better head than 1. Lengthy neck. Topline could be better, slight arch, but a better front than 3. Square in outline. Well balanced and moderate angulation. Slightly tied in elbow but a v easy profile action. RCC 3RD IR CH REVLOCH JUST THE TICKET (MR P, MRS J & MISS K LAWLESS) Sp Beginners D ne Sp Beginners B ne Veteran B. (3) 1ST HAWKSFLIGHT MADE YOU WISH (MR J P & MRS T M JACOBS) V typy b in dry show condition. Fem head, slight stop. Dark eyes/ enough neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Super mover, accurate and brisk. Level topline. 2ND CH/SP CH HAWKSFLIGHT MADE YOU SMILE SHCM (MRS N M & MR G SNELL) Just looking a little heavy in body now. A v well made b who moved typically. Lengthy head. Crest to neck.good angles. 3RD LAURELIN ANDANTE (MRS E HYDE) Puppy B (3) 1ST HAWKSFLIGHT MILADY DE WINTA ( MRS D L & MISS N E AINSWORTH & MACKIE) Lovely pup for outline and type, just needs to firm in out and back movement. She has a v good head. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Better topline than 2. BP 2ND DOMBURG MADE BY HAWKSFLIGHT (N, L & S MACKIE, LESTER & SMITH) V proposing baby. She was more accurate out and back than 1, but not quite as shapely as yet. Super head. Balanced in angulation. Correct depth of body. 3RD FABLEHAWK CREOLE DREAMS AMBRAJAI (MISS A & MISS J LINDSAY & DAVIES) Junior B (1) 1ST TALAMO TA-DAH (MR S & MRS J EAVES) Standing she is quite lovely, just needs more confidence on the move. Fem head of length and balance. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well made front and rear. Just needs to develop in body. Yearling B (1 abs) Post Grad B (4,2) 1ST LAURELIN BOSANOVA (MRS E HYDE) Carrying rather too much weight. Fem in head. Quite well made. Level topline. 2 Withheld from. A v typy b, but she wouldn't let me go over her. Limit B (6) Not much between 1 & 2, both v lovely bitches and v similar 1ST BELLPINS PERFECT ENGLISH WITH DOMBURG (MR M, MISS D & MRS L SARGEANT, JONES & LESTER) She is v well proportioned. Not in full coat and topline looks to have a dip stood, but she is level. She is in the most lovely hard condition. V good head. Dark eyes. Super neck. Well balanced and moderate front. Super body. Accurate mover and a brisk profile action. CC & BOB 2ND BELLPINS LATIN PASSION (MR C & MR M BRIGGS & ELLIOTT) She is a similar type, could have just a little more body. Fem head, clean cheeks. Lovely eye and expression. Correct, moderate angulation. Well ribbed back. Fairly accurate and a brisk stride.RCC 3RD IT'S ALL IN A KISS V MONED AT SUNSETCREST (IMP NLD) (MR D J & MRS R WELLMAN) Open B (6,4) 2 lovely bitches, with different attributes. 1ST IR CH REVLOCH JUICY COUTURE (MR P, MRS J & MISS K LAWLESS) I thought she just moved out slightly better in front, from her v good shoulder. She has a fem head. Dark eyes. Medium length of neck. Well bodies. Level in topline. Correct rear. Maybe a fraction longer than the limit girls. 2ND CH CORSINI CHARISMA (MRS A, MR J L & MISS E MCLAREN, VANDENBEMDEN & MCDONALD) For type she is lovely, ideal proportions. She has a v good head. Lengthy beck. Just a bit forward in shoulder. Level topline. Well bodied. Correct rear.

Jeff Horswell