• Show Date: 01/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janetta Fairbairn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

London Cocker Spaniel Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

London Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show

1st December 2018

It was an honour to be invited to judge at this very special show with its festive atmosphere and I would like to sincerely thank all exhibitors who allowed me the pleasure of going over their cockers and sportingly accepted my decisions. Thanks to the stewards who made my job much easier and also of course to the secretary and very hard working committee - I appreciated the excellent hospitality.

Any other Colour

1 Special Puppy Dog (5,1):

1, BMP & BP Gonzalez & Martinez's Corazon De Sibi Bring the Action. Blue baby of only 7 months, best mover in this class. Classic, well chiselled head with square muzzle. Soft dark eyes. Good length of neck neatly set into well laid shoulder. Curvy, cobby body standing on straight front legs, well-angulated hindquarters and tight feet. Very promising puppy who looked better and better as the show went on and he gained more confidence in the multiple classes he appeared.

2 White's Merrysprings Magic Star.  I liked this neatly put together handsome light blue for his nicely moulded head and kindest of expressions. Good spring of rib reaching back to very short couplings, giving a very square outline. Well let down hocks, neatest of feet. Moved true and looked very attractive with his silky silver jacket.

3 Pretty's Joaldy Best Mate. Light blue with appealing head, typy cockery outline, short and well ribbed up, nicely rounded hindquarters used to move covering the ground.

2 Special Novice Dog (4):              

1 Pearce-Gudger's Glowhill Silversmith. B&w of overall excellent type. Deep cobby body giving a short & square picture. Classic cocker head with depth of muzzle and sweet eye.  Just right length of neck fitting neatly into sloping shoulders. Level topline and well rounded over the beam. Positive and true on the move.

2 Clavaire Cartier. Handsome blue with very appealing make & shape. Shining coat. Reachy neck, well laid shoulder, deep in rib, short coupled. Good width of thigh with good bend of stifle.  Moved steadily.  

3 De Paule's Charbonnel Ruff N' Tumble. Dark blue of lovely type, very short and well knit together. Deep in rib with nicely angled hindquarters and good tailset. True movement fore and aft.

3  Special Graduate Dog (3,1):

1 Clifford's Serci After Dark Shadow Amor of Chamford (IMP SRB). Beautifully presented typy blue with compact shape. Quality head with kind dark eye. Liked his angulation fore & aft and level topline which he kept on the move. Nicely rounded across the beam with well set on tail, carried correctly.

2 Wildman's Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo Sh CM. Another very well presented blue dog full of cocker type. Masculine but chiselled head shape. Clean neck & shoulders,leading to deep well sprung ribs and rounded wide hindquarters. Moved with drive.

4 Special Open Dog(5):  

A strong, quality class, but particularly my first three are stunning cockers of differing type, who I have much admired from the ringside. A delight to watch when they came in the ring and all have such huge presence. First two especially, caused me the most difficult decision I have ever had to make.

1 & DCC & BIS Amos-Jones's Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW. What can be said that hasn't already about this very special cocker?! Presents the most compact, balanced, flowing outline, so full of cocker type with strength and substance without coarseness. Classic handsome head & soft expression. Reachy neck neatly set into sloping shoulder. Good return of upper arm. Everything in proportion - big ribs, correct length of leg, short in loin, wide across the beam with well let down hocks. In super coat and condition. Keeps a firm topline on the move while he powers around the ring enjoying himself at one with his handler. Flat coat is presented in perfect condition.

2 & Res CC Thomas's Sh Ch Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW Sh CM.  Love this compact o&w dog in beautiful coat and condition. He fills my eye. So cockery with all angles in symetrical balance. Good square muzzle in correct proportions to his lovely moulded skull. Kind expressive eyes.  Good reach of neck. Well developed forechest, short-coupled, deep cobby body. Correct bone & substance for size. Moved with drive keeping his square, firm outline. Best of tailsets and carriage.  

3 Pearce-Gudger's Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW.

Beautiful head proportions with tight rimmed eye and sweet expression. Lovely cockery outline with everything fitting so well together.  Reachy neck, well laid shoulder, good depth of rib and nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved out covering the ground well.

Any Solid Colour

5 Special Puppy (3,1):

1 Garnett's Clevernett Knight Crusader. Lovely headed b&t baby of good size for age. Short coupled with good hind angulation, neat feet and when handler got him going, moved steadily and true.

2 McGrath-Wells' Midnight Masquerade at Glenbrows. Another very raw baby, head developing nicely, very short with good bone, tight feet. Playing up her handler on the move but time and practice will sort him out.

6 Special Novice Dog (1):

1 Clevernett Knight Crusader

7 Special Graduate Dog (4,1):

1 Young's Canyonn Classic Legacy  Honest shaped black with quality refined head and soft eye. Good lay-back of shoulder, short-coupled deep body leading to well angulated hindquarters. Level topline and moved true when settled.

2 Marris-Bray's Helenwood Pied Piper TAF. Typy young red with classic head, good length of neck, short & deep cobby body and wide, well angled hindquarters with good tailset.

3 Clevernett Knight Crusader

8 Special Open Dog (5):

1 Pollock's Thurness the Illusionist. Beautifully put together b&t, presenting a very stylish outline. Super neck & shoulders, return of upper arm and deep, big-ribbed body. Well rounded and angulated hindquarters. Has substance, tight feet. In immaculate coat and condition. Moved with drive when settled

2 Kew's Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview. Taller black dog, balanced masculine head with appealing expression. Very well put together with cobby body, and good angles fore and aft. True mover,

Any Colour

9 Veteran (8):

1 Costello's Judika Arizona. B&t dog in great order, really enjoying his day out. Gorgeous head, super reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, level topline and well rounded, angulated hindquarters which he used to drive around the ring.

