• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu

Mrs Kath Hindley had originally been invited to judge this show. Sadly her illness forced her to withdraw and she later passed away. A minutes silence was appropriately held before judging started in her honour. This was an excellent entry to judge. I thought the males were exceptionally strong.A few dogs I have previously awarded CCs to competing, along with some overseas visitors. I tried to avoid the exhibits with short legs, proportions are quite clear in the standard. Movement was very good. However I was disappointed at how few had the required almond and obliquely set eyes. Presentation was excellent.

Veteran D (6) Good class to start headed by 2 crackers. 1st CH VORMUND JEAN PAUL GAULTIER JW SHCM (MISS C & MISS M ROSKELL & DUNHILL HALL) Ideal proportions and holds his shape on the move. masc head. correct proportions. Eyes could be slightly better shaped. correct neck. Well laid shoulder. He is better in front than 2. Super body. Well set tail. Good rear with low hocks. In super coat and condition. Awarded his a junior stakes many years ago, a CC and now BV. 2nd RUS/UKR/BLR/LIT/LAT,/EST/INT CH HANDZIMEMESITE URUSEY YATSURA [ATC AP01556RUS] ( MRS T E KULAHMETIEVA) He is quite spectacular in profile action. Has a most lovely head with typical eye and expression. Correct neck. More forward in upper arm than 1 and swings legs a bit. Body, topline and rear super. Ideal coat and so well presented. 3rd MULTI CH MARA-SHIMAS SUHAI SEKAIICHI [ATC AL00623NLD] (MRS N M & MR M L VAN RATTINGEN-SCHENKHUIZEN & VAN )

Minor Puppy D (1. Abs Puppy D (1) 1st VORMUND SINISTER (MISS M S DUNHILL-HALL) He has a super outline of ideal proportions. Well balanced head, flat skull, neat, hooded ears. Dark eyes which could be more oblique. Well developed cheeks. V moderate in his angulation and so well balanced. H front. Well bodied. Firm topline. Hind action can improve. Super coat and conditioning. BP

Junior D (5,1) 1st KAGA NO SHOUJI GO SAPPORO KAGASOU VORMUND (MISS M S DUNHILL-HALL) Super young d of lovely type. He is v quick and light on move. Has a v good head, ideal proportions. Super eye and expression. V good ears. T'hick neck. Well laid shoulders well bodied. V good rear with low hocks. Just needs to firm in front. 2nd MASARO AI [ATC AV01104ITA] (MR DONATI LORENZO) Liked his proportions v much. Well balanced head. Super expression. Correct neck. Not quite the fill of chest of 1. Well bodied. V good mover. 3rd WIDDAWUDDINZ HERE'S TIBO AT AMIVIKE (MESDAMES L & T CAMM & MOTHERSDALE)

Yearling D (4) 1st FUMITO NO KATSUHARU GO ZARA WJW [ATC AV00240LTU] (MR V BARANAUSKAS) V well proportioned d. Masc head which is well balanced. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Good cheeks. He has a thick neck. Fairly well laid shoulders. Ok upper arm . Needs a little more fill in chest for a complete h front, but more than his rivals. Super topline. High set tail. Correct rear. Moved v well. 2nd VORMUND LAST SAMURAI (MS OTCHI) Lots of good points. He is rather out of coat, but is shows up his good outline and proportions. Typy head, good cheeks. Would prefer better shaped eyes. Needs to fill in chest. Level topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. 3rd CH VORMUND LEX LUTHOR (MRS N M & MR M L VAN RATTINGEN-SCHENKHUIZEN & VAN )

Post Grad D (9,1) Quite an even class. 1st HIKAYS BACK TO BLACK (MISS K & MRS A CAUDRELIER) Liked his proportions and moved v well. He has a well balanced head. Neat ears. Lengthy and thick neck. Front is ok and fairly well filled. Well bodied. Needs a little more hind angulation. 2nd JILTRAIN JACK TAR IS LYKAFOXX (MRS M & MR C FROOME) He is a little heavy in front but looks good on the move. Masc head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Correct neck. Level topline and well ribbed back. Good rear, feet could be better. Could be tidier in front but accurate in the rear. 3rd BURWEN THE ARCHANGEL AT RICHACE (MRS J & MISS H BURROUGHS)

