• Show Date: 07/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: J-A Samantha Goldberg Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Beagle Association

Breed: Beagle

The Beagle Association Championship Show 7Th July 2018-Bitches

J-A Samantha Goldberg

It was an honour to have such a quality entry of bitches to judge, I had some hard choices to make in many classes. Thanks goes to the BA Committee and Stewards for ensuring the hounds stayed cool with gazebos and paddling pools. Some of my exhibits were affected by the heat and distractions from the Club House particularly in the latter classes. I thank everyone for their patience and for their entry. I was very pleased with my final line up and honoured with the quality that was present.

BCC and BIS Ch Davricard Scilla

RBCC Eardley Izzy Cummings

BPB and BPIS Barrvale Grace

BVB Ch Bayard Make Amends

VB (20,7Abs) A super class to start with so many lovely older bitches that I was spoiled for choice.

1 Peak & Kristopha’s Ch Bayard Make Amends BVB. A very sound moving bitch still holding her topline well on the move, with a mild expression and a good reach of neck, She is in good correct condition despite her age and not lost her shape at all.

2 Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW Also a very good mover with drive and true in both directions. Excellent quarters but a little heavier in head than 1 and I preferred her expression on the day

3 Sondergaard’s Dk Ch VDH Sopwith Camel’s Oriental Charm

MPB (7)

1 Davies’ Barrvale Grace BPB & with my co-judge’s agreement BPIS. This open tri puppy gave her handler a hard time but she has a lovely outline with a super neck and excellent quarters and with correct angulation and well let down hocks. She has good feet and round bone and a good length of rib cage.

2Tofts’ Jarrowley Teasel BAOC Puppy Another puppy who moved out well, not quite a steady as 1 on the move she has lovely reach with excellent bone and tight feet and another with very good quarters. A mild appealing expression and good pigment. 

3 Henningson-Dundas’ Julemark Ardiane

PB (9,3Abs)

1 Shickle’s Bondlea Mist I see from my catalogue that my first and second places in this class are litter sisters. This tan and white pup is a little unruly but she moved out the best in this class with excellent quarters, tail set and angulation. She appears longer cast in profile but has a good length of ribcage and short enough in loin to be correctly proportioned. She has good leathers and feet.

2 Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy-Many of the remarks about her sister apply but I felt she was moving a little close behind today and not quite as steady in topline today. She is also well proportioned to go over and although heavier in head is a lovely puppy.

3 Binks’ Dialynne Popcorn

JB (14,6Abs)

1 Foster’s Stormpasture Nightcap. This is a very eye catching balanced youngster of correct size. She moves with good parallel movement behind and really covers the ground. Her topline is held well on the move and her tailset is good. She has very good leathers framing a head with correct expression and leading to a slightly arched good length of neck

2 Shickle’s Bondlea Mist

3 Hazard’s Mailcom Sahara

YB (12,2Abs,1WD)

1 Jones & Jepson Eardley Molly Coddled, this bitch presents a very pleasing outline, balanced and correctly angulated both ends. She is compact and yet moved out so well in her class. She has a good reach of neck leading down through good shoulder placement. 

2 Wright’s Huntshill Teasel Pushed hard and although longer cast also moved out very well. Another fit exhibit with good quarters and second thigh. Nice typy beagle with a level topline and good tail set.

3 Caney’s Springpine Tittle Tattle

NB (9)

1 Davies’ Barrvale Grace

2 Shickle’s Bondlea Mist

3 Philpott’s Charterwood Golden Gem

GB (12)

1 Henningson-Dundas Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (Imp). Good reach and drive with parallel movement front and back as the standard asks for. She has a very soft appealing expression and correct pigmentation. In fit condition with a super coat.

2 Leader’s Rosrodens Aphrodite out of a smaller mould this exhibit moved so well with her handler. She moves with a balance holding her topline and tail correctly on the move with a good straight front.

