• Show Date: 24/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Huw BISHOP Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Corgi Club

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

South Wales Corgi Club

Sub Group Championship Show

24 March 2018

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Thank you to all exhibitors for your entries and support at this show. I thought that the standard of exhibits overall was very good, but I was concerned at some straight shoulders and narrow front construction which made for poor front movement. That said, there were outstanding examples of breed typicality in the class placings and with principal winners. Thank you too, to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this much respected and well-organised club show. I was particularly pleased that my first ticket appointment for one of our home Welsh breeds was very much on home ground. There was a competitive, yet lovely, friendly atmosphere.

Veteran Dog 3.1

1. Gardiner’s CH Elmsmere Special Agent Quality male with style and presence at 9 years. Shown in best condition. Sturdy appearance, strong well-muscled body. Well-laid shoulders with correct angles front and rear. He is well balanced and proportioned throughout. Sound mover showing drive and precision despite being a little unhappy with the carpet. BVD BV

2. Froggatt’s AM CH Rhydowen Rhinestone Cowboy for Gerefa. (Imp USA) Nicely sized with enough substance and well- muscled hindquarters. Shows himself at one with his handler, using his ears to good effect. Good shoulders, topline and tailset. The way he stood today gave an impression of him being shorter in back than he is.

Puppy Dog 5.1

1. Gardiner’s Elmsmere Star Finale. Such a typical and pleasing outline. A well-balanced youngster with good and typical head qualities, good neck, topline and correct tailset. Strong body with a correct bow to fore-arms moulding nicely around the chest. Well padded, tight round feet. Got over his initial shyness as he became more confident. He will be one to watch in the future. BPD

Junior Dog 4.1

1. Clifton’s Joseter Frazer Nash. Well-marked youngster, lovely head on flowing neck line. Correct front. Well laid shoulders with correct angulation. Broad chest, long body with well sprung ribs and level topline. Moved well with front legs reaching forward with little lift.

2. Sanders’s Gowerston Genau’r Glyn. Different in outline to 1 but looked active and purposeful. I liked his head shape, good eye and ear carriage. Strong body. Deep chest. Preferred the balance of 1 on the move.

3. Roberts’s Wildcard Jimmy Choo Kogarahs

      Novice Dog 2

1. Roberts’s Wildcard Jimmy Choo Kogarahs. Striking appearance presenting a nice clean outline. Good and correct head shape with kind and watchful eyes. Correct foreleg placement, well laid shoulders at the correct angle. Good length of body, well-sprung ribs. Held a level topline on the move.

2. Mcintosh’s Hova Bondes Knatterton (Imp Dk) Bigger type to 1 but nice to go over with good shoulders, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Good rear angles too, supporting strong and driving hindleg action on the move.

Post Graduate Dog 2

1. Langford’s Twinan All Revved Up of Caprian. Nice outline on this male, well made and very sound. Good front assembly, well laid shoulders, muscular elbows held close to the sides. Short legs but body well clear of the ground. Level topline held well on a free driving movement.

2. Gowerston Genau’r Glyn

Limit Dog 6.1

1. Thomas’s Gowerston Gwydion. Upstanding dog. Quality masculine head, lovely profile and presence. Muscular neck fitting into well sloping shoulders. Stands on good feet with a strong well-muscled body, balanced and proportioned. Good mover, showing power and drive and almost effortless precision. Very pleased to award him the clearly deserved RCC

2. Roberts’s Gowerston Grand Joins Kogarahs. A little finer in head than 1 but lots to like about this one and was close to 1. Correct front construction and angles. Well-sprung ribs, good topline held well on the move.

3. Piears’s Tyci Daioni

Open Dog 10.2

1. Clifton’s CH Joseter Mr Blobby. Having judged him some time previously, it was good to see how his maturity has just made him better and better! He is imposing without exaggeration of any kind from nose to tail. He has a gentle toughness about him, an alert, active and intelligent expression with kind and watchful eyes for his handler with whom he is as one. Well-laid shoulders at the correct angles and forearms mould tightly around his chest. Kept his level topline on a free and active movement around the ring. An absolute pleasure to go over and to award him the CC and BOB

2. Taylor’s Tamlin Starman. Slightly larger than 1 with excellent front assembly, again not exaggerated in any way. Good head, neck and shoulders. Deep chest and strong rear quarters with good angulation. Drives well from behind.

