• Show Date: 01/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Portuguese Water Dog Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog Club

I was delighted to be asked to judge this show. What a great idea in these expensive times to give exhibitors 2 shows on one day, I am sure the entry benefitted from this. I thought there were some lovely dogs entered. Most had the desired width of skull and I was delighted to find a high percentage with the correct tail. I thought a few were a little fine in bone and some rather narrow. I found a few to be square and one or two just a little too long. When deciding for BIS I thought the dog and bitch made a really good pair, only to be told they were brother and sister, and see they are by my BOB winner last time – congratulations to their clever breeder. Minor Puppy D (1 abs) Puppy D (1) 1. Grandways River Rambler Promising baby. Correct proportions. Well shaped head with a fairly broad skull. Short neck. Shoulders could be better laid and can firm in front action. Well ribbed back. Topline ok. Correct rear. Would prefer a better tail. V good moving away. Junior D (2) Sadly a top quality dog was unsound and so withdrew. 1. Rysalka Dance Major at Brookhaven A very sound d. He is slightly square in outline. Pleasing head of sufficient width. Correct, short neck and quite a good shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Correct rear. Would prefer a better tail. Yearling D (1) 1. Islekeepers Filho de Calice Solidly built youngster. He has a fairly broad skull. Dark eyes. Short neck. Quite a good front. Nice width and strength. Well ribbed. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation and use his rear just a bit better. V good coming towards. Nice tail. Post Grad D ne Limit D (1) 1. Islekeepers Gudenuff He is a really typy. Has a super head, good width of skull with correct furrow. Strong muzzle, short neck. I liked his width of front, strong swimmers build. Well ribbed. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Slightly untidy in front and could drive more from the rear, but a lovely type. Open D (6,2) V good class, all were of a v good type. 1. Ankors Badaboum Oblong outline on this young dog. He has a v good head. Correct neck. Quite a good front but could be a little tidier on the move. Super body. Moderate rear. He scored heavily in tail over 1. V good profile mover. Real contender for the green cards. 2. Hooligan Sing to Finland from Belleville Not quite the size as 1 but liked his width and strength. He has a super head. Moderate neck. Level topline. Well ribbed. Liked his rear. Tail makes a ring, but is just a bit short and this detracts on the move. V sound d. 3. Winterkloud Trouble Maker Champion D (5) Another good class. 1. Ch Belleville Anjo Negro For me this dog just stood away today even in good competition. He is oblong in proportion. Super head, correct stop. Nice muzzle. Correct short neck, but with a well laid shoulder. Strong front. Super body. Level topline very good rear. Excellent tail. Accurate enough out and back, super in profile. Was on great from. CC & BIS 2. Ch Rarjo Quicksilver Another v good d, just found him squarer than 1. Like his head v much, broad and strong. Correct neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder and tighter elbows, but is v good coming towards. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Strong rear. Excelent tail. Lovely stride in profile. 3. Ch Rysalka the Tornado at Rusara Veteran D (2) 1. Ch/Ir Ch Auldhelm Absolutely Liked his width and strength more than 2. Very typy d. He has a v good head, with width of skull. Correct neck. Liked his front, elbows could be tighter. Well ribbed with a level topline. Quite a good rear although feet could be better. Liked his tail. RCC 2. Multi Ch Dragonbank Sea Spider He has a well proportioned outline, would like a bit more width all through. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Topline is a little soft now, super tail. Moved ok. Minor Puppy B. Ne Puppy B (2,1) 1. Dragonbank Sea Ballata Really lovely pup, very outgoing. Liked her outline. Fem head of sufficient width. Correct neck, good front. Well bodied. She has a good rear with correct tail. When she stopped bouncing a v good mover.BP Junior B (4,,1) 1. Rusara Belle Elisabete Liked her proportions and outline standing. She has a good head. Correct neck. Needs to develop in chest. Tail is a bit low set and could be better placed on the move. Decent rear. 2. Bentarsna White Waves Found her a bit too fine. Fem in head, doesn't want any more neck. Level topline. Correct tail, although not using it on move. Better hind action than 3. 3. Micador I Gotta Feeling Yearling D (3 ) 1. Islekeeepers Filha de Calice Really lovely young b, can sometimes just run away with her handler. She has a fem head of width and strength. Correct short neck. Well laid shoulder. Good width of chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. V good rear. Well set tail, could carry it slightly better. Super profile action. RCC 2. Rowanbridge Ailsa Bay She has a strong but fem head, fairly short neck. Well ribbed. Level topline good tail. Could be stronger going away. Liked her length of body, could just be slightly longer in leg. 3. Gemson Paloma Post Grad B (7,3) 1. Belleville Anjo Do Mar Liked her for type v much. She has a good head, strong and broad whilst still fem. correct neck. Just a bit forward in front assembly. She is v well bodied. Level topline. Liked her tail. Good rear. 2. Auldhelm Clementina Liked her proportions. Super head. Short enough neck. Fair front. Level topline. Well ribbed back. Liked her rear. Good tail, which she could use more when moving. 3. Winterkloud Lunar Eclipse Limit B (9, 3) 1. Belleville Olhos De Anio She is a v typy b, well made and sound. Liked her head, which has good width and strength, lovely eyes and a good muzzle. Short neck, could be slightly better in shoulder. Super body, well sprung ribs. Level topline. V good tail enough hind angulation. Super on the move when she gets into stride. CC 2. Somebody to Love da Pedra da Anixa Liked her outline. V good head, would prefer darker eyes. Ok neck. Quite a good font. Needs a little more width of chest. Super topline. Strong rear. Easy mover. 3. Belleville Anjo Jelo at Majesixs Open B (4) 1. Melfild Precious Pearl at Micador Really nice b who really looks the part moving round. She has a super head. Lovely width with a good muzzle. Short neck. Could have a better shoulder. Liked her width of chest and spring of ribs more than 2. She has a level topline. V good tail. Accurate on move. 2. Winterkloud Double Trouble Liked her outline and proportions. She has a v good head. Correct neck. Level topline. Well made rear. Could just like a bit more width and strength all through. 3. Auldhelm Xquisite Champion B (2,1) 1. Ir Ch Grandway Mistique She is a v good type. Liked her proportion and width. Fem head of strength. Correct neck. Really good front. Level topline. Could have a better tail. Slightly unsettled on the move and could use her rear better. V good coming towards. Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell