• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)


PD (1,1).  

JD (1,1) 

PGD (2). 1. Brook & Knapper-Weijland's Sundust Now and Forever. Attractive young male, lovely head and expression, lovely neck, nice front angles, very good bone, excellent ribcage, short coupled, excellent correct topline and tailset, perfect rear, moves with drive and style, immaculate coat 

2. Taylor's Ligfht of Joy Iz Mazhornogo Lada. Nice head and expression, good neck, adequate front assembly, nice bone, needs more substance and spring of rib, good topline, solid backend, moves well, nice coat 

LD (1). 1. Morris' Mycalleys Daniel, masculine head that should be better chiseled, would prefer more beautiful eyes, the set of neck could be more smooth, adequate front angles, nice bone, good body and topline, nice rear, moves Ok but would like to see more drive, coat is not perfect today. 

OD (3) 1. Crummey, Atkinson & Yau's Sh CH Afterglow Life of Brian, the star of the day. a picture of breed type and just oozes quality. gorgeous head  with a melting expression, expressive eyes, reachy neck blending smoothly into the withers, good front construction, lovely bone, correct body substance and spring of rib, the best of toplines and correct tailset, powerful hind quarters, magnificent coat in pristine condition, , wonderful length of stride, handled and presented to perfection and moved seemingly without effort and a very worthy winner and ultimately landed the CC, BOB,  

2. Bryant, Nelson & Morris' Sh Ch Silhouette Troubling Nasailleen with Mycalleys. An impressive outline and presentation. Beautiful head that could be a touch more masculine, lovely expression and eyes, good reach of neck which is well set on, good front and bone, plenty of heartroom, perfect topline and tailset, excellent quarters and second thigh, strode out really well, beautiful coat and well handled. R CC 

3. Sunter & Pinchen's Mycalleys Kennedy 

PB(5,2). 1. Morris & Langton's Galaksi Dust to Dust at Jennobar. Quality puppy who should do well in the future, feminine head, nice expression, good reach of neck, sound fore and aft, good bone, nice body for age, solid topline, strong rear, moves well, well presented in good coat and condition. Best Puppy, Pleased to see her going BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Tom Johnston 


2. Bryant & nelson's Zarchest Having A Tantrum with Nassailleen. Attractive puppy who just needs to settle on the move, lovely head and expression, reachy neck, nice front, excellent substance, solid topline, lovely quarters, , moves Ok, tan markings could be more distinct,  

3. Sunter & Knapper's Sundust Hug Me 

JB (1). 1. Morris' Ashclares Kiss Me Quick By Mycalleys. Nice head and expression, adequate neck and front angles, nice body, good spring of rib, and nice topline on the move, sound rear, moves Ok, coat not perfect today 

PGB (4). 1. Sunter & Pinchen's Mycalleys Finoula. Well put together, feminine head, good neck and front, well ribbed, nice topline, strong rear, moves well, lovely coat 

2. Taylor's Mischtikals Cookies and Crean. Nice head, would prefer darker eyes, good neck, adequate front angles, need a better ribcage and substance, would like a more typical topline on the move, nice backend, moves Ok, coat texture not perfect today. 

3. McMaster's Mycalleys Sinderella 


LB (2,1). 1. Madigan's Black and Buffs Tarnera del Misperros. Would prefer a more elegant and feminine head. lovely neck, adequate front angles, excellent body, could have a more typical topline, nice rear, moves well, coat not in perfect condition today 

OB (3). 1. Bryant, Nelson, Caine's Sh CH Nasailleen Secret Liaison. Most attractive female who looks a picture standing and moving, appealing head and expression, lovely eyes, reachy neck which is well set on, sound front and rear with correct angles, neat feet, excellent spring of rib, perfect topline and tailset, powerful rear, stylish and graceful mover, well presented in perfect coat and handled to perfection, CC and BOS 

2. Harwood's Mischtikals Manhattan at Minarets, Feminine head, nice expression, good neck and front, excellent substance, nice topline standing, sound hindquarters, moves freely, well handled, coat not in top condition   R CC  

3. Madigan's Black and Buffs Tarnera del Misperros