Limit D (8,1) 1st TAPENA JUROU (MR M & MRS M SHUTT) V typy, honest sort of d. He has a v good head. Flat skull. Well set ears lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Well made front super body. Could be slightly better in rear and feet better. Accurate out and back and goes with an even stride. 2nd PEARLBEFREE OSO GRAN DESIGN (MISS K M GOUDIE) He has a v good outline. Needs more fill and an h front and to be tidier coming at you, the rest of him I liked v much. Well proportioned head. Correct stop. Well set eras. Lengthy and thick neck. Correct proportions. Firm in topline. Well made rear. 3rd CALICELESTI CASANOVA (MRS J & MR C WATSON & WATSON)

Open D (15, 2) Really strong class. 1st LEKKOU MAKES PEOPLE TALK ABOUT EW 2016 [ATC AS03048RUS] ( MRS T E KULAHMETIEVA) Masc d of super proportions. He is a just a little long in muzzle ,marking are ok. Lovely ears. Thick and lengthy neck. H front. Super body. He has well laid shoulders. Firm in topline. Correct bend of stifle and low hocks. Accurate out and back and has sufficient, light stride, and he is moved at a sensible speed. CC & BOB 2nd CH DORIKEN ROYAL APPRENTICE (MISS G C MAY) Lovely for type, not quite the fill in front of 1 but is v good on the move. Super head. Lovely eyes. Markings just about ok on muzzle. Correct thick neck. Good shoulder. Super body and v good rear. RCC 3rd BEL/RO/MONT/LUX/INT CH AKASHIMAS ZAIBATSU NO MIYAJIMA [ATC AV00987CAN] ( A LEMAN) Liked his shape and proportions, slightly out of coat. V good head with super eyes. Correct neck. Feet could be better. He moved v well. Balanced all through.

Good citizen scheme D (1) 1st MIAMILADY OKONOMIYAKI RL1 (MRS N YATES) Masc d. Quite nice proportions. Masc head. Eyes and ears could be better. Would look better with slightly less weight. Holds a level topline. Nice feet. Veteran B (8 ,1) 1st VORMUND I'M LUELLA AT PERVALE (MISS J C COOPER) Liked her proportions and she is a v good mover. V good head although ears are a bit low set. Good expression. Correct neck. H front. Well bodied, she has moderate hind angulation with v good feet. Tail is ok. 2nd CH VORMUND NORMA JEAN (MRS E DUNHILL) Standing she presents a lovely picture. V typy head. Turns her feet in slightly. Correct neck. Level topline. Well set and carried tail. Correct rear.could be tidier up and back but v good in profile. 3rd AMIVIKE'S COS I'M SPECIAL SHCM (MR M J & MRS T MOTHERSDALE)

Minor Puppy B (2) Both are promising and not much between them, both raw as they should be. 1st RAHIMA QUEEN OF SHIBA WITH AFTERGLOW (MISS C & MR J ROSKELL & LYNN) She has a super head and is better in front than 2. Correct neck. Needs a little more leg for ideal proportions. Level topline. Well made rear. 2nd TRIXWOOD ITS A KIND OF MAGIC TO ZAANDAM (MRS C, MRS B & MISS A BEST-RAWLINGS, BLACK & BLACK) Nice proportions, feet need to firm up. Super head. Good neck. Well bodied. Slightly better in rear than 1.

Puppy B (3,1) 1st JAIDEV,S CONSPIACY THEORY WITH TAPENA (MR M & MRS M SHUTT) Really typy pup, just a little high at the rear today. She has such a good head, super eye for shape, colour and placement. Correct ears. Thick neck. Well filled front. Good rear. Lots of promise. 2nd AMIVIKE'S AFFAIR OF THE HEART (MR M J & MRS T MOTHERSDALE) She is good to go over, would prefer a better eye. Well proportioned. Ultra feminine. Holds a level topline. Can firm up on move.

