• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeanett Lemmeke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Dobermann

I was very honoured and happy to be asked to judge this championship show. My first appointment in Scotland. 

The show was very well organized and had a friendly atmosphere. I was grateful for guidance by my excellent stewards. 

The great number of entries made me very happy and my decisions were accepted with good sportmanship.

A little word of warning, a Dobermann must be square and never short on leg or long in body. 

I found some with missing teeth. Temperaments and handling impressed me a lot. All handlers without exceptions, had wonderful report with their dogs. 

Angulation was particularly good.

I feel that the breed is in excellent hands.


Judges report 

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 

Nov 3, 2018 Dobermann

Judge Jeanett Lemmeke, Sweden


Min Puppy D Entries 6 (0)

1st Evans & Butler’s – Amazon Pure Russian

Extremly Ecxiting puppy Allready showing correct square proportions

Long wedge-shaped head with strong underjaw and beautiful excpression

Lovely arched neck and strong straight topline Well developed in body and forechest

Entirely and harmoniesly angulated Shiny coat with deep red tan and correct markings 

Smooth fluent movement with a long stride 


Showing with great confidence

A real WOW-Dog and I would have liked to take him home Best Puppy.

2nd Wood’s- Supetas Kasta Spell

Nice puppy Correct proportions for age 

Long head with lovely dark eye and well set ears Exc neck and topline

Suff angulation Nice tan 

Good mover


3rd She’s – Ruholfia James Dean

Sorry, no notes Handler chose to leave the ring before my writeup


Puppy D Entries 3 (0)

1st Evans & Butler’s – Amazon Pure Russian

2nd Turrell’s – Newfords Xhibitionist at Tilnasia

Balanced puppy with good proportions Long head with allmost flat parallell planes

Lovely neck Strong back Good angulation Strong enough bone Good cat feet Good mover 

Beautiful brown colour

3rd Lyon’s Newfords X-Rated

Attractive Puppy Head with parallell plane Nice dark eye

Good topline Sound angulation Good cat feet 

Lovely coat and colour


JUNIOR D Entries 2 (0)

1st Todd’s - Holyhell’s Serbian Night Fever at Toffarbach

Young dog with good bone Almost square in body prop

Good length and strength in head with lovely dark eye Almost parallell head planes 

Lovely neck, Topline Ok Sound angulation fore and aft

Good cat feet 

Good length of stride correct coat and good markings

2nd Jone’s Korifey Dark Knight JW

Long with exc wedge head Lovely dark eye Beautiful expression 

Lovely neck Exc fore chest, just Lost to 1st because of longer loin 

Good angulation front & rear. Correct cat feet 

Good mover


Yearling D Entries 1 (0)

1st Mycroft & Brown’s - Supeta’s Backstabber JW

Powerful masculine dog Strong head with parallell planes Almond shaped medium brown eyes 

Strong underjaw, Well developed forechest Exc bone

Sound ang fore and aft Good cat feet 

Correct short coat and rich colour markings. Good mover


Post Grad D Entries 2 (0)

1st Brown’s – Dark Rocco Miratio At Dekabohn

Masculine dog with good bone

Exc prop Ok length of head Medium brown eye Well set ears 

Good neck, Exc topline 

Fair angulation in front Sound behind Good mover keeping his outline well 

Good coat and colour.


2nd Windsor´s – Rafthouse Winchester

Masc dog with exc bone Good lenght in head but wide in skull

Good neck and topline. Lovely proportions, Good forchest & sound angulation.

Exc cat feet 


Limit D Entries 7 (1)

1st McCall’s – Via Felicium Vettel

Masc dog with strong bone Long head with good wedge shape Lovely dark eye 

Exc neck and topline Strong back 

Fair front angulation.

Exc prop Exc length of leg Lovely coat and colour

Exc movement


2 nd Morgan’s – Malibray Rhuvaal At Telenduu SHCM

Masculine dog with lovely bone Very nice head with powerful underjaw

Exc Pigmentation Dry strong neck 

Strong back 

Ok forechest Fair angulation in front & Sound behind. Exc mover Lovely deep tan


3rd Stracey’s – Stay In Style Ulan at Krieger

Masculine dog Exc square in body prop Almost parallell head planes

Dark eyes Strong back Exc angulation behind 

Exc cat feet 

Sound angulation Lovely coat and deep tan


Open D Entries 11 (1)

1st Downie’s Knecht Marek CC BOS

Masculine dog with lovely prop in body Attractive outline

Correct beautiful and parallell head with exc wedge Lovely almond shaped dark eye

Elegant neck Strong back Well developed forechest with a long sternum

Exc angulation in front and rear Correct cat feet 

Very nice coat and markings. Lovely balanced male 

Very nice movement. Dog CC


2nd Tyler´s Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW SHCM RCC

Masculine and powerful male 

Strong and parallell head Exc dark eye with lovely expression Well developed forechest Exc angulation in front and rear Correct cat feet 

Very nice coat and tan Moves excellently with drive RCC

3rd Ingram’s Jojavik Midnight Express

Masc male powerful & Harmonious

Parallell head planes Exc dark, but a bit round, eye 

Lovely neck Very nice forechest Correct underline 

Very nice ang in front and rear Exc coat and colour 

Sound mover with good reach and drive


Min Puppy B Entries 7 (1)

1st Evans & Wright´s – Amazon Ekaterina

Absolutely lovely balanced babygirl

Powerful and elegant Almost square Long strong head Good wedge 

Dark eyes

Lovely neck Strong and correct topline Exc forechest 

Smooth fluent movement with a long stride 


Exc coat and lovely tan


2nd Mycroft’s – Supeta’s Put a Spell On You 

Powerful and lovely puppygirl Lovely long head with exc wedge Exc dark eye with super expression

Nice neck and strong back Fair angulation in front and behind . Very good coat and colour Sound movements


3rd Ingram’s – Jojavik Devil’s Ivy 

Appealing bitch puppy with strong bone Exc prop 

Feminine long head Beautiful dark eye Noble neck. Ok topline

Sound ang in front and behind Moves elegantly with drive.