2 Pretty's Sh Ch Int/Bel/Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind Sh CM, b&w of completely different type to 1, but has true cocker character. Sweet but masculine head and eye, short & deep body, well balanced angles and keeps his firm outline on the move. Presented in immaculate condition

3 Wildman's Mystical Willow at Chanmalo Sh CM. Completing a very handsome trio of senior cockers. Everything in proportion and balance, well constructed with substance and good cocker type.

10 Minor Puppy Dog (9):

1 Corazon De Sibi Bring the Action

2 Flowers' Kenwad Amanti Espanol . Well presented, black baby with such a stylish outline and so neatly put together. Handsome head, reachy neck set into well-placed shoulders, short coupled, well ribbed up with level topline, neat feet.

3 Barnes' Challowdown Day Tripper. Attractive blue with lots of cocker type. Appealing head, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder and big ribbed cobby body, Good width across the beam, just needs to come up on his legs, merry mover.

11 Puppy Dog (4):

1 Corazon De Sibi Bring the Action

2 Merrysprings Magic Star

3 Alen Ashen Art Design (ATC AV022554 RUS). Blue of good substance and square outline. Sweet eye and expression, reachy neck, nicely angulated fore and aft. Moved well.

12 Junior Dog (10,3):

1 Robertson's Kastrian Affection Quality black of flowing lines combines true cocker type with elegance and substance. Appealing head shape with expressive eyes. Good length of neck, set into well laid shoulder. Deep in rib and short in loin, moved the best keeping a firm outline. Presented in gleaming coat.

2 Kettles' Lujesa Impossible Dream. Another lovely black built on bigger lines. Well balanced skull and muzzle, reachy neck, clean well sloping shoulder and correct upper arm angulation. Big ribbed body, again, everything flowed together, keeping a good shape on the move.  

3 Helenwood Pied Piper TAF

13 Yearling Dog (5):

1 Corazon de Sibi Night Star (IMP ESP) JW . Very cobby, beautifully shaped blue with appealing head. Deep and nicely sprung ribs, short coupled, just right for bone & substance, neat feet, good width across the beam, moved true, keeping his smart outline.

2 Davies & Pretty's Kerriglow Game of Thrones JW. Well constructed black with good length of neck, well laid shoulders. Short coupled, level topline, well angulated and rounded hindquarters. Moved freely.

3 Britton's Tyluly Starlite Jewel. Nicely constructed red dog of good substance. Well proportioned head with soft expression. Kept a good outline on the move.

14 Maiden Dog (1):

1 Clevernett Knight Crusader

15 Tyro Dog (1):

1 Carey's Falconers Woodchat of Ware. Appealing head, handsome orange roan, deep in rib, short coupled, good expanse of thigh and well muscled with good bone and tight feet. Moved out freely.

16 Undergraduate Dog (4,2):

1 Forfar's Bartonholm Bacetta. Well balanced, good type cobby blue with attractive head proprtions. Broad and deep in rib, short coupled,with lots of substance. Nice width across rump, good width of thigh and well let down hocks. Firm topline on the move.

2 Falconers Woodchat of Ware

17 Post Graduate Dog (4,2):

1 Cassidy's Manchela Hugo Boss. Caught my eye when he came in the ring. Compact light blue dog in attractive coat. I liked his balanced head, expression, length of neck with very well laid shoulders. Short and deep cobby body with great angulation behind. Good bone. Moved with drive keeping his outline.

2 Ward & Rice-Ward's Dykere City Gentleman. B&w, smooth coated, very typy cocker with lovely feathering. Very short-coupled with adequate bone, tight feet. Nicely sprung ribs, well angulated and rounded hindquarters. Moved steadily.

18 Special Beginners Dog: (0)

19 Limit Dog (10,3):

1 Platt's Charbonnel Whiskey N'Soda. Very shapely, well constructed, orange roan. Well chiselled head with soft eye and expression. Clean well sloping shoulder and correct upper arm angulation. Short cobby body, everything well knit together. Presented in immaculate coat and condition. Kept his firm outline on the move.

2 Pearce-Gudger's Pearkim Philanderer. Lovely type orange with appealing eye set in nicely moulded head. Deep, big ribbed body reaching back to well rounded hindquarters. Moved true on well-boned legs and neat feet.

3Tait's Amaroanne Glory Days. Quality light blue dog of good cocker type.  Attractive head and eye. Reachy neck, set into well placed shoulder. Cobby body, short coupled with firm  topline and good profile on the move.

20 Open Dog (9,2):

1 Ellison's Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone JW.  Beautifully headed red dog of great quality and balance. Best of neck & shoulder placement. Well ribbed up, lots of substance without being over-done, wide across beam and well-angulated hindquarters. Neat feet. Moved with precision, in super coat. Worthy Champion.

2 Cox's Sh Ch Gardenstone Pale Rider to Suvern JW. Another of lovely cocker type in beautiful coat who deserves his title. Light blue, well moulded head with kind eye. Balanced angles fore & aft, short couplings, curvy cobby body. Keeps a firm topline on the move.

3 Van Guyse-Apers' Wigglings Peter Parker JCH. Beautifully presented compact blue roan with attractive square outline. Handsome head, good length of neck flows into well laid shoulder. Defined return of upper arm, short and deep body, well angulated behind. Moved out steadily.

Janetta Fairbairn