• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Ganney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

A very enjoyable day judging this entry. Thank you to all exhibitors and to the NGA for running such a good show.

Temperaments were perfect. Just as we expect from our Labradors. Thanks to the summer we have had, coats were at all stages. This I took into consideration. The heat also appeared to affect some dogs more than others.

Veteran; 6: 3 abs.

1 Woodleys Sh Ch Secret Moments at Alkhamhurst. Have always liked this yellow since I judged him as a youngster. Good in head with a clean reach of neck. Front and rear quarters good, level topline,  body of ample depth and spring to ribcage. Good muscle tone and not carrying any excess baggage. A credit to his owner. Moved well.

2 Stewarts Sh Ch Streamanda Top Notch. Another handsome yellow .Good in head, through his body to well angulated rear. Well let down stifles. Near perfect tailset. Another that looked good on the move.

3 Bidins IT/HR/Slo Ch Anuedis Double Trader

Minor Puppy; 12: 6 abs.

1 Percivals Wynfaul The Wicked. Eye catching black in good coat. Good head profile, with enough skull width. Clean reach of neck on well laid shoulders with plenty of length to his upper arm. Level topline leading to pleasing hindquarters and tailset with a good turn of stifle. Hocks just right. Chest depth will come in time, Im sure. Carrying ample bone. Moved well.  

2 Metcalfes Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale. This yellow was another good mover. Liked his head and expression. He too had a body with a good overall structure, but just preferred the shoulders of the class winner. Coat just on the blow, but forgave this. Covered plenty of ground when moving.

3 Grummitts Suttonpark Pheonix at Manorwell

Puppy; 11: 4 abs.

1 Harvey-Majors Linjor Rigsby. This 9 month old yellow had a beauty of a head and expression. Has the neck length I like, not throaty in any way. True front and rear angulation  Good bone throughout. Body developing well. Looked the part standing and on the move. Pleased to know his placings today gave him his JW. Congratulations. Best PD

2 Druggans Mafia Labs Taboo Webster at Balladoole. Another 9 month old yellow looking in tiptop condition. Well proportioned head with a positive stop.  Good front with deep chest and barrelled rib for his age. Level top line good rear quarters. Liked his tailset and carriage. Moved with ease.

3 Quick & James Farnfield Tamzaneti

Junior; 12: 2 abs.

1 Brittons Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones Showy black, very good on the move. Liked his head and expression, dark eye and ear set. Correct angulation front and rear. Level topline and well placed otter tail, good spring of rib for age. Good bone and feet. Excellent double coat.

 2 Waltons Gallybob Marmalade. This yellow has all the attributes as the class winner. Very good quarters and chest depth. Balanced look when standing. Moved true in front. Just needed a tad more drive on the move.

3 Dempsey Dromtacker Made To Order (IKC)

Special Beg; 5: 3 abs

1 Merediths Linjor Lucca. Yellow with a pleasing head and length of muzzle. Just enough width to his skull. Neck length correct. Forequarters ok and ample body depth. Would have liked to see a bit more bend to his stifle. Needed some more energy in motion.

2 Odell & Bills Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box. This chocolate was a bit too heavy in front for me. Good pigment with a dark eye. Front and rear angulation good.  Plenty of bone and in full coat. Needs more drive on the go.

Yearling; 8: 1 abs

1 Pollaris It Ch Duckville Energy Full River. Very smart looking yellow. Lovely head and expression. Clean reach of neck on true shoulders. Ribs well sprung and deep. Turn of stifle good. Nothing overdone. Overall balanced look. Moved true front and rear

2 Braddons Trendlewood Born To Run JW. Another fine yellow. Very good quarters and well developed body.  Good short loin, firm and wide. Short, well let down hocks. Tight feet with arched toes. Another positive mover.

3 Druggans Balladoole Mr Selfridge JW

Maiden; 7: 4 abs.

1 Druggans Mafia Labs Taboo Webster At Balladoole. As 2nd in Puppy

2 Baker & Judda Harpitts Minnie Mack. Chocolate with a pleasing head profile. Just the right amount of length to his neck. Front angulation ok with plenty of forechest. Level topline, but just needs some more depth to chest to give him a better balanced look. Moved ok.

3 Campbells Kimbajak Bollinger

Novice; 10.