3 Wenman’s Wenannou Mystique

PG (11,3Abs)

1 Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cummings This very smart tri caught my eye on as a super mover. She has really good reach and uses her well angulated quarters with great drive and enthusiasm not flagging at all in the heat. She has very good shoulder placement and a spirit level topline which she holds on the move. A very pretty bitch with a soft expression who I was very pleased to award the RCC

2 McBain’s Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM Longer cast than 1 this bitch covers the ground with easy movement. She moved a little closer behind than 1 on the day but she could go all day. A credit to her owner as she is very fit and muscled up well behind.

3 Arden’s Madika Spot on JW ShCM

MLB (7,3Abs)

1 Brown’s Raimex Reed Bunting. This bitch has the softest expression and a super neck and shoulder, she moves with a confident easy gait parallel front and back. Her coat is in super condition and she has super quarters and second thigh. A lovely front and feet and considered for the RCC.

2 Wenman’s Dialynne Miss Brody of Wenannou. Close up to 1 in the class. She is from a larger mould and also is in excellent condition. She flagged a little in the heat today but has a very good topline and tailset which she held as she moved.

3 Warner’s Aweridge Watercolour JW

LB (10,2Abs)

1 Philpott’s Charterwood Fantasy Island tan and white who moves out with a lovely profile showing her level topline and correctly set on tail. She has a correct short loin and good quarters allowing her to move out with great balance and poise. Another with correct parallel movement and I also considered her for the RCC.

2 Vicker’s Rosroden Cherry Kisses. A very pleasing happy girl. She has a pretty head with a good neck and shoulder. She is short and neat and moves parallel with enthusiasm. She is finer in bone than 1 but I couldn’t deny her second place in a quality class

3 Tanner’s Felinoak Bailey’s N Ice JW

OB (12,4Abs) My notes say Super Class! 

1 Craig’s Ch Davricard Scilla Well I have admired this girl from the ringside and was so pleased to get a chance to go over her. I could have taken her home! She is correct from head to toe with nothing overdone and shown in super fit condition. She has the mildest expression and has a flowing neck and shoulder leading into a compact body with good depth of rib. She has super quarters and second thigh and very good angulation. She moved with poise and balance and I was delighted to award her the CC. I was delighted that my co-judge agreed to her going BIS! 

 2 Peak & Kristopha’s Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW Another quality exhibit who was just carrying a little excess weight today which changed her outline. She has superb driving movement and this comes from her construction. She has a lovely reach of neck and super driving back end. I gave her the RCC as a MP and what a star she has become today she was pipped by the PG winner today who was unaffected by the heat. 

3 Havard’s Ch Annavah Knick Knack 

 ChB (4) Numerically small but a quality class of four bitches 

1 Brown & Ford’s Ch Raimex Brittany JW A real mild appealing expression and I see she has given this to my MLB winner. She has a spirit level topline which she holds well on the move and correct parallel movement. She is very balanced and has precision footfall as she goes around the ring. She has good feet to complete the picture 

2 Craig’s Ch Davricard Honeybee A close decision between these two but I felt she was carrying a little extra weight today and affected a little by the heat. She has one of the most correct ribcages I saw today, extending well back and dropped just below the elbow. She has a lovely shoulder and quarters and moved well but just felt today 1 had the edge on sparkle today. 

3 Havard’s Ch Annavah Imagine 

 SBB (7) 

1 Leader’s Rosrodens Aphrodite 

 2 Baker& Bell’s Alfadais Echo A larger mould than 1 and in very fit condition. A little unsteady on the move but she has good bone and feet and good leathers. 

3 Porter’s Puddelhill Scarlet Witch 

 GCB (10) 

1 Dean’s Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM, neat open tri who is compact and short backed but still ribbed well back. She is in excellent condition, with good muscling of her excellent quarters and uses it to advantage to drive on the move. 

 2 Cottrell’s Eardley Merry Magdalane placed third in a quality Veteran class this bitch has a lovely head and sound, enthusiastic, easy movement. She covers the ground and I’m sure could keep going all day. She has a good topline and tailset. 

3 McBain’s Redcap Bella Sorella