• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Gutteridge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Eurasier

National Dog Show, Birmingham. 10th May 2018 Eurasiers. Judge: Helen Gutteridge This appointment was originally that of Andrew Brace, and I send him my best wishes. Thanks to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my substituting for him. PD (2,1) 1st Rickett and Pike’s Kelltikees Eldritch Soul. 11 months, Handsome shaded grey. Well grown, has some bodying up to do. Pleasing masculine head shape with good frontal furrow, standard fitting length of muzzle, well shaped dark eyes. Ears a bit on the large side, but this emphasised by his being out of coat. Good croup and tail set. Slightly sloping pasterns to nice tight oval feet. A little more angulated at the back than the front for now, could balance up as he bulks out in brisket. Gaited well from all views, with expected inclination to single track at a faster pace. RBD. JD (1) 1st Watkins’ Albionspitz Blue Moon. 12 months. Shaded red. Well developed masculine boy of mid standard height. Very standard fitting masculine head. Balanced moderate angulation, slightly sloping pasterns, tight oval feet. Looks better bodied than the pup due to hanging on to his coat but also has some filling out to do in chest. Good strong level back and loin, well set tail. Gait pleasing and sound from all views. A proper show off, could not be denied BD and BOB. PB (2) two very pretty feminine examples but maturing in different ways. First quite compact and all of a piece, second more rangy and will fill out later. Second sadly not moving so well due to a recent minor incident which put her out of serious contention today. 1st Watkins’ Silmoralbion Raven. 10 months Black. Moderate balanced angulation. Good chest and loin, firm back and moderate tuck up. Well set tail. Slightly longer in body length than height. Slightly sloping pasterns to tight oval feet. Very dark oval eyes. In fair coat of good texture. Gaits soundly from all views. BP 2nd Spencer and Burr’s Silmoralbions Eris. 8 months Cream. Lovely feminine head with expressive dark oval eyes, Ear set good. Good chest and loin, well set tail. Moderate angles front and rear, Slight slope to pasterns and oval feet. Coat of good texture, lying correctly somewhat flat. Well pigmented eye rims, nose and lips. OB (3) Three very different bitches, all with their virtues gave me a hard task. 1st Watkin’s Caromada Oakey Dokey W16, JW16, BJW17, Jun Ch. 2 year old shaded cream. Good skin pigment. Correct body length to height proportions, strong broad and level back. Well set tail. Moderate and balanced angulation. Firm, sound and precise gait from all views. Typey and feminine in head. Very alert and responsive to her handler. In good coat, with her outline discernible. BB 2nd Stedham’s Albionspitz Tanzanite. 3 years, shaded red. A very nice girl, a little longer cast than 1st. Balanced moderate angulation, she moved the best in this class, sound and light footed. Pleasing in head and expression, ears a little larger than 1st, well set. Oval eyes. Out of coat, but of a good lay and texture. Slightly sloping pasterns and good oval feet. RBB 3rd McKean’s Silmoralbions Euphoria at Yawren Sh CM. 4 years red. A very well built girl with excellent brisket and loin. Carrying some excess weight today which affected her topline and gait. She would be a strong contender when fit. VB (2,1) 1sr McKean;s Albionspitz Darkness at Yawren Sh CM. 7 years, black and tan. A mature and somewhat reserved and dignified lady. In glorious coat. She has the angulation required and steps out freely and lightly. Nicely put together in body, and sound. Age just showing in her front pasterns a bit, reducing her weight a bit would help. Sweet head, reluctant to use her ears. BV.