• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jackie Kitchener Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Many thanks to my stewards who kept the paperwork largely dry and enabled us to make timely progress through the entry, but more importantly to the exhibitors for sticking it out when the light rain began to fall for the bitch classes. The small inside ring would not have afforded me the opportunity to give a true evaluation of dogs on the move and I was glad that you agreed to remain outside, I certainly felt it was the better option. A smaller entry than I have previously picked from but I was not lacking in choice or quality for the class winners and the major awards were all tightly contested. 

MPD (4, 1 abs)    1 Laffling’s ARAKI FLASH OF GOLD. Just 6 months, well coated and very promising. Lovely for size, pleasing in head and expression, good neckline with well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm which enables him good reach and freedom on the move. Well ribbed for his age, good bone and large feet. Matched the good angulations of his front in the rear and showed good drive from strong low hocks behind.    2 Meegan’s AVANESS WHATEVER THE DRAMA. Another 6 months baby who also shows great promise for the future but not so forward as 1. Squarely built black with good balanced angulations and very correctly made all through. Liked his head which has good strength in underjaw, a correct bite and typical expression. Once settled showed he moved very soundly with drive and good carriage. I noticed he is a son of my BCC winner and has many of her qualities already.    3 Hargreaves’ WATERLEY CELTIC PRINCE WITH ISLANTIC

PD (3)    1 Skaboullos’ FABULOUS TEDDY’S PATH FINDER TO CLOUDBUSTER (Imp) 11 months, compact and square and within the Standard for size which is a rarity these days particularly in males. Liked his head proportions, dark eye and strength in muzzle. Has good substance, with excellent ribbing, bone and large flat feet, well laid shoulders and strong well angulated hindquarters which he uses to advantage in action. Well set tail and low hocks. Free, sound and expressive mover holding a good outline and beautifully schooled. BPD very close decision for BPIB     2 Mackenzie’s ROUTENBURN AGAMEMNON. Rather tall but of good type and has a good head, eye and expression. OK in front and bone, well let down at the hock with good hind angulation. A little short in the rib and consequently longer in loin than ideal but moves well and is carrying good coat and body condition.    3 McKinley’s TIBETANSKY SOME LIKE IT HOT

JD (4, 1)    1 FABULOUS TEDDY’S PATHFINDER TO CLOUDBUSTER    2 Marley & Thirlwell’s MYRLEA UNDER THE SPELL. Carrying a lovely coat and at 16 months more mature in outlook than 1. Lovely head and expression, good neckline and excellent shoulder and upper arm, good bone and lovely big flat feet. Moves very soundly with drive and good reach in front, just could not match the compact outline of 1, nor his profile carriage today. 3 Armstrong’s BALTORO HELLCAT AT TIZZYCHARM

PGD (4, 1)    1 Short’s ARAKI TURN BACK TIME AT PARKMIST ShCM. Comfortable winner of the class and had to be considered for the higher awards. Heavily coated and glamorous gold of excellent balance and type. Lovely head and eye with dark pigmentation, a full mouth and strong underjaw all adding up to a most typical and appealing expression. Deep well sprung ribcage, wonderful big flat feet, strong level topline and good hind angulation. Shows great reach and drive on the move and shown in top class coat and muscular condition.  2 Dent’s ROYMARLAS WIZARDS WISH. 4 year old, has substance with a very good body, correct tail set and strong hindquarters with good low hock. Head proportions, eye and mouth are all correct but severely lacking in furnishings which spoilt his expression and I found him rather steep in shoulder which affected his ability to stride out freely in front. 3 Jones’ WATERLEY ABSOLUTE DIAMOND

LD (7, 1)    1 Marley & Thirlwell’s MYRLEA MOSTLY GHOSTLY. Easy winner of the class, very pleasing to handle as everything fits together so beautifully in a well knit package and he impresses on the move where he is accurate, free and covers the ground well with good reach in front and strong drive from behind. Liked his head, dark eye and expression, good chin, clean neckline and excellent lay of shoulder, deep well sprung ribcage strong loin and good tail set. Nice big flat feet and low hocks. In excellent coat and muscletone, would just like him a tad shorter in the couplings or a shade higher on the leg for perfect balance and this cost him the RCC. 2 Rudderham’s ARAKI RENEGADE IN RED WITH TAXIKI. Very square in outline and has a lovely typical head with good strength in muzzle and resolute expression, shown in lovely coat and moves really well with freedom and carriage. Good neckline and bone and well ribbed up but I would like more forechest, strong compact loin and low hocks which he uses well. 3 King’s KARAMYST STAR MAKER JW ShCM

OD (4)    1 Green’s VERONY VENI VIDI VICI JW. This b/w dog really took my eye at the start of the class, so square and balanced with a beautiful outline and a lovely size. On the table he pleases so much in conformation and substance with good front, bone, large flat feet, great ribbing and forechest and well laid shoulders. Well muscled loin and correctly angulated hindquarters with strong low hocks. Correct head proportions, dark eye and strong muzzle with chin all giving him a masculine and typical expression with good, but not overdone, furnishings. Excels on the move where he is very fluid and smooth, has good forward reach, strong drive and excellent carriage. CC & BOB, pleased to hear this gave him his title.    2 Bateman’s BALTORO KNOWING YOU. Impressed a great deal both on the table and in action, lovely type and also has excellent balance overall. Masculine well proportioned head with typical expression, has substance and a clean neckline with decent shoulders and deep well sprung ribcage with correct hind angulation, well set tail and a good outline both stacked and on the move. In excellent coat and muscletone. RCC - I would say a very worthy title holder and wish him well in the future.   3 Thomas & Fenton’s LAYOLI DAZZLED BY SMOKE

