• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Scottish Terrier

Bath. Scottish Terriers

Quite a challenging entry to sort out. I was impressed with how well muscled up they were and temperaments were excellent. I thought a few were carrying too much weight, and some were rather long in back. Minor Puppy D ne Puppy D (2) 2 v good pups. 1st: 1353 CHAPMAN , Miss C L & BRADLEY Miss E J Brueik's Super Hero By Berrybreeze Though he was slightly more short coupled and had a straighter front than his rival. Long, well balanced masc head. Dark eyes. Well set, neat ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Good chest. Well sprung ribs. Strong rear. Moved v well. 2nd: 1350 BRADLEY, Miss E J & HERD Miss M F Brueik James Austin Has a long head, wouldn't want any wider in skull. Moderate neck. Level topline. V good rear with well set tail. Accurate out and back. Junior D (1) 1st: 1356 COCKAYNE Mr S Saredon Boom Time Really lovely young d, in super condition, so hard and fit. Long head, could be cleaner in cheek. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Straight front. Good forechest. Well laid shoulder. Big ribs. Firm topline. Super rear. Maybe not yet in fullest coat. Super mover. CC Novice D ne Post Grad ne Limit D (4) 1st: 1378 TYLER Mrs E Divadell Room At The Top Well proportioned d. Lengthy head, slightly wider than ideal and ears could be better set. Super eye and expression. Straight front. Well laid shoulder. Good ribs. Level topline. Well made rear which he uses so well. Could be tidier in front. 2nd: 1355 CHICK Mrs J A Brueik All The Aces Masc d. Not quite the neck of 1. Well made front with fairly straight legs. Well ribbed. Level topline. Strong rear with moderate angulation. 3rd: 1367 MEEK Mr & Mrs CG & EM Benartybrae Macarena At Benbetham Open D (2) 1st: 1349 BOYCE Mrs E Trakside Mr Goodbar Thought him the better proportioned of these 2, having a shorter back. Masc head, rounded in skull and could have just a little more length. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Good neck. Decent forechest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear, which he uses well. Coat coming in. RCC 2nd: 1376 SYKES Ms S E Sandbourne Ready Freddie Go Mature d, slightly broader in skull than ideal. Super eyes. Has a moderate neck. Well balanced angulation. V good spring or rib. Level topline. In harsh jacket. Veteran D (1) 1st: 1359 GREENWOOD Mrs M & Mr P Petmon Light Of My Life 11 yrs well muscled d, not helping his handler on the move. He has a v good head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Perhaps carrying a bit much body, but well ribbed. Level topline. Accurate out and back. Sp Beginners D/B (2) 1st: 1372 NORTON Mrs V R Divadell Fly Me To The Moon V good moving b who was a bit up and down with her tail. Fem head. Dark eyes, ears could be betters set,. Lengthy neck. Good forechest. Slightly long and slack in topline. Well set tail. Good rear. 2nd: 1360 GREENWOOD Mrs M & Mr P Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle Sh.CM 11 yrs and well muscled. Also lazy with her tail at times. Better head than 1. Medium neck. Just a bit heavy in body new. Topline ok. Used her rear well. Minor Puppy B (1) 1st: 1357 COLEY Mrs J Kingsview Just Patience Delightful pup. Fem in head, which is long and of correct width, dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Good width of chest. Straight legs, well laid shoulder. She has a good ribcage. Level topline. Well made rear, low hocks. Moved v well. BP Puppy B (3) 3 v bouncy pups. 1st: 1348 BECQUET, R N & DARBY, P W H Messrs Minorlines Royal Imperial Becscott Was the best proportioned in class. She has a v good, fem head. Well set ears. Moderate neck. Mustn't get any heavier over the shoulder. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Well set tail. Super rear. When she settled moved well. 2nd: 1351 BRADLEY, Miss E J & HERD Miss M F Brueik's Olivia Rose She is slightly longer. Liked her fem head. Long neck. Shoulder could be better set. Well sprung ribs, correct depth of body. Moderate rear. 3rd: 1374 RODRIGUEZ - PONCE Mrs C C Brueik Rosa Milan Junior B (2) 1st: 1375 ROE, Mr G H & STEWART Mr T E Eskwyre Its A Lot Like Love, Bee Quite raw looking, moves v freely. She has a v good head, ears could be neater. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Straight front. Well ribbed back. Topline needs too settle but fairly short. Ok rear. 2nd: 1379 WALKER Ms C Beaureveur Solitaire Chunkier type b who is a bit heavy in body. She has a v good head. Ok neck. A bit forward in shoulders. Level topline. Rear angulation matches front. Novice B (1) 1st: 1368 MEEK Mr & Mrs CG & EM Lomondview Amber Solitaire At Benbetham Fem b who could be in better coat. Giving handler a hard time on move. Balanced head. Lengthy neck. Could be better in shoulder. Well bodied. Level topline. Strong rear. Post Grad B (3) 1st: 1358 EMMINS Mrs M Miss Catastrophe Du Moulin De Mac Greggor Fem b. She is slightly long, but best front in class. Long and fem head, dark eyes, well set ears. Lengthy neck. Correct width of chest. Straight legs. Well ribbed. She has a level topline. Well-made rear. Went v well. 2nd: 1352 CARPENTER Mrs C Blackthorpe Bramble At Westerleigh Liked her proportions. Rather wide infront and feet could be better. Good neck. Well bodied, could carry just a little less weight. Level topline. Low hocks. Went well. 3rd: 1377 SYKES Ms S E Sandbourne In Your Dreams Limit B (4,1) 1st: 1347 BECQUET, R N & DARBY, P W H Messrs Minorlines Princess Royal Becscott Liked her size and proportions. Fem head, ears ok. Enough neck. Well laid shoulders. Well set legs. Firm in topline. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Strong rear with well bent stifle and low hocks. 2nd: 1380 WEALL Mrs J Wringtonbell Ready To Rock Nice proportions, just a bigger type of b. Lengthy head. Well set ears. Long neck. Not shoulder of 1 and could be tidier coming towards. Big ribs. Level topline. Moderate rear. Open B (3,2) 1st: 1354 CHAPMAN, Miss C L & BRADLEY, Miss E J & HERD Mis Ch Brueik Tickled Pink By Berrybreeze V good proportions she has a lovely outline and such a good profile mover. She has a v good head, long and fem. Lengthy neck. Could have a little more width in front and be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed. Short back. Angulation are balanced. V well presented. Veteran B (3,1) 1st: 1366 MAIDMENT Mrs L M Berrybreeze Explorer At Daxidin V good b. She has a lengthy and fem head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Good width of chest. Well ribbed. Could be firmer in topline. Well made rear. Moved v well. RCC 2nd: 1360 GREENWOOD Mrs M & Mr P Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle Sh.CM

Jeff Horswell