• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: james cuddy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Irish Setter

Darlington-16th September 2018 Irish Setters My thanks to the Darlington Dog Show Society for this prestigious appointment and to all of the marvellous exhibitors who rewarded me by coming under me,I was honoured.We were very lucky with the weather considering the forecast .It was without doubt a high quality entry and in some classes I had hair splitting decisions for the cards,some very good dogs went cardless.I did find a number of poor mouths and a few overweight but movement is still the thing that lets a lot down.There is nothing more attractive than seeing the drive and reach of a dog in top condition.My thanks also to my hard working stewards who kept the flow going and also importantly kept me to time. Dogs;VD (6.1) 1.Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW .Although now a veteran he more than holds his own amongst the best in the breed and today was no exception.A wonderful mover who holds his topline,great head and expression and strong neck into well laid shoulders,well muscled and very good quarters ,a pleasure to award him the DCC and Best Veteran,he later went on to get Veteran Group 2.2.Williamsons Keljaru Lovely Jubbly.Not the head and expression of 1 but nonetheless a lovely example.Sloping topline,correct tailset,straight front and deep chest sloping up to strong loins,good angulation,short hocks and good movement.3.Hyslop’s Gwendariff The Specialist.MPD (4.2) 1.Lucas Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight .A lovely outline when he could be stood as he was a little mischievous,nicely balanced with a well proportioned head and deep brown appealing eyes,good reach of neck,developing well in the quarters,and steady on the move.He has a bright future beckoning.BPD,and BP,later going on to get puppy group 4.2.Gardner Danwish On High.Very promising 8months,maturing at the right pace,sloping topline and well placed tailset,straight front and good chest for his age,covered the ground well on the move.PD.(4.1)1.Lucas Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight.2.Gardner Danwish On High.JD.(7.1) 1.Anthony & Hopewell Staralantas Out A Time.A really balanced and well proportioned young dog who is developing nicely,straight front ,good shoulders,well bent stifle ,short hocks,and driving movement,lovely dark coat,he will do well.2.Tupper & Rosie,Litter brother to 1. Staralanta Shankly’s Fire.Attractive balanced head with dark almond shaped eye ,strong neck and good lay back of soulder,deep chest with gentle slope into strong loins,correct topline and tailset ,steady on the move.3.Rutherford,Judge,Crocker&Siddle. Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera . YD.(8.1) 1.Gisby’s Suteresett King of Hearts JW.I have seen this young dog on the sidelines but never had the opportunity to go over him,having done so I was so impressed with the quality and style.Well balanced head and lovely irish expression mischievous and quizzical at the same time,nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder and sloping topline,neat front with deep chest allowing plenty of heart room,strong loins,good muscle tone to thighs and lovely sweeping stifle to short hocks used well to provide the drive to his powerful movement,very well presented,he will have a bright future.RDCC.2.Holley’s Wynjill Snap Dragon.Unfortunate to come up against 1 today in the form he was in as he is another youngster with excellent qualities but time is on his side.Maturing nicely without being overdone in any way,attractive and well defined head with lovely dark eye,very good shoulders , quarters and forechest,impressive balanced movement.3.Markham & Markham Glenlaine Samuel Whiskers.ND.(5.1) 1.Tupper & Rosie Staralanta Shankly’s Fire.2.Dewar.Gwendariff Willy Wont He.Good head structure with kind dark eyes,nicely arched neck,well boned and good muscle development ,plenty of chest room and well angulated,preferred the movement of 1 but OK.3.Markham & Markham.Glenlaine Samual Whiskers.GD.(11.2)1.Muir.Gwendariff I,m Comin Out JW.Lovely in outline and a pleasure to go over him,he has a bright future,maturing nicely ,well structured head with a good stop & dark eye ,nice reach of neck ,well laid shoulders and sloping topline,a forechest you could feel and plenty of heart room in a deep chest,muscling up well and carried himself strongly on the move,tight feet and plenty of tail action.2.Northend Aoibheannes Single Malt.No exaggeration or coarseness ,a sound well made strong developing young man,racy style and using his well developed rear assembly to give the drive to lively movement,nice spring of rib.Just preferred 1’s development at this stage.3.Holley.Wynjill Winner Takes All.PGD.(9.1) 1.Childs Tredura Val Verdi.Lovely Irish outline ,attractive masculine head ,good stop,low ear placement,well developed body proportions and angulation,good muscle tone ,held his topline well on the move which was sound and purposeful,neat tight feet.2.Davis.Pawswood Prairie Wind.Just lost out on his rather erratic movement today but another impressive boy of excellent qualities,well developed throughout,strong arched neck,good lay of shoulder and sloping topline,straight front,muscular thighs,chest with plenty of heart room.3.Rose-Hay&Dale.Cataluna Maybe Baby.LD.(18.5)1.Lorrimer.Kerrimere Charismatic JW. Excellent class of top quality.This outstanding young dog was definitely in the running for a top award and on another day may well do it.There was a raciness about him that was all irish,sculpted head,dark eye set in an almond shape,arched neck and lovely flow from shoulders to croup,good muscular angulation,well bent stifles,reaching action and driving movement from short hocks,very well presented in good coat.2.Bell & Barker-Bell.Such a sound well proportioned dog and well balanced all round,attractive chiselled head and lovely expression,carried his topline with a strong action from good muscular condition,deep chest and strong loins,just preferred the raciness and carriage of 1.3.Lucas.Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight.OD.