• Show Date: 07/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helena Kosig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Midland Bulldog Club

Breed: Bulldog


Breed Championship Show

7th October 2018


1. Mrs S Sibbick Treasurabull Peaky Bunder

8 months, already a substantial dog with good brisket and strong straight front. Brilliant red&white colour. Wellplaced ears, large black nose with open nostrils. Nice turnup, sour expression. Well tacked on shoulders. Correct topline. Strong back. Moved OK.

2. Miss C Spicer Kenaiten Pride and Joy

Just 9 months strongboned red&white dog.Wellplaced eyes & nose with open nostrils. Nice compact body with pleasant roach.Good tailset and tail. Balanced.

3.Mrs K Howley Karanastar Buffalo Solder


1.Miss C L Ingamells Chelajay´s Limited Edition

11 months strong dog with correct straight front. Broad skull, well placed ears, open nostrils,broad muzzle. Good volume of ribcage. Wellset good tail. Correct movements.

2. Mr J Coburn Melafella Cool and Cocky

Just 10 months red&white puppy dog with clean head, broad skull, wellset ears, beautiful eyes & good pigment. Fine wrinkle. Nice layback. Nice bodyshape waiting for to mature. Good tailset and tail. Moves by the width of his body.


1. Miss N Beaumont Bullmont Lord of the Light

Balanced, compact dog with very good proportions.Clean outline. Broad skull,very well placed rose ears. Wellplaced large black nose with open nostrils. Impressive expression. Pleasant, straight wellboned front. Nicely arched neck, good roach, tailset and tail. Good, strong rear, well let down hocks. Good movements.

2. Mr and Mrs R Ironmonger Burchell Mr Bohannon at Britannic

Another compact and strong brilliant redbrindle dog. Strong head. Beautiful dark eyes. Wellplaced black nose with open nostrils. Strong neck. Wide chest. Strong, staright bones. Strong rear, nice angulation. Good tailset. Correct movements.

3. Mr D & Mr L Greenall & Evans Startini Betelgeuse


1. Mr P Seal Sealaville Hes Joe

13 months balanced, compact dog in good size. Broad skull, wellplaced rose ears, beautiful dark eyes and black nose with open nostrills. Fine wrinkle. Good upsweep & expression. Strong neck. Correct bodyshape. Good tailset. Tight, round feet. Good movements.

2. Mr R Haines Justafiabull Tristana

21 months, brilliant red&white, stronger dog. Masculine head. Very good width of underjaw. Strong, capacious rib cage. Wellboned, straight front. Muscular rear. Showed in very good condition. Moves well.

3. S M Davies Baalzebul Apache Tears


1. Mr P & Mrs S Powell & Smith Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Carasmel

Stronger, but balanced dog. Masculine head; broad skull, wellplaced ears, eyes and nose with open nostrils. Good pigment. Nice upsweep, broad muzzle, good expression. Correct, staright front. Strong bones.Correct topline with gentle roach. Good tail. Good movements.

2. Mrs A Poole Anandare He´s Bowie

Red&white dog with lot of substance in his head. Broad skull, wellplaced ears. Open nostrils. Very wide front, forelegs set apart. Correct topline. Muscular rear.

3. Mrs J Winwood Beashas Boy Begbie


1.Mr & Mrs J Livingstone Ruakuri on the Road Again at Jacobella

Compact & balanced dog with very good proportions. Very good broad skull and wellplaced neat rose ears. Open nostrils. Correct staright front.Clean outline with nice length of neck and correct roach. Strong rear. Balanced movements.

Bob Wain Memorial Trophy 2018.

2. Mr & Mrs Taylor Hillpalce Captain Hook

Substantial dog with masculine head. Good pigment. Broad muzzle. Nicely arched thick neck. Wide front, strong bones. Correct topline. Nicely ribbed up. Beautiful tight feet.