Junior B (8,3) 1st MEMPHILLS MASAMI EST JCH/WJW17/NORDJW17 [ATC AV00884EST] (MISS L TILGA) Really lovely fem b. She is super for type. Well balanced head. Good eye and expression. Markings ok Correct neck. Better in front that 2. She has a super body. Well constructed front and rear. Moved really well. Correct tail. RCC 2nd DAR CHINGIZA KHALEESI ITA JUN CH [ATC AU03142RUS] (MR A SAVOCA) She is really typy. Lovely head. Could be better in front. Super body. Better tail than 3. Could be more collected on go round. 3rd SHIOMARU BENISA AMONG GALSHAN (IMP RUS) (MRS G H & MR S ELLERSHAW)

Yearling B (3,1) 1st GINGER NO SUN GO TESSAIGA ITAJCH [ATC AV01060ITA] ( MS E GRASSI) Really pretty, fem b of v good type. She has the most lovely head. Super eyes and expression. Correct neck. H front. Grand body. Could have a fraction more hind angulation and can firm in front. V good in profile. 2nd AMIVIKE'S MIA MAGIC AT JARSHIMAR (MISS R MARRIOTT) Well conditioned b, just a bit heavy. She has a balanced head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Level topline. In correct coat.

Post Grad B (5,1) Quite an even class. 1st SHIOMARU BENISA AMONG GALSHAN (IMP RUS) (MRS G H & MR S ELLERSHAW) Well proportioned b who is a light and easy mover. Well proportioned head. Correct neck. Well filled front. Good rear. Could be tidier out and back, but won on profile movement. 2nd TAPENA KOHANA FOR JAKAVE (MRS J BOWLER) She has a nice outline and has a bit more hind angulation than 3. Lovely head. Dark eyes, although they could be better shaped. Correct neck. Well bodied. Fairly accurate out and back. 3rd TSUYOIDESU GO YOU DJENIMA (MRS K GRIFFITH'S)

Limit B (11, 4) 1st VORMUND CATCH TWENTY TWO (MISS C L & MISS M QUICK & DUNHILL) Really typy b who moves so well. She has a well balanced head. Lovely ears. Correct neck. Well made front although she can turn her toes slightly. Super topline. Well made rear liked her tail. Put on a great performance to take CC, and I understand her title, well done. 2nd FUSHI I GIARDINI DI MEIJI [ATC AV00532ITA] (MRS MANNI) V type b, v good proportions. She has a good head. Topline just a little slack. V well balanced. 3rd MIAMILADY OKAGOMI (MISS G & MR D BUTTERY & HUNT)

Open B (12,5) Quite a hard class to sort out. 1st CH VORMUND EVA GREEN (MRS E DUNHILL) She is a v honest well made and typy b. V good head. Liked her eye and expression. Correct neck, lengthy and thick. Best front in class. Well bodied. She has a good rear. Went well. 2nd INT/IR/LUX CH STEINARK STARGAZER AT LACSAR CW'16 CW'17 BW'17 (MS M & MISS E JACKSON & WRIGHT) Rather out of coat, but liked her proportions and length of stride. Fem head. Super eye and expression. Good neck. Could have a little more fill of chest. Level topline. Ok rear. 3rd CH PEARLBEFREE OSO FAB U'LASS (MR D C & MRS B J GOUDIE) Just a fraction heavy and could stride out move, but a well made useful sort of v. She has a v good head, lovely eye and expression. Neat ears.

Good Citizen Scheme B (1) 1st OSHIMA NO KUROTORAME GO (MR D BANNISTER) Liked her proportions. She is just a little heavy. Liked her head. Would prefer a bit more neck. Level topline. Well ribbed. In super coat. Could use her rear more, but ok out and back.