MPB (4, 1)    1 Allen’s PENPARC BARLEY SUGAR. 6 months g/w and already an enthusiastic showgirl. Pretty head with good dark eye and typical expression, good neckline and decent shoulder, needs to develop still in body and forechest but she has time on her side. Squarely built, moved with good carriage and forward reach although she was a shade overdone in her rear movement today (as indeed was 2nd) . I hope muscletone and bodyweight will put this right as she matures.    2 Fenton’s LAYOLI GLOWING EMBERS. Another promising baby of 7 months, perhaps more forward than 1 in coat and with a good head and eye, nice balance and decent angulations. Rather narrow behind which cost her the class as little separated these two.    3 Jones, Edwards & Witham’s CARAMINO DANCING IN THE DARK AT DOBRIACH

PB (7)    1 Rose-Dawson & Barron’s ARAKI KAUGHTU AGAIN. What an eyecatching bitch this is, perhaps could be a shade smaller for a bitch, but she has such quality underneath her abundant coat and exudes Breed type and balance, I doubt she will ever be overlooked. Presents a lovely square shape, has substance in body and a lovely expressive head and eye, good forechest and ribbing and lovely big flat feet. Lovely shoulder and hind angulations and good low hock, moves so well and has a great attitude. Best Puppy and shortlisted in a strong puppy Group. 2 McLean’s ROUTENBURN THIS IS THE ONE AT GLENCOUL. Similar in type, in fact I admired her in many of the same aspects as 1 on the table and she is a very good mover as well, covering the ground and holding her outline well. Just could not match her in shoulder layback and maybe not quite so upstanding, but a good bitch nonetheless.    3 Norman Wilson’s ARAKI PHANTASY YANKEE LUVA

JB (8)    1 Marley & Thirlwell’s PINROW MIDNIGHT ECLIPSE OVER MYRLEA. 16 months and a comfortable winner of the class. Excellent size and of ideal type, pleases in head and expression, good neckline and shoulder, well ribbed up and good forechest. In fact she has really good substance and bone all through and I loved her big flat feet, would just like her a shade shorter in the couplings. Excels on the move where she is totally accurate up and back and shows really good reach and drive, holding a good topline in profile.   2 King’s KARAMYST STAR PERFORMANCE. Quality bitch, slightly taller, compact and a touch more glamorous than 1 but cannot match her forechest and some light pigmentation around her eyes today just spoilt her expression. Lovely head proportions with strong underjaw and muzzle, great attitude and another good typical mover.   3 Hadlow’s QUIDDITCH A TOUCH OF SASS

NB (1)    1 Pettit’s KYIPO HOLD THAT THOUGHT WITH ROGSPA. 15 months, nicely made, she is squarely built with a good study body. Nice head and expression, good bone and feet, free and easy mover holding a good outline. Today was lacking head furnishings which spoilt the picture.

PGB (9)    1 KARAMYST STAR PERFORMANCE      2  Underwood’s ARAKI QUEEN LATIFAH. G/w of good type, nice head and typical expression, square in outline and carrying a good coat, correct bone and feet. Well ribbed with good topline and short strong loin, well angulated hindquarters which she uses well on the move. Would like more front extension on the move. 3 Honey’s ALILAH CARMEL CIRO AT KYHIBRANG

LB (9, 1)   1 Honey’s KHYIBRANG QUEEN OF THE STRAITS JW. High quality black, very feminine in outlook, square and up on the leg and also an excellent size. Beautiful head, eye and expression, good bone and feet, well ribbed with forechest and correct front and rear angulations with strong level topline and low hocks. She freestands beautifully and presents a lovely balanced picture which draws the eye. Won this class comfortably and at this stage in proceedings was earmarked as my CC winner but for me just needs a touch more maturity all through to take on the competition in Open.   2 Willoughby’s BALTORO PUSS IN BOOTS. Lovely in head with dark eye, good strength in muzzle and resolute expression, pleasing outline and sturdily built. Excellent mover who really catches the eye in action where she shows surprising reach and powerful drive however couldn’t match the shoulder of 1 and is not quite so short coupled for perfect balance.   3 Norman Wilson’s KALSSANG’S BLACK CAVIAR

OB (6)    1 Meegan’s CH. KYIPO’S DRAMARAMA AT AVANESS JW. Mature and abundantly coated black, in fact her coat rather hides her wonderful conformation, correct size and balance but I guarantee you – it is there! Feminine in head, she has a gorgeous eye and expression with a strong muzzle and well developed chin; lovely neckline into well placed shoulders and a sturdy well ribbed body with good front, large flat feet and correct topline. Well set tail, low hocks and good rear angulation, everything is in balance and not overdone. Moves so smoothly, covering the ground showing good front extension and rear drive and keeping her outline throughout. Bitch CC.    2 Honey’s KYHIBRANG ST CARMENS ROSE. Full of quality, slightly taller than 1, this 3 year old b/w presents a really balanced square profile, she is very feminine and shown in top class coat and body condition. Pleasing head with dark eye and strong muzzle with good chin, good front and feet, well ribbed up with well laid shoulders and correct hind angulation with good low hocks. Ran 1 very close and was just edged out by the freedom of action of 1 on the final go round. Pleased to award her the RCC and think her a worthy title holder.     3 Whitman & Tarabad’s KIPUKYI HOT N SAUCY AT TIBUNLIMITED ShCM

VB (1) 1 Armstrong & Hogg’s COLJI LITTLE DEVIL. Gold carrying a good coat and in lovely body condition for her 10 years, ideal size and a nice type, good head, still has an excellent mouth and pleasing expression. Straight front, flat feet, well bodied, good topline and tailset. Positive mover and extremely sound. Clearly can still show the youngsters a thing or two, has a great attitude.