• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Pointer


I was delighted to judge such an exquisite entry of the majestic Pointer.  To say I was overjoyed with happiness is an understatement as it also turned out to be a family affair. The CC winners were siblings and their sire was the best veteran. Also Best Puppy was bred by the same breeder,  

VD (3,2). 1. Evans & Pavey's Sh CH Joneva Diamond In The Rough.  A pleasure to judge this classic eight year old veteran in excellent condition, quality well balanced head with a correct expression, good neck which is well set on good shoulders, correct oval bone and feet, excellent depth of body, great topline and tailset, strong quarters, covering plenty of ground, well presented and handled. pressed hard for top honours 

MPD (2,1). 1. Booth's Lundgarth Finch. Puppy who needs more time to settle and to be able to move out with more stride, would prefer a better balanced head, bright expression, good reach of neck, adequate front angulation, good body for age, nice topline but tailset could improve, good quarters 

PD (3,1). 1. Scholes' Wilchrimane Tea For Two with Rossgilde. High quality puppy who appealed for his overall balance and lovely curves, most lovely head of correct character, kind expression, reachy neck blending smoothly into good shoulders, good bone, could have more correct pasterns, good ribcage for one so young, lovely topline, exceptionally sound behind, strode out really well, must have bright future 

2. MacKay's Sharnphilly Hot Fuzz. A puppy with a nicely balanced head with good expression, nice neck, adequate front angulations, correct bone, needs to deepen in body, would prefer a better topline, good bend of stifles, sound mover, 


JD(2,1). 1. Gordon's Hawkfield Audacity. A very promising junior with many good points, attractive head with correct dish, pleasing expression, good length of neck which is correct set on excellent shoulders, good forechest, bone and feet, nice body for age, correct topline and tailset, excellent bend of stifle, moves well especially from the rear. 

YD(5). .1. Gerrard & Galloway's Sharnphilly Santorewlli with Carmandine. Masculine head that could be a touch better chiseled, nice expression, good reach of neck, sound front assembly and good forechest, correct bone, excellent spring of rib and deep through the heart, strong topline and correct tailset, powerful rear, true and sound mover 

2. Blackburn-Bennet's Kanix Obi at Stargang. Nicely put together with a attractive outline, Correct head that just need that extra finish for perfect balance, clean well arched neck, very good body properties, good topline and tailset, really good quarters used to advantage on the move,  

3. O'Neill's Tenshilling Biscuits 

GD(3,1). 1. Gerrard's Carmandine Count On Me. Quality male with many lovely attributes, correct head with an alert expression, good reach of neck and nice front assembly, correct bone and feet, good depth of brisket, excellent topline and tailset, good bend of stifle, stylish mover, 

2. Tibbs' Raigmore Beekeeper. Masculine head and kind expression, reachy neck, adequate front angles, nice bone and feet, good body and topline, correct rear, moves with drive but a bit loose in front. 

PGD (6). 1. Watkins & Davies' Ansona Aladdin. Impressive male with many good points, well chiseled head with a bright expression, very good neck, front and feet, deep through the heart, correct topline and tailset, well bent stifles, short hocks, covered the ground with ease 

2. MacKay's Fleurfield Steals The Dream. Much to like about this male, lovely head and expression, good neck and front assembly, nice bone, good body and topline, strong quarters, free mover 

3. Philo's Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist 

LD(9,2). 1. Macara, Jamieson & Blackburn-Bennet's Kanix Legend at Cromasaig, Well presented male with graceful curves and very elegant, classic well balanced head with a correct dish, clean slightly arched neck flowing into good shoulders, correct bone and feet, brisket well let down, strong topline and correct tailset, powerful rear, good turn of stifles, moves with excellent reach and drive, well presented in hard condition, pressed hard for top honour, R CC 

2. Scholes' Pipeaway Atonio Manchini at Rossgilde. Attractive male with a pleasing outline, quality head and soft expression, excellent reach of neck, nice front assembly, good bone and feet, mature body with good depth, strong topline, nice rear angulation, good mover 

3. Gerrard's Hookwood Showpiece at Carmandine 

OD(5,1)1. Cummings, Lawless's Kanix Kroner at Sevenhills. This eye-catching male of classic breed type took my eye immediately he entered the ring for his overall aristocratic appearance and wonderful curves, the best of heads with  an alert and kind expression, muscular well set neck free from throatiness,  good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm, nice bone and feet, well sprung ribs giving plenty of heartroom, excellent topline, tailset and tail, particularly good behind with wonderful quarters and angulation, correct gait and strode out really well, he put on a good performance throughout and combined masculinity with elegance in a correct way, I later heard this was his 3rd crowning CC, I was delighted to award him the  CC & BOB 


2. O'Neill's Sh CH Tenshilling Home Alone. Balanced male with an attractive outline, Correct head with a gentle expression, good front assembly, correct bone, well sprung ribs, short coupled, firm topline held on the move, good bend of stifle, moves well but a fraction more drive would be attractive 