1 Harvey- Majors Linjor Rigsby. As 1st in Puppy

2 Waltons Gallybob Marmalade. As 2nd in Junior

3 Edwards Kimbajak Precious Metal

Undergrad; 3.

1 Allens Timouron Legacy. Balanced yellow with just the right length and depth to his body. Ample width to head.  Pleasing dark eye. Liked his front angulation. Upper arm just right. Good turn of stifle and a firm muscletone . Just needs to watch his weight. Moved well

2 Woodalls Thirlmere Echo Falls. Slightly taller black. Head good and lovely expression. Liked the clean reach of neck. Has enough depth of chest. A bit tucked up in the loin at the moment, though this will change with time. Hock length just right. Movement good, but preferred the front angulation of the class winner.

3 Kings Linthwaite Excalibur

Grad; 3: 1abs.

1 Woodalls Thirlmere Echo Falls. As 2nd in U/Grad

2 Rowleys Treantagh Rainbow Warrior JW. Yellow good in head and neck. Well developed body. Topline level, leading to a correct tailset. Just a little straight in the stifle for me. While the overall movement was good, I felt today, he lacked the front extension.

Post Grad; 7: 2abs.

1 Ayres Ramsayville Reflection of Musubi JW. Lively black with a masculine head. Clean rach of neck on well positioned shoulders. Though longer in the back with a deep chest and well sprung ribcage he still looked balanced. Plenty of bone, double coated and pleasing tailset. Strong hind quarters which he used to his advantage, moving well, once he settled

2 Phillips Sheenaron Merry Charlston. This black was slightly smaller but none the less still balanced. Head neck and quarters all good. Carrying ample bone, front legs straight with tight feet. He too was in good coat. Did not have as much rear muscle as 1, but still moved well.

3 Moodys Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky

Mid Limit; 9: 1abs.

1 Allen, Hess & Jordon Tampa Bays Marco Polo For Eagle Pond. Slightly shorter coupled yellow, with a good head profile. Very good eye colour and pigmentation. Liked his reach of neck, on well laid shoulders, and body construction. Muscles firm and good in stifle. Smart profile when standing. Moved well with drive.

2 Faulkners Lewisan Likely Lad. A good all round yellow not flashy, but lovely to go over. Beautiful head, with soft gentle expression, flows through neck and topline. Well constructed throughout with good bone and feet. Looked good standing and steady on the move.

3 Kellys Alfa Valley Swift Whisky

Limit; 5: 1abs.

1 Carpaninis Carpenny Primo. Good looking black, clean in outline. I liked his head and expression along with his superb reach of neck. Very good in front and rear angulation with plenty of bone and lovely tight feet. His well sprung ribcage and level topline completed the overall picture. In really good coat and condition.  Certainly caught my eye. Moved very well. Reserve CC.

2 Youngs Potterspiney Allanon Pleasant black with a good head and neck. Just needs to use his ears more to improve the expression. Shoulders true with a body of the right balance. Topline just a little soft on the move. Good shape to the rear. Moved well.

3 Dawsons Kowalski Espartaco 1V

Open; 13: 3 abs.

1 Heppers Mardas All Blacks JW This stunning black was just the type I was looking for. Excellent in head with a true eye colour and melting expression. Clean reach of neck on long sloping shoulders with a correct upper arm length. A level topline supported his deep and well sprung ribcage with just enough forechest and a firm wide loin. No sign of any tuck. Cracking turn of stifle, hocks well let down, not too long. Feet tight and well arched. A deep double coat and true otter tail completed the picture. Moved true front and rear and with ease. Another top specimen from this kennel. It was an honour to award him his 3rd CC . BOB on referees decision .Well done.

2 Coodes CH Warringahs Perth JW SHCM. A pleasure to go over this very good looking yellow. Has a head of good dimensions with an intelligent expression. Good quarters with a firm muscletone. A deep body with plenty of heart room finished off the look. Very good steady movement

3 Harvey- Majors Linjor The Squire JW SHCM

Good Citizen; 3:1 abs.

1 Youngs Potterspiney Killian. Well handled black, just a bit longer in body than some. Just enough width to his head and length of muzzle . Front angulation good and with a pleasing body ,not too dep or wide. Looked very good on the move.

2 O’Dell & Bills Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box. As 2nd in Spec Beginners

Judge; Ian Ganney