• Show Date: 31/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: J J Pretty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Brittany

Gundog Society of Wales 2018


Puppy Dog 0 0

Junior Dog 1 0 

Mrs D M Mooney – Challowmoon Noah. Orange and white. Nice head with dark eyes. Nice eye set, clean strong neck into well set shoulder, cobby ribs and short loin. Moved well around the ring. Lost out to best male as out at the elbow. Res best male 

Post Gradate Dog 0 0

Open dog 2 0

1st Mrs S I Stone Jayricnbrits hobo avec Glenfeshe. Orange roan. Nice head and dark eye, lovely depth of chest and bone, strong neck into well lead shoulder, cobby spring of ribs and short in loin, moderate bend of stifle. Covered the ground well on the move and shown well for his handler. Pleased to give him Best male  

2nd Mr K Taylor Tillybirloch Guys at Dragonflight. Orange roan ok head and ear set, moderated neck in ok shoulder. Would prefer better spring of ribs, short in loin, not got the bone to 1st or body. Today didn’t move as well as 1st  

Veteran dog or bitch 0 0

Puppy bitch 0 0

Junioir bitch 2 0

1st Ms L, Mr M & Mr G Graham & Denwood Bonapartist Orchild . Orange roan puppy. Loved this girl, Nice head with dark eyes and 3 to 2 rotation. Strong neck into well lead shoulder and lovely bone. Nice feet and cobby body, short loin. Today she had her playing head on but once settle moved well coving the ground. Best puppy in breed  

2nd Mrs K Southorn Rochus Nelke Black white and tan, ok head would prefer a better 2 to 3 rotation. Need more front and bone, little small than 1st moved ok. 

Post Gradate bitch 0 0

Open Bitch 3 0

1st Mrs K Southorn Rochus Juliet. Orange roan. Lovely female head with 3 to2, strong head and nice dark eyes, strong neck into well lead shoulder, nice depth of chest and bone. Cobby ribs and short in loin. Nice moscle tone. Moved well around the ring for her handler best bitch and best of breed.  

2nd Mr B C & Mrs D G Davies Rochus Lottie. Orange roan, stronger head than 1st. good depth of chest and bone, lovely spring of rib and a little longer in loin to 1st let down on movement in the class but handle better in the challenging for res best bitch   

Miss J J Pretty