3. Mr R & Mrs L A Martin Mellowmood Morganite Calibra

LIMIT DOG (19/6)

1. Mr A T & Mrs S L Saxon Bagibeli Billy Ray JW

20 months, red&white, masculine, compact dog, with clean outline. Clean head with fine wrinkle. Broad skull,wellplaced ears.  Open nostrils.Good pigment. Very good upsweep and width of underjaw. Fit bite. Impressive expression. Lovely arched thick neck. Pleasing topline with correct tailset and tail. Well let down brisket between strongboned straight front with neat feet. Well tacked on shoulders. Nicely rounded ribs.Strong and balanced rear as well. Easygoing typical movements showing the true Bulldog spirit. Hard condition. Beautifully handled. Best Dog. Best In Show.

2. Mrs & Mr Eaton Ricatori Redesigned

Another masculine and powerful dog with brickshaped head and nicely fullfilled under the eyes. Broad jaws. Excellent pigment and brilliant colours. Lovely expression.Wide chest, strong bones. Very well rounded ribs. Beautiful topline and tailset. Good movements.

3. Mrs Goodwin Britishpride Spectre

OPEN DOG (13/4)

1.Mr & Mrs S Lee Ch Milasha Preacher Man Mystyle

Compact dog with excellent proportions and size. Square head with excellent length and good width between beautiful rose ears. Large black nose with open nostrils. Excellent layback. Good width of underjaw. True expression. Wide, strong front. Wellboned. Tight round feet. Correct topline. Short,strong rear. Moved very well. RDCC.

2. Mr N Davis Ch Milasha No Retreat Ocobo

Dog with lovely outline; beautiful reach of neck, pleasing topline and excellent tailset & tail. Masculine head with excellent expression. Large black nose with open nostrils. Wide chest, strong bones. Prefered the front movements of the winner of the class.

3. Mr P & Mrs C Manders Erismusbulls Mannion JW


1. Mrs E Simpson Ch Perfectly Polished for Jackarhys

Charming veteran bitch. Excellent size, very feminine. Dark clear eyes. Beautiful head & body shape. Well boned wide straight front. In very good condition. Best Veteran.


1. Mr P & Mrs C Manders Erismusbulls Vivien Leigh

9 months, balanced, feminine bitch with clean outline & very good proportions. Good length and width of head. Wellplaced ears, eyes and black nose with open nostrils. Very good expression. Well arched neck. Pleasing topline. Well tacked on shoulders. Correct straight front, beautiful brisket. Tight, round feet. Nicely ribbed up. Balanced when standing and moving.

2. Mrs S & Mr J Dearlove Ryjarlow Shooting Star

Just 7 months but a substantial, beautiful red&white puppy bitch with very nice width all over. Good head, with correct ears. Beautiful dark eyes, wellplaced nose with open nostrils. Broad muzzle. Good wide front. Bones suits her size. Correct topline. Round body and rear. Good tailset. Nice movements.

3. Mr & Mrs J. Livingstone Jacobella Madam Me Me


1. Mr & Mrs R Ironmonger Mystyle Shes no Lady at Britannic

Truly feminine,charming 9 months bitch with clean outline and very good proportions. Lovely head. Broad skull and muzzle. Wellplaced thin ears, beautiful dark eyes and black nose with open nostrils. Lovely upsweep and width of underjaw.  Beautifully arched neck, pleasant topline, beautiful pear shaped body. Excellent tailset and tail. Well let down brisket between straight front with neat feet. Moved very well. Best Puppy.

2. Mrs M Morris Ragmarte Against All Odds

Another beautiful puppy bicth with very good size & body shape. Broad skull. Very well placed ears, dark eyes and black nose with open nostrils. Wellboned forelegs set well apart. Muscular rear. Good movements.

3. Mrs & Mr A Takarangi Ruakuri Chasing Glory


1. Mr & Mrs P J New Newrock Dakota

12 months balanced bitch with very good size. Good feminine head. Neat rose ears,open nostrils. Broad muzzle, nice expression. Well arched neck, good roach and rear. Very good tailset and tail. Strong, straight front. Good brisket. Balanced movements, keeping her width on the front.

2. Ms J & Miss S Lamont Laroyal Lead by Example

14 months another balanced bitch with good size. Broad skull, dark eyes. Wellplaced nose with open nostrils. Very nice upsweep. Beautiful bodyshape. Wide front. Strong, straight bones. Strong rear. Good tailset and tail. Nice movements. Prefered the front of the first in the class.