3. Williams & James CH Bwthyn Headliner JW ShCM

Veteran Bitch 3

1. Roberts’s Floatin Hawen Hawys For Kogarahs (Imp) This girl looked stunning and was such a joy to go over. Feminine, such a sweet and alert expression on a head completely in proportion to her overall size. Excellent ear-set and eye, good reach of neck, deep chest and excellent front and rear angulation. Her movement was very sound. BVB

2. Eby’s CH Kilvroch Enchantress. In good condition and challenged hard for this class. Good head and expression. Good depth and correct bone, nice angulation front and rear. Moved soundly despite length of nails.

3. Piears’s Tyci Myfanwy

Puppy Bitch 6.1

1. Taylor’s Tamlin Voodoo Cream. In proportion, well balanced, and presented a picture of strength and activity with no trace of coarseness. Strong neck leading to well-laid shoulders. Eyes full of intelligence and alertness. Good angulation front and rear. Strong mover too, feet close and with plenty of drive. Won this class easily. BPB BP

2. Saunders’s Wildcard Megan. Good head and expression, correct front and chest proportions – firm solid build. Just an element of puppy looseness in hocks, but quite vertical and right for her age. She showed signs of a reaching movement with good drive and I am sure that this will come with maturity.

3. Froggatt’s Wildcard Queen of Clubs for Gerefa

Junior Bitch 5.1

1. Belcher’s Effybid Rubie. Feminine bitch with correct dentition, good eye colour and shape. Ears well set on. Good length of neck on well laid shoulders. Level top line. Chest is developing nicely. Ample bone, good feet and moved well.

2. Keeble’s Keebleway Blue Heven. Lovely feminine head and expression of good shape and colour. Good chest and body proportions and correct angles front and rear. Kept her level topline on the move, which was ok but needs firming up to the rear.

3. Taylor’s Tamlin Strawberry Daiquiri

Novice Bitch

1. Keeble’s Keebleway Blue Minks. Stood out as the best mover in this class on top of some other desirable qualities. Correct head with good eye, good reach of neck, correct front with decent bone and good depth of chest. Balanced front and rear angulation.

2. Morris’s Kilvroch Celidora At Cwnmeurig. Lovely feminine head, finer in shape than 1 and kind expression with good eye colour. Good front and rear angles. A little reticent on the table and determined to do her own thing on the move! A focused training regime as she matures would sort this out I’m sure.

Post Graduate Bitch 8.2

1. Thomas’s Gowerston Gwynonwen. Super head with correct proportions. Eyes of good shape and colour. Nice flat skull between ears which are set on well. Ample length of neck on well-placed shoulders. Level top line, deep chest, good length of loin. Well angulated front and back. Enough bone with well-padded round feet. Shown in good condition and moved well and confidently around the ring.

2. Langford’s Bwthyn Press Release of Caprian. Stood a little high on the rear today which spoilt her overall profile. However, a feminine head, nice size with correct and ample angles. Good depth of chest and moved well.

3. Skivington’s Ajatiaza’s Luna Tic

Limit Bitch

1. Skivington’s Ajatiaza’s Kalypso Kiara. Smart, compact, dignified and feminine. Correct head of good shape with expressive eyes. Strong neck set on well-laid shoulders, well boned and good cushioned feet. Topline held beautifully on the move which she completed proudly and soundly. In good coat.

2. Thomas’s Gowerston Sky Blue. Shorter in body than 1 and a shade reluctant in the ring when on the move. However, well balanced overall. Nice head and pleasing expression - watchful and alert. Well laid shoulders and strong bone carried down to the feet. Moderately broad chest.

3. James’s Bwthyn Hot off the Press

Open Bitch

1. Taylor’s Tamlin Dancing in the Street. Smart and showy. Head correctly proportioned and balanced. Correct eye, good neck, well-placed shoulders. Good front, nice bone, good ribs, well sprung. Correct angulation front and rear, well-bent stifles and vertical hocks. Correct tail and carriage. Stood square and moved out with long strides which were purposeful and true. CC RBOB BOS

2. Gardiner’s CH Berryllos You Look Like A Star at Elmsmere JW ShCM. Lovely head and expression, excellent lay back of shoulder, depth and moderately broad chest. Level top-line and correct tail set carried low when standing. Free flowing movement around the ring. Was close to 1 but looked just a little heavy today. Nevertheless, she thoroughly deserved her RCC.

3. James’s Kerman Copyright of Sturtmoor

Huw D Bishop