• Show Date: 24/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hilary Baker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Great Dane Breeders' & Owners' Association

Breed: Great Dane


Before I begin my critique I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the Officers and Committee of the GDBOA for inviting me to judge at this show. I have been owned by this wonderful breed for 22 years and I thoroughly enjoyed the honour of awarding Challenge Certificates for the first time today. I must say a special thank you to all the exhibitors who decided to show their Great Danes under me and to my hard working stewards for all their work on the day. 

MPB (8,2)

1. Mrs L & Miss A Newton’s Shlarra Sent From Above. Six month old fawn bitch with a beautiful head and dark eye of good shape. Nice length of neck, well balanced angles fore and aft, slightly up in the rear at the moment. Lovely straight forelegs on good tight cat feet, shown in super condition with well developed muscle, covered the ground well.  

2. Mr G McGowan’s Shlarra Picture Perfect At Penmarlam. Six month old fawn bitch, litter sister to one. Fabulous head, well chiselled, good length of foreface, lovely dark eye of good shape. Clean neck into well set shoulders. Not as heavy in bone as first, well balanced in angles, moved well for a baby.

PB (7,1)

1. Mr R C & Mrs M Bithell’s Bourntwyn By My Side. Nine month old fawn bitch, very well grown for her age tall but very well balanced, Good dentition, dark eye, super head planes, square drop of lip, lovely length of neck which flows into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest well filled front, great tuck up, super hind quarters with well set hocks, she has that look of dash and dare, very eye catching bitch. Moved out with light springy action covering the ground with ease, very well handled. Bitch CC, BPB & BPIS many congratulations.

2. Mrs H Seddon’s Zefather’s Livin On The Edge At Tenaya. Ten month fawn bitch, another well developed puppy built on very clean lines. She has a good depth of chest with great length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good angulation both front and rear, very balanced outline. Moved well, not quite the head of one.

JB (7,3)

1. Mr P & Mrs H Allison’s Gretadane Honey Suckle. Seventeen month old fawn bitch. Good headplanes and length of foreface, dark eye accompanied a lovely expression. Neck flowed well into good shoulders, good depth of chest and well filled front. Lovely straight forelegs with tight cat feet. Very elegant bitch that moved well. Another one I considered for top honours.

2. Miss T & Mrs L Pocock’s Tamzdane Cake My Day. Seventeen month Harlequin bitch, smaller bitch than one. Good headplanes, clean neck into shoulders. Well balanced, not overdone in anyway, moved well, beautifully handled just preferred the angulation of first.

YB (8,2)

1. Mrs S M Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano JW. Fawn bitch with lovely soft expression, good square drop of lip, dark eye and correct bite. Good depth of brisket with a well filled forechest and super front angulation. A well balanced bitch who moved very well with drive from the rear and covered the ring with ease. Pushed the CC winner hard in the challenge and was pleased to award her the RCC. Well done.

2. Mr R I, Mrs J, Miss M & Miss C Day & Fry’s Vanmore Sparkling Eyes For Janriche. Fawn bitch with a beautiful dark eye of good shape. Lovely length of neck into shoulder, level topline. An elegant bitch that moved well and with drive from the rear.

GB (3)

All Absent

PGB (7,3)

1. Mrs S M Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano JW

2. Mrs J White’s Garsak Mai Sunset. Fawn bitch with level headplanes and a very good square drop of lip. Taller than one, good depth of chest, level topline, not quite the balance of one however an elegant bitch that moved out well. 

LB (2)

All Absent

Special Veteran Bitch (5,2)

A very strong class, some lovely veterans who moved round the ring very well, a lovely sight to see.

1. Lady J Ingram’s Dainmajik The Sorceress ShCM. Seven year old fawn bitch, very well balanced and one of the best movers of the day. Very pleasing head shape, good clean lines not overdone in anyway. Neck set well into good shoulders, superb well filled front, level topline which she held well, good rear angulation which she used to drive around the ring. Thrilled to see her win best veteran in show, well done.

2. Mr J C, Mrs H, & Miss C Dyson’s Samdice Written In the Stars JW. Another beautiful seven year old fawn veteran bitch. Super dark tight eye, cracking head planes again with good square drop of lip and kind expression. Good front angulation, great depth of brisket and a well filled forechest. Moved around the ring well clearly enjoying herself, beautifully handled.

Sp Open Brindle Bitch (3,2)

1. Miss C & Mr A Lawson & Hunter’s Droolakiss Stripe a Pose. Brindle bitch, pleasing head with good eyeshape and dentition. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest, well filled in, clean tuck up. Moved ok would have liked to see more drive from the rear.

Sp Open Fawn Bitch (5,1)

1. Lady J Ingram’s Dainmajik The Sorceress ShCM

2. Mr J C, Mrs H, & Miss C Dyson’s Samdice Written In the Stars JW

Sp Open Black Bitch (5,3)

1. Mr D Simpson’s Renescent Miss Naughty. Black bitch presented in super condition. Dark eye of good shape. Level head planes. Well set neck, good front angulation. Overall quite a well balanced bitch, would like a touch more rear angulation. Moved well.

2. J & J Black’s Bandwar Taylor Made. Black bitch built on finer lines than one, good headplanes, correct dentition. Nice length of neck, level topline, good length of second thigh, just preferred the movement of one.

Sp Open Blue Bitch (3,1)

1. Mrs P Price’s Ch Leamap Iron Maiden JW. Blue bitch with good head planes, a correct bite and good square drop of lip. Good angulation both front and rear giving a well balanced outline. Short coupled, well set hocks and moved out very well.

2. Mrs A J Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Misty Morning. Blue bitch of a heavier type than one. Dark eye of good shape, strong neck, good depth of brisket and well filled forechest. Moved ok, not quite the balance of one.

Special Open Harlequin Bitch (4,1)

1. Mrs S E Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol. Harlequin bitch, white background with a good array of torn patches. Good head planes, nice length of foreface, quite good square drop of lip. Well filled front, good depth of chest, strong neck into shoulders. Good angulation front and rear, quite a well balanced bitch. Moved ok, would have liked a bit more drive from the rear.

2. Mrs S Tempest’s Adoreadane Just The Ticket JW. Harlequin bitch, well handled also with good head planes and correct bite. Clean outline, level topline which she held on the move. Beautifully presented and handled just preferred the balance of one.

Open Bitch (2,1)

1. Miss C & Mr A Lawson & Hunter’s Droolakiss Gold’N Glamour JW. Fawn bitch, her head has a lovely kind expression, dark eye and a good length of foreface. Super depth of chest, well filled front, good tuck up and well muscled hindquarters. Moved ok.

Champion Bitch (1)

All absent.