3. Mr W & Mrs I van Huyck & Verschure Quickstep of the Tivoli Bulls


1. Miss S E Hanley Ruakuri Making Sweet Memories as Blenhiemstar

17 months feminine bitch with clean outline. Good length of skull and width of muzzle. Wellplaced ears.Large black nose with open nostrils. Nice upsweep and width of underjaw. Beautiful topline. Straight front. Nice bodyshape. Very good tailset and tail. Good angulation. Moved well.

2. Ms P J Freeman Rosco´s Moondance by EM Testwood JW

22 months re&white bitch in good size and substance. More wrinkled head with good proportions.Good width of front, strong bones. Good bodyshape, tailset and tail. Correct movements.

3. Mr & Mrs Williams Willsmere Samantha


1. Mr & Mrs N Hunter Hunthorn Galaxy of Dreams

19 months balanced, compact bitch with very clean outline. Nice head and epression. Very good mouth and dentition. Pleasing topline and tailset. Good brisket. Correct tuck up. Bones suits her size. Pure colour. Moves nicely.

2. Miss A George Sealaville She´s Ice at Avaword

28 months bitch with nice ribcage and pleasing brisket. Good skull, wellplaced ears. Good pigment. Open nostrils. Correct topline with gentle roach. Correct movements.

3. Mr D & Mr L Greenall & Evans Startini Capella


1. Mr D & Mrs K Nealings Neptunebull Connie Rose

18 months substantial bitch with pure red&white colour and good proportions. Strong head. Well placed large black nose with open nostrils. Very good upsweep and width of underjaw. Tacked on shoulders. Strong front, deep brisket. Strong rear. Good angulation & tailset. Good movements.

2. Mr & Mrs Williams Willsmere Matilda

Almost 2 years, another substantial bitch with pure red&white colour. Broad skull. Very wellplaced ears. Open nostrils. Nicely arched thick neck. Correct front. Muscular rear. Well let down hocks. Moves OK.

3. S M Davies Baalzebul Kerry Gem


1. Miss S E Hanley Ragmarte Middle Earth Blenhiemstar

26 months,compact red&white bitch with clean outline. Very pleasing head and expression.Broad skull, wellplaced neat ears and black nose with open nostrils. Nicely filled under the eyes. Balanced, straight front with natural brisket. Bones suits her size. Beautiful bodyshape. Good tailset. Correct movements.

2. Mrs K & Mr A Takarangi Ruakuri Diamonds in the Sky

26 months an easygoing bitch with excellent, balanced &muscular rear; excellent angulation and well let down hocks. Broad skull, wellplaced ears. Open nostrils. Good dentation, wish to see more width in jaws.Wide front. Correct topline. Wellset, free, longer tail.

3. Mr R Davies Avapal Made in England


1. Miss A George Avaword Connie JW

Charming, feminine, almost 3,5 years beautifully matured pure red&white bitch. Good width and length of skull. Fine wrinkle.Wellplaced neat rose ears. Beautiful dark eyes. Large black nose with open nostrils. Broad muzzle, good width of underjaw. Good dentition. Excellent sour expression. Classy outline with beautiful reach of neck, topline and tailset. Good shoulders. Pleasing straight front with deep chest into tight feet. Nice tuck up.Good angulation. Moved very well both in front and rear. Best Bitch. Best of Opposite Sex & Reserve Best in Show. So pleased to hear she got her third for the title the day.

2. Mr A T & Mrs S L Saxon Ch Bagibeli Queen of Hearts

Powerfully built but still feminine 3 years old pure red&white champion bitch. Broad skull, wellplaced rose ears, beautiful dark eyes and black nose with open nostrils. Fit bite, wide underjaw, impressive expression. Beautiful length & arch of neck. Compact body, good spring of rib. Good bones. Balanced, muscular rear. Well let down hocks. Balanced both when standing and moving.


3. Mr P & Mrs C Manders Ch Erimusbulls Rita Hayworth


Helena Kosig