3. Huxley's Aurichalcum Evan Knows Its Woodfleet.  

VB(4,0)1. Misperros Jumanji of Carmewlfair. Delightful female of eight years, correct overall make and shape, typical head & expression, good neck and front, excellent ribcage, good topline, sound behind and moved well 

2. Fleming's Ir Sh Ch Carmindine Kimono of Glenariff. Balanced head with gentle expression, reachy neck, could be tighter in elbows, nice bone, good substance and topline, nice quarters, smart mover 

3.Smith's Sh Ch Fydal Ava 


MPB(1). 1. Wilkinson's Stocksfell Seldom Seen. Lots to like about this puppy of high quality, well chissled correct head, lovely neck which is well set on good shoulders, enough body for age, strong topline, good stifles, moves with drive 

PB (3). 1. Blackburn-Bennet's Kanix Petunia at Stargang. What a cracking Top Flight puppy who has all the breed points and oozes quality. My eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. Feminine classic head, bright and kind expression, wonderful neck and shoulders, nice bone and feet, well ribbed for one so young, perfect rear and turn of stifle, short hocks, correct tail, very sound coming and going, free flowing driving movement, I predict a very rose future for her, pressed hard for the Res CC,  BEST PUPPY 

2.Oddie's Sharnphillyu Hello Dolly. Nice puppy with a pleasing outline, lovely head, nice neck, adequite front angulation, good body and topline, strong rear and moves well 

3. Hill's Wilchrimane China Tea at Somerled 


JB(8,3). 1. Watkins, Phillips & Gordon's Hawkfield Audacious. A junior with a bright future, nicely balanced head, clean well arched neck, good front assembly, correct body substance, strong back, driving hind action, 

2. Fleming's Glenariff Golden Moon. Pleasing outline, feminine head and kind expression, good reach of neck, nice front, bone and feet, nice ribs, good topline and tailset, nice quarters, true mover 

3. Radcliffe, Faulders & Jone's Sniperay Maiden Blush 

YB(6,3).1. Tibbs' Sharnphilly Escada at Raigmore. High quality with plenty of breed points, classic head, nice set of neck, good front and bone, substanceful and well ribbed, correct topline, tailset and tail, powerful strong quarters used to advantage on the move 

2. McDougall's Wyndhead Village Gossip. Appealing head and expression, good neck, moderate angulated in front, nice bone, would prefer more depth of brisket and a better tailset, adequate hind angulation, moves Ok but would like to see more drive from the rear 

3. Huxley's Vernum Ventulus Celtic Rose at Woodfleet 


GB(3,1).1. Fairbairn & Hinton's Davigdor Blackwych By Fleurfield, Feminine head, gentle expression, reachy neck, good front, bone and feet, mature body, sound topline and tailset, good bend of stifle, needs to settle on the move 

2. Wallace's Sonstraal Only One Wish. Beautifully balanced head, nice neck and front, good bone and feet, good body, nice topline, a touch proud of her tail, good quarters and moves freely 

PGB(7,3).1. O'Neill's Fyldefair Sky Full of Stars Over Tenshilling. Attractive bitch with a feminine head, soft expression, good reach of neck which is well set on, nice front assembly, good bone and feet, good depth of body, correct topline and tailset, strong rear and a smart mover 

2.Huxley's Woodfleet Wild Is The Wind. Nice female with a good head and expression, good neck and bone, would prefer a more pronounced sternum, correct body and topline, good quarters, moves with ease 

3. Udale's Dowbiggin's Freda 

LB(13,5). 1. Blackburn-Bennet's Kanix Orient at Stargang. Classy female who looked a picture standing and moving. has all the essentials and presented a nice outline, refined head, gentle expression, excellent neck blending smoothly into the withers, good forehand construction, correct bone and feet, short coupled deep body with well sprung ribs, firm topline held on the move, well set tail, strong well muscled rear with well let down hocks, moved seemingly without effort,. pressed hard for the top spot, very well handled and presented R CC 

2.Dyer & Oddie's Sharnphilly Vera Wang. Top quality of lovely type, excellent head and expression, good reach of neck, sound forehand construction, lovely bone and feet, solid topline, correct tailset, covered the ground with ease 

3. O'Driscoll's Fowington Risque 

OB (5,2). 1. Blackburn-Bennet's Kanix Kestrel. Charismatic female who possesses all the required attributes that make a first class Pointer. the lovely head is like a piece of art, so well chissled and with a bright expression, well arched neck springing cleanly into good shoulders, a handful of forechest, best of legs and feet possible, short couplings, deep through the heart, tailcarriage level with the back, hind assembly mirrored that of her front, could have watched her going round for hours, a very worthy winner and could not be denied the top spot as her unbroken line from head to tail is immaculate,  presented to advantage, I was told this was her 3rd CC, CC & BOS 

2. Fewster, Rossiter & Mitchell's Sonstraal Only An Illusion. A lovely female teeming with quality with correct overall make and shape, attractive head head and expression, reachy well set on neck, good fore and aft, correct bone and feet, plenty of heartroom, firm topline, good second thigh, effortless mover, 

3. Smith's Fydal Bedazzle 


Henric Fryckstrand, Judge  (Sweden)