(7.2)1.Crocker.Sh Ch Coppers War of Roses (Swed Imp).Such a good example of the breed with his overall balance ,well structured head,attractive expression,lovely arched neck flowing into good lay of shoulder and correct topline and tailset,well developed chest with plenty of heart room,strong muscular thighs,would have liked to see him steadier today but well deserved placing.2.Willis.Gwendariff Thyme Bomb At Jacwilins JW.Still has his best to come I believe but a super boy with real quality,strong masculine head and neck,good shoulders,straight front,nice forechest and plenty of spring of rib,good bone and well angled quarters,short hocks,sound mover with exuberant tail action.3.Milligan-Bott&Bott.Sh Ch Thendara Comitment.(lovely to see him win the Champion Stakes later) .Bitches:VB.(3)1.Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM.Growing old gracefully is how the saying goes and she is still moving so gracefully and carries it in her style ,she has such a sweet expression,good bone,lovely construction and just oozing quality.2.Hunter & Brown.Sh Ch Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount(Swe Imp)A particular favourite of mine who had to give way today,I didn,t think she performed quite to her best but she is very attractive in her outline,lovely feminine head ,strong neck and good topline,deep chest with plenty of heart room,good muscle tone.3.Gardner Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW.MPB.(7.3)1.Berry&Morris Quensha What A girl Wants.When she steadied she really showed her quality,a real mischief but settled enough to see her impressive structure,nicely balanced head at this stage and lovely raised eyebrows,developing very well,strode out confidently.BPB.2.Kennedy-Sloane.Twoacres Destiny.A little less mature than 1 but lovely in outline ,sweet expression and correct almond shaped eye,starting to body up ,good stifles and good bone,used her tail well on the move.3.Milligam-Bott&Bott.Thendara Crystal Ice.PB.(5.4)1.Gracie’s Summergate Holding Hands.Stood on her own and coming up to 1 year ,at that leggy stage of development which made her look a little untidy on the move,lovely shape to her head and nice length of neck in proportion to her body,sloping topline,tight feet,well presented.JB.(9.4)1.Mugford.Lynwood Abracadabra.She is developing into a most attractive young lady ,nicely proportioned all round,very sweet expression,very good shoulders and correct topline,well boned and good muscle tone,driving well balanced movement.2.Bott.Bardonhill Words Of Love.Elegant racy style and just needs to contain her energy to get the right balanced movement from her lovely short hocks and well angulated quarters,nice spring of rib,in good coat and handled very well.3.Davie.Lochfrae Nina Simone.YB.(4)1.Frampton.Strathmead Noella JW.Lovely head shape and dark eye,elegant arched neck into good lay of shoulder and sloping topline,nice spring of rib,strong quarters with a lovely reaching movement.2.Rorke.Zakhan’s Demelza.Pretty feminine head ,good stop and raised eyebrows,low set ears,strong neck and well bodied with nice slope up into strong loins,carried herself confidently on the move.3.Jones.Gwendariff Chilli Powder.NB.(7.3)1.Bott.Bardonhill Words Of Love.2.Richardson.Orlansett Ready For Love.well balanced in outline and a pretty head with a sweet expression,bodying up well,straight front,good quarters,is developing her muscle tone well,in good coat,steady on the move.3.Jones.Gwendariff chilli Powder.GB.(14.3)1.Howatson.Heathclare Fancy Time At vanders.A really outstanding girl in so many departments ,fine well proportioned head with the sweetest of irish expressions ,raised eyebrows,low set ears,lovely elegant arched neck flowing smoothly into very good shoulders and gently sloping topline,good forechest and great spring of rib,lovely angulation to quarters and well developed thighs,super driving movement with lashing tail,really at her best today ,well deserved BRCC.2.Bell&Barker-Bell.Balintyne Freda Payne.lovely in outline and didn,t disappoint to go over ,balanced head,strong neck ,straight front,good bone and muscle tone,well bodied and chest with plenty of heart room,would have preferred a little more enthusiasm on the move.3.Elkins.Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet.PGB.(10.4)1.Stevenson’s Lochlorian True Detective Is Andley.Very attractive feminine head,nicely arched neck into good lay of shoulder flowing into topline and correct tailset,plenty of spring of rib,strong loins,well bent stifles and great short hocks,powerful on the move and really well presented.2.Bell&Barker-Bell.Balintyne Nora Jones.Another quality girl from this kennel and was very close up to 1,elegant but also strong and racy ,good topline,muscular development in the quarters,deep chest,tight feet.3.Watt.Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen.LB.(10.3)1.Henderson’s Sametsuz Mak’n Honey JW.Feminine and really well balanced head,lovely sweet expression,good stop,low set ears,good shoulders,well developed chest,strong muscular quarters ,in super coat,handler and dog at one.2.Mugford.Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood.JW (IMP)Refined head with lovely dark eye and raised eyebrows,arched neck good shoulders and sloping topline,nice spring of rib,good muscle tone,short hocks used well on the move,my preference would be for there to be a little more of her.3.Stevenson’s Locklorien Scully Foxes Andley Sh CM.OB.(8.2).1.Crocker.Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana.This is one that catches your eye when she comes into the ring,her presence is demanding,lovely proportioned head,a nice length of flew,dark eye and domed skull,beautifully arched neck and flowing smoothly into excellent shoulders and topline,a forechest that you can feel and a fine spring of rib,well muscled and angulated quarters with a strong and short hock all of which when set into motion produced the most impressive driving balanced flow,dressed in her best she could not be denied the BCC and BOB.2.Sturrock’s Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW.One of my favourites ,an elegant and feminine lady who has the sweetest of expressions with a fine neck on lovely shoulders and sloping topline ,straight front and balanced strong angulated quarters with good first thigh development,plenty of heart room in her deep chest and nicely flowing lines up through her loins.Unfortunately a little out of coat spoiling the finished look and unfortunate to meet 1 at her very best.3.Begg & Milligan-Bott & Bott,Thendara Chasing Boys To Sumaric.