• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Layton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

City of Birmingham 2nd September 2018

I would like to thank the society for this judging appointment. My gratitude goes to the exhibitors who chose to enter under me.

Veteran Dog – No Entries

Puppy Dog (2)

1) Baker Mrs M, Risley Look No Further At Dalmaigheo. 11months well made dog, good strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good ribbing and nice short loin. Positive on the move when settled. Best Puppy In Breed.

2) Harrison Miss E A, Alfizsbet Pike O’Stickle. Just over 9 months, finer type of dog and not quite as settled, adequate bone but would prefer more spring of rib. Moved okay.

Junior Dog (2)

1) Cruickshank Ms J & Gartland Mrs P, Toperis Shadow. Rangier type but still has a nice head and good return of upper arm with a good length of rib. Accurate on the move.

2) Cameron Ms J & Gartland Mrs P, Milicevic Ms B, Andronja’s Nine Carat For Kasprowy. A heavier and darker type of dog, wouldn’t want him any stronger in head, he gave his handler a real hard time so he was a bit happy with his front movement.

Graduate Dog (3)

1) Simpson Mrs P, Kincsem Dancing Brave At Fiscardo. 18 month old – I liked this dog on the move which won him the class, when stacked he seemed a bit tense which spoiled the overall picture but he has good shoulders and ribs leading to a nice short loin and well angulated rear.

2) Elliott Mrs & Miss L, Aldom Dark N’Stormy. Longer in type but maintained a good balance, pleasing head and nice eye, lost out to winner on profile movement.

3) Cameron Ms J & Gartland Mrs P, Milicevic Ms B, Andronja’s Nine Carat For Kasprowy.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1) Armstrong Mrs K, Shelseivad Be My Valentine. This dog gives a lovely shape on the stack with laid shoulders, good ribs and well balanced rear, just wasn’t quite so positive on the move.

2) Porter-Manning, Mrs A R & Porter Mr G, Walleroo All That Jazz ShCM. Smaller in type and shorter in rib but still a well balanced dog but on the day I just preferred the overall picture of the winner.

Limit Dog (4)

1) Clubb Mrs D & Mason Mrs C & Finley Miss E, Oroshaza Chukar. A heavier type of dog with ample bone and good size, well balanced but for me I wouldn’t want him any stronger in head, in very good condition and very positive on the move which won him the Res CC.

2) Barwick Mrs G, Bequerelle Vagabond. Love his type, good strong neck and clean shoulders, moderate head and nice eye shape. He just seem to let himself down on the move where I would have liked to see him go forward with more attitude.

3) Barrett Mrs L, Karaszy’s Glorious Legacy.

Open Dog (6)

1) Morton Ms A & Milicevic Miss B & Burns Mr P. Sh Ch & Ir Ch Andronja’s Stradale Lux Jch IrJch. A lovely sized dog giving a nice overall shape, slightly darker but still in excellent condition with the correct amount of bone, stood on good tight feet. Good spring of ribs and lovely angulation front and rear which allowed him to move around the ring. Was pleased to award him the CC.

2) Harper Mr J P, Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren JW. Good sized dog with lots of virtues but not the rear quarter of the winner and therefore lost out on profile movement.

3) Townsend Mrs L J, Sh Ch Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote.

GSD – No Entries

Veteran Bitch (2)

1) Knight Mr O J A &Mrs P A, Alsziv Maine With Szolnoki Sh CM. 7 years old and sill looking youthful. A taller and more square bitch but is still very well balanced and used her angles to move well and hold a firm topline on the move. Was pleased to award her Best Veteran In Breed.

2) Price Mrs R J, Sh Ch Aldom Cristal. 11 years old but still really enjoying her day out, nicely laid shoulders and well balanced hindquarters enabling her to move out with rear and drive.

Puppy Bitch (3)

1) Clarke Mrs S J & Mr H J, Ertekes Winter Angel. A class of very raw youngsters. I would have preferred more body and substance on all three of them, on saying that the winner was a nice shape with nice neck leading to well laid shoulders once her handler got to grips with her, she moved with purpose and drive.

2) Stevens Miss E & Neal Ms S, Beauty Of Fire Daniela (Imp Rus). Not the topline of winner which didn’t create a nice overall shape, just needs time and maturity.

3) Stevens Miss E & Neal Ms S, Beauty Of Fire Dominika (Imp Rus).

Junior Bitch (3)

1) Watson Mr P, Oakswarren Afterglow (AI). On my first look around this bitch took my eye, for her overall and balance, her melting expression and correct eye shape. She is well balanced with good muscle tone which enabled her to move with purpose.

2) Wall Miss J, Piroseg Mandarin Perllanside. A different shape to winner but she still maintains good proportions. Preferred the lay of shoulders of winner. Nice firm topline and she held it well on the move.

Graduate Bitch (4)

1) Watson Mr P, Oakswarren Eclipse (AI). Just what I was looking for. A lovely shaped bitch with correct bone and substance, good head proportions and nice dark oval eye, strong neck and well laid shoulders. Good length of rib and short coupled, using well muscled quarters to move with drive and reach. Was pleased to award her the CC & BOB.

2) Wall Miss J, Piroseg Mandarin Perllanside. Same as 2nd in Junior.

3) Price Mrs R J, Aldom Rose Fizz.

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 1Ab)

1) Dale Mrs S, Arany’s Balatino With Laurelset. Another nice type of bitch substance but still maintained her femine look, nice firm topline with good overall balance. She won the class on her forward movement and covered plenty of ground.

2) McDonald Mrs T & Belton Mrs G & Bahlo Ms A, Valodi Yellow Rose Of Texas At Donurie (Imp). Nice breed type with good depth of body, would have just preferred slightly more length.

3) Davies Mrs E & Davies Mrs H, Shelseivad Love Potion (AI).

Limit Bitch (6)

1) Wilks Mrs M, Nicael Blue Mist At Alsziv. Slightly taller and longer cast, liked her balance and in good condition and in hard muscle which she used to get around the ring effortlessly.

2) Marshall Mrs S M, Bitcon Charisma At Lowerdon. I love this bitch for breed type but unfortunately she didn’t want to play today. She has the most pleasing head and is so well balanced. On the move her mind was on other things, such a shame as sure she could have pushed the main winners hard.

3) Dasilva Mrs R & Sexton Mrs L, Ertekes Lucky In Love.

Open Bitch (8, 1 ab)

1) Bradley Ms E M & Green Miss N, Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW Sh.CM. Lovely sized bitch with substance but still remaining femine, nice clean neck and spring of rib, she held a good topline both on the stack and on the move. Just preferred the profile movement of the bitch CC but was pleased to award her the Res CC.

2) Morris Mrs L & Waddell Mr G & Winkley-Balmer M, Kazval Media Puzzle. A very different type of bitch to the winner but still lots to like, she is smaller all around but remains balanced and shown in hard condition. Very well handled but still giving a lot away to more mature bitches.

3) Cruickshank Mrs L, Topaeris Summer Love.

GCB – No Entries.

Mr Shaun Layton.