Puppy B Entries 4 (0)

1st Mycroft’s – Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta

Feminine, Square Well up on leg Correct strong bone Exc lenght of head Almond shaped eye

Lovely neck Absolutely strong topline held on the move. Exc forechest 

Very well angulated Fantastic effortless movement with a lot of power 

Exc cat feet Lovely dark red tan


2nd Flower’s – Get to the Point Pandora of Chopitea

Appealing bitch puppy with exc bone Elegant Well up on leg Wonderful feminine long head with exc wedge 

Beautiful almond shaped eye Lovely expression 

Elegant neck 

Soundly angulated in front and behind Exc mover Lovely coat and tan


3rd Ingram’s – Jojavik Devil’s Ivy


Junior B Entries 5 (1) 

1st Tyler’s – Nyx Asteri Wot A Thriller 

Very fem Square Up on leg Exc proportion 

Ok head with good wedge 

Dark nice eye Lovely neck Exc topline Well developed forechest Ok ang in front and behind 

Correct cat feet 

Moves correct 

Lovely coat and tan


2nd Murray & MCCall’s – Diego’s Feelin Funky

Powerful bitch with exc bone Lovely head with parallell planes. Lovely dark eye 

Good Neck Strong back Exc forechest 

Ok angulated in front and behind Exc cat feet 

Nice coat and tan


3rd Plummer’s - Aritaur Generosity 

Fem bitch with exc lenght in head Good wedge .

Medium brown almond shaped eye Lovely neck Ok back 

Very nice forechest Lovely angulation in front and rear 

Moves very well Lovely tan 


Yearling B Enries 1 (1)


Post Grad B Entries 3 (0)

1st Richardson’s – Jasprico Flower Bomb

Very attractive high quality bitch Exc square body prop 

Powerful head with good wedge Dark eye Beautiful arched neck strong topline which she holds perfectly on the move Exc forechest Lovely ang in front and behind 

Moves beautifully Corr cat feet Good coat and tan 

Not completely parallell head planes and that cost her in the challenge


2nd Byrne’s - Fozydown Adara 

Fem bitch Good bone and prop Lovely well shaped head with parallell planes Dark almond shaped beautiful eye Lovey neck and good back Exc forechest Sound ang in front and behind. Correct cat feet Moves very well


3rd Flower’s – Sant Kreal Brianna Of Chopitea 

Square bitch with exc prop 

Fem and dry head Beautiful dark eye Correct neck Ok back

Fair angulation in front good in rear 

Cat feet Exc coat and tan 

Moves ok 


Limit B Entries 8 (0)

1st Downie´s – Knecht Marika RCC

Fem square bitch with good prop Lovely well shaped head with parallell planes Almond shaped eye with beautiful expression 

Lovely arched neck Strong topline which she holds perfectly also on the move Good forechest 

Very nice angulated in front and behind Correct coat and lovely tan Exc cat feet Moves very easy and with exc drive. RCC

2nd Evans, Pittendrigh & Bloore’s – Amazon Let me Love You JW

Ok head 

Medium dark eye with nice expression Lovely arched neck Good topline Lovely forechest Exc angulation in front and rear Corr cat feet Moves with style Exc coat and tan 

Fem appealing bictch with lovely outline


3rd Reid’s Dobshangrila Rebellion (IKC) JW 

Appealing bitch with correct proportions

Well shaped head Parallell planes Dark eye with good expression Good neck and topline

Sound angulated in front and behind. Correct cat feet Moves very well


Open B Entries 13 (2)


1st Henderson’s - Irresistible Tuwos Dobgrace CC and BOB 

Fem square bitch with exc prop Beautiful outline Lovely parallell head with good length and correct wedge 

Beautiful eye with lovely expression Lovely arched neck Exc forechest

Exc strong topline which she holds perfectly also on the move Well angulated in front and behind 

Corr cat feet Corr coat and tan

Moves with elegans, power and style – top bitch ! CC and BOB

2nd Jone’s – Korifey Treasure JW SHCM

Eyecatching elegant bitch a perfect combination of power, style and beauty Parallell head planes would prefer her a touch more elegant in skull and with slightly stronger underjaw 

Elegant neck Exc topline Lovely forechest 

Exc angulated in front and behind 

Nice cat feet Light and springy movement 

Beautiful deep dark brown colour 


3rd Ingram’s - Jojavik Poison Ivy 

Appealing bitch with great style Parallell long head with good wedge 

Dark almondshaped eye Lovely arched neck Strong corr topline Exc forechest Soundly angulated in front and behind 

Corr cat feet 

Very nice coat and tan