• Show Date: 18/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Norwich Terrier


Many thanks to Manchester committee for entrusting me with Norwich Terriers. I was very pleased with the overall quality throughout the entry, which I felt to be very high. Some very good quality youngsters present which bodes well for the future. 

JD. 1735. Very smart young male who presents a very nice silhouette. Pleasing head proportions with good ear size and placement and good keen eye. Typical Norwich expression. Good strong jaw. Compact and short backed. Short loin. Good Bone and feet. Correct front. Ideally I would prefer a slightly higher tail set to complete an otherwise very nice picture. I shall watch with interest. Moved soundly fore and aft. Best Puppy dog, Reserve best dog. 

PGD. 1727. Correct head proportions although would prefer a slightly smaller eye to improve expression. Good neck and shoulders. Good bone and feet. Level topline although could be a fraction shorter. Moved ok.

OD. 1. 1728. Super young male dog of quality. Super head and expression, with good broad skull and correct ear placement. Keen small eye. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders. Super body and rib with short strong loin. Good hindquarters. Excellent on the move with great rear drive. Correct coat texture. Had no hesitation to award him best dog and subsequently BOB and pleased to see he made the group shortlist. 

 2. 1732. Another very nice dog of good breed type. Rangier overall and a little longer cast than the first placed dog. Excellent head and expression. Super front assembly, good bone and feet. Well ribbed and in good hard condition. Not quite as positive on the move today as 1. 3. 1734. 

PB. 1729. A raw 6 month puppy but I totally fell for this beautiful head and expression. So typically Norwich. Broad skull, correct ear placement and size with super keen small eye. Correct length of neck into correct shoulder placement. Well bodied for one so young. Correct coat texture. Needs to settle on the move and strengthen in front. Profile movement is quite lovely. I really liked this bitch and think she will have a very exciting future with fair play. Happy to award her BB and BP. 

JB. 1730. Litter sister to winner of PB. Many of the above attributes apply. Pleasing head and expression. Good overall make and shape. Good bone. Not so keen on the move but when she did move her footfall was very correct. Great coat and colour. Needs time. 

PGB. 1731. Black and tan. Overall shape is pleasing. Correct head proportions with correct ear and eye placing. Good length of neck, short level topline. Best of hindquarters and in good hard condition. Wouldn’t want her any bigger. 

OB. 1733. Quality bitch with lovely outline. Good head and expression with good ear carriage. Good length of neck and faultless shoulder placement. Great body and condition. Excellent hindquarters. In good hard condition. Moved ok. 2. 1726. Pretty bitch. Not quite the compactness or body of 1 and not in the best of jackets today. Moved well. 

Dr Ian H Gabriel