• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jean Fairlie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla


Hungarian Vizsla

Hungarian Vizslas should have cat feet. A good cat foot will have thick pads to protect the delicate bones and allow the position of the foot, relative to the ground, to give the pastern its correct position and to soften the impact of the forelegs and shoulder. It is important, therefore, for claws to be properly maintained and kept short. I was disappointed to see so many with flat feet and overly long claws. The resultant front movement suffered with flicking pasterns, jolting at the shoulder and high front action.

 VETERAN D (1,0)

1st Shaw’s OROSHAZA ULRIC OF DINNSEARMOR 7 yr old male with an excellent head. Good pigment to nose and eye rims. Correct median line. Correct muzzle to skull proportions and vine shaped ear. Good length of neck with correct arch. Deep brisket and correct length of back. Movement in profile has good drive from the rear. More slope of shoulder would give more reach in front. BV

PUPPY D (1,0)

1st Layton’s LAYWAYS NOAH'S MILL. 9-month puppy with a lot to like. Very typical Vizsla who shows all the attributes of the Standard from his correct head and vine shaped ears to his prominent forechest and depth of brisket and on to his good rear angulation. He really didn’t like the lead and as a result was throwing his front. Such a shame. BP

 JUNIOR D (3,2)

1st Cameron, Gartland, Milicevic’s ANDRONIA’S NINE CARAT FOR KASPROWY. Just out of Puppy and still full of exuberance which ruined his front movement. Viewed from the side he does have good reach and drive. His head proportions are typical for the breed with correct pigmentation on nose and eye rims. Correct median line, skull width and vine shaped ears. Long arched neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket and length of back with moderate tuckup.


1st Cameron, Gartland, Milicevic’s ANDRONIA’S NINE CARAT FOR KASPROWY. 1st in previous class.


1st Towers’ KEEPERGAME SIMPLIFIED. Typy dog with lots to like. Really liked his head and expression. He had the correct head proportions with median line on skull. Good pigmentation on nose and eye rims. Long arched neck into well laid shoulders. A little short in upper arm which restricted his reach a little. Good prominent forechest and correct short back. Well ribbed up and short coupled. Good rear angulation. Feet leave a lot to be desired.

2nd Black’s OROSHAZA QUINN. 1st was more typy. Very well trained and steady on the move. Head a little overdone. Long arched neck into good shoulder placement. Good depth. Flicking front action due to spread feet. Well sprung ribs. A little long in coupling. Good rear angulation giving good drive.


LIMIT D (4,2)

1st Clubb, Mason, Findlay’s OROSHAZA CHUKAR. What a handsome boy. Typical head of correct proportions with correct median line. Good pigmentation. Correct vine shaped ears. Arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good length to upper arm and strong front legs into good cat feet. Correct depth and body length. Movement very steady with good reach and drive. RCC

2nd Pringle’s OLDGILLHEAD FAOLIN. Not cooperating well today and movement was erratic as a result. Typical head. Good neck into nice shoulder placement. Good depth with straight front and well-shaped feet. Good length of ribcage and short coupling. Good rear angulation.

OPEN D (3,1)

1st Morton, Milicevic, Burns SH CH/IR SH CH ANDRONIA’S STRADALE JW IRJCH LUX JCH TAF. Just 2 years old with exceptional movement. Very typical head with correct planes, median line and proportions. Lovely expression – intelligent and kind. Strong arched neck into excellent well laid-back shoulders. Good length of ribcage and short coupled. A little flat in croup making tail curl rather than carried level. That said, a deserved CC.

2nd Bornett, Leigh’s ROUGHSHOOT ISMAEL. Typical Vizsla with correct head construction and median line. Good eye colour matching coat. Excellent cat feet. Good depth of brisket and rear angulation. Moving wide in front today.


1st Black’s GREENTIMBERS VERONICA AT OROSHAZA, 7 year-old with good head proportions. Good depth and length. Strong forelegs and good return of upper arm. Rather restricted in movement. Feet and claws need attention which would improve her front movement.

2nd Knight’s ALSZIV MAINE WITH SZOLNOKI SHCM. Very typical bitch with lovely head and expression. Good vine-shaped ears. Another whose feet need attention. Pulling one rear leg in on the move.


PUPPY B (4,1)

1st Clubb & Mason’s OROSHAZA IREKA. Just 6 months but quite mature for age. Expertly handled. Really lovely expression and typical head with correct proportions and median line. Correct width to skull. Long arched neck into well-laid shoulders. Good length and return of upper arm. Good reach and drive on the move. Rather on the long side and flat over croup giving a high tailset resulting in a tail curling over back.

2nd Hardcastle, Green, Bradles’s VIZSLANYA SZIENNA BY VISZASET. Excellent coat and condition and correct size. Typical Vizsla in head, neck and forechest. Good depth and length. Would like to see more reach and drive in movement.

3rd Parker’s Menta of Skyrocket

JUNIOR B (4,1)

1st Hardcastle, Green, Bradles’s VIZSLANYA SZIENNA BY VISZASET. 2nd in Puppy

2nd Findlay’s FENSEGES VA VA VOOM. Correct head proportions and muzzle length in relation. Good v-shaped ears and prominent forechest. Good length and return of upper arm. Good topline and depth to brisket. A little wide in front movement.



1st Watson’s OAKSWARREN EVERGLOW (AI). Really great mover when she stops pacing. Lots to like about her in all respects. Feminine yet capable of a day’s work. Very impressive outline. Correct head into moderately long arched neck into well laid-back shoulders. Level topline and correct tail carriage. And good feet.

2nd Findlay’s FENSEGES VA VA VOOM. 2nd in Junior



1st Butters’ HOOKSIDE TRESZKA. So much to like about her except her feet. Typy bitch with a quality head typical of the breed. Excellent well-filled forechest. Strong forelegs, good length and angulation of upper arm to well laid-back shoulders together giving her good reach. Good colour and well-muscled.

2nd Kemp’s RUBY’S RED LARKY. 3rd in Junior. Good head, neck and forechest. Slightly restricted in front reach. Good length and angle of upper arm and depth of brisket.

LIMIT (4,0)

1st Aynsley’s RECUERDO MONIKA OF CAORUNN. This 2 year-old bitch oozes quality and caught my eye the minute she walked in the ring. Beautiful russet gold colour with impressive outline. So feminine yet has sufficient substance to work all day. Her head has the correct planes, attributes and proportions with such a gentle melting eye. Arched neck into well laid shoulders. Good length of upper arm, properly angled to shoulder. Her reach and drive are a pleasure to watch. Delighted to award her her second CC & BOB

2nd Marshall’s BITCON CHARISMA AT LOWERDON. Very similar remarks to 1. Very typical Vizsla in outline and movement once she settles. Excellent head in all attributes. What a melting expression. Well muscled and with good feet. Good front and rear angulation. RCC


OPEN B (7,1)

1st Mcdonald’s SH CH DONURIE’S QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Really lovely bitch and worthy champion. Very well trained and handled. Very typical in all respects from head to tail and good feet. She is feminine yet well-muscled with an expression to die for. Today moving very close behind which is disappointing.

2nd Morton, Milicevic, Burns’ MULTI/INT SH CH KARASZY’S CALYPSO JW, SHCM, CW16, ANCH 16 TAF. Very close to 1st in outline and individual parts. Good angulation front and rear. A little erratic on the move today but a quality bitch.


Jean Fairlie