• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Havanese

SKC. Havanese

A lovely breed to judge. I found them to be rather mixed for size and type. A few mouth issues, which needs care. Some toplines were poor, and more like a Coton, and a few far too narrow in front. Temperaments lovely, and most well presented without going too far. Puppy D (4,1) 1. ROXHOLM PIED PIPER (MRS S CLEMENTS) Super pup, full of fun. He has a well balanced, masc head. Dark eyes, which could be slightly larger. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Well set and carried tail. V good rear. Moved v well with lengthy strode. RCC & BP 2. PANDAPRINT BELIEVE IN MAGIC (MISS H MCCALLUM-SEALY) Also a super pup. He has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Not the shoulder of 1 and he can firm up in front action. Super body, well ribbed back. Excellent rear, well bent stifle with low hocks and uses so v well. 3. HABANAS BONITA TE QUIERO HAVALAG (MR P GROCOCK) Junior D (1 abs) Post Grad D (2,1) 1. DIANAIA FABULOUS FOREVER (MS D M MCCALLUM) Liked his proportions and he was the better mover of these 2. He has a masc head, dark eyes. Needs more width of underjaw. Lengthy neck. Elbows could be tighter bit fairly straight front. Well sprung ribs. Level topline with well set tail. Rear matches his front v well. 2. NEWPARK PRETTY BOY FLOYD (MRS J A & MR R J YOUNG) He has a v good head, with super eyes and expression. Moderate neck, could have a straighter front. Well sprung ribs. Topline a little arched. Another balanced d whose rear matches front. Accurate out and back. Limit D (4,1) 1. THE SANDMAN (MR & MRS W MORRIS) Thought him the best for type in this class. Correct proportions, but could carry a little more weight. Skull and muzzle are similar lengthy, dark eyes, but just a bit close together. Lengthy neck. Better shoulder that 2 bit he could have more width of chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Well made rear. Accurate mover. 2. NEWTONWOOD YOURS TRULY (MRS C MUSCROFT) He is a chunkier type of d, who could carry a little less weight. Preferred his head to 1. Moderate neck. Shoulders set too far forward, but liked his straight legs and width. Level topline to a well set tail. Moderate rear. 3. NEWTONWOOD SHADOW ILLUSION (MRS S J WALKER) Open D (5,1) 1. AM CH KOLMAR'S PAINTED MASTERPIECE (MS A RUTZEL) Such a well made little d, everything in proportion. Head is well balanced, dark well shaped eyes, could be larger. He has a lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with a straight front. Well ribbed, short loin. Level topline. Super rear. Moved so v well. CC & BOB 2. NEWPARK DREAM LOVER (MRS S TARFF) Liked his proportions and he has a really lovely head. Could have just a bit more neck and be more level in topline. He has quite a good shoulder. Straight front. Excellent body. Well set tail. Good turn of stifle, well let down hocks. 3. DIANAIA OVER THE RAINBOW FOR JANABEAR (MRS C MUSCROFT) Veteran D (1) 1. AUST CH CARNWATH COOLANGATTA GOLD FOR HAVALAG (MR P GROCOCK) Well proportioned and balanced 8 year old. He has a masc head. Dark eyes, appealing expression. Ok neck. Moderate and balanced in his angulation. Topline is fairly level. Well set tail. Accurate mover. Puppy B (4,1) 1. IMMELION GALACTICA FOR BEAUGEM (MRS J FITZGERALD) Liked her outline and proportions and held a level topline moving. Fem head, well balanced. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Could be better angulated. Super body and rib. Just needs to firm in front. 2. KAMILLA MANO PUPSIUKAS (IMP LTU) (MRS S CLEMENTS) She is v good to go over. Perhaps could have a stronger head, even for a b. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Moved well. Topline needs to settle. 3. PANDAPRINT BETTER TOGETHER (MISS H, MESSRS A & S MCCALLUM-SEALY, CARTER & BARNETT Junior B (3,1) 1. DYFFRYNSANDS LADY CECILIA ROTHERMERE (MR & MRS W MORRIS) Liked her proportions. She has a v pretty head, dark eyes, although could be slightly larger. Could have more neck and a better shoulder. Super body. Level topline. Moderate rear. 2. DIANAIA'S BEAUTIFUL DAY (MRS L GUNN) Also well proportioned. Well balanced head and v good eyes. Moderate neck. Needs more angulation and short steps, but is well balanced. Post Grad B (3) 1. PANDAPRINT'S ANASTASIA JW (MISS H MCCALLUM-SEALY) She is v feminine and well-proportioned and the best mover in class. Liked her eyes. Could perhaps have a fraction more bone and needs more width in front. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Level topline. Well ribbed. Best rear in class. 2. JANABEAR AMAZING GRACE (MRS C MUSCROFT) She has a pretty head. Lovely eyes. Ok for neck. Straight front. Well bodied. Could have a better rear. 3. STARLEISHA DAZZLING DREAM SHCM (MR D & MRS S LANE) Limit B (4,1) 1. STARLEISHA DAZZLING DREAM SHCM (MR D & MRS S LANE)` Liked her proportions. Fem b, v good head. Dark eyes and a lovely expression. Could have a little more neck and better shoulder. Fairly straight front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Quite a well made rear. Holds her tail flat to back. Accurate out and back. 2. STARLEISHA HEAVENS SECRET SHCM (MR D & MRS S LANE) She has a v pretty head. Lovely eyes. Medium neck. Could have a better shoulder and more width between her front legs. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Liked her tail. 3. ROTHERMERE MIDNIGHT KISS WITH CLARAVI (MRS C RUSSELL) Open B (5,2) 1. NEWTONWOOD CALYPSO GOLD (MISS H MCCALLUM-SEALY) She is v fem and pretty. Liked her head and has super eyes, dark, correct size and a most appealing expression. Moderate neck. Could be better in shoulder. Well ribbed back, short loin. Has a level topline. Carries her tail weLL. She is slightly better in rear than 2. Accurate on move with a springy stride. CC 2. CLASSY CLEO SHCM (MR & MRS W MORRIS) Close up if slightly different in type. Liked the balance of her head. Dark eyes. Moderate neck. Could have more angulation front and rear, but she is fairly accurate and goes with a balanced stride. Well bodied with a firm topline. RCC 3. STARLEISHA HEAVENLY STAR SHCM (MR D & MRS S LANE) Veteran B (1) 1. AUST CH TORZA COLOUR O'LOVE FOR HERONSBRIDGE (MR P GROCOCK) 12 years and in great form. She moved really well. Has a pleasing outline. Fem head.

  Jeff Horswell