• Show Date: 27/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Geeson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Great Joint Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge and for the exhibitors for giving me such a lovely entry with many quality dogs to judge, the slippery floor really didn’t help some exhibits whose movement was affected and I’m sure on a better surface there would have been some different placings. There were many quality dogs and bitches present which bodes well for the future with more having the correct height to length ratio rather than being too low and too long which I found last time I judged. Lack of upper arm and short ribbing were the main issues that I saw which seems to be a problem in many breeds at present. A couple of incorrect mouths were present.   

Minor Puppy Dog – 3 entries 

1. Lucas’ Tramardachs Milkcart Driva - 6 month old red dog of an elegant type, beautiful head, good height to length ratio, better length of ribbing than 2nd, good reach and drive on the move. Parallel action both ends and very steady on the move. 

2. Chauhan’s Raajput’s All About Humanity - Just 6 month old b/t dog very raw but with lots of promise for the future. Beautiful head and front assembly, would prefer slightly longer ribbing. Parallel action both ends but a little uncoordinated behind at times mainly because he was so happy which was lovely to see.     

Puppy Dog – 3 entries (1 absent) 

1. Chauhan’s Raajput’s Any Victory Will Do - 6 month old B/T dog and slightly more mature than his brother (2nd in MP), loved his head, very good front assembly, ribbing ok, well angulated rear giving him excellent drive on the move. Needs to tighten through but lovely type. Again a super temperament. 

2. Jones’ Adnerbs Rock A Billy Rebel - 10 month red dog, slightly more elegant than 1 with a beautiful head. Good lay of shoulder but slightly lacking upper arm. Decent length of ribbing and good height to length proportion. Good rear. Moved parallel but not as confident on the slippery floor which affected his front movement.   

Junior Dog – 2 entries 

1. Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio - 17 month red dog, taller more elegant type than 2nd which I prefer. Lovely elegant head and neck. Decent ribbing. Good rear. Slightly narrow through but had excellent reach and drive in profile.   

2. Williams’ & Moes’ Cwmdarhian Tom Hardy - 12 month red dog of excellent size, preferred the more elegant head of 1st. Very good front assembly and length of ribbing. Well turned stifles but didn’t appear to be driving as much as 1 behind potentially due to the floor. I did however prefer his width throughout. Close decision.   

Yearling Dog – 1 entry 

1. Andison & Peel’s Wanderhund Texas Mickey - B/t dog with a lovely head, excellent length of neck, good shoulder, decent length of ribbing and well angulated rear. Moved out well but was being a typical scent hound with his nose to the ground today. Excellent reach and drive in profile. 

Post Graduate Dog – 0 entries   

Limit Dog – 9 entries (1 absent) 

1. Paget & Carroll’s Lauralee Oscar Wild at Marvale - B/T dog slightly on the large side for me, excellent head and neck, very good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm which was often lacking in other exhibits. Good ribbing which extends well back, well angulated rear which he used well to drive round the ring. In the challenge I preferred the width of the Open dog but he pushed very hard. A lovely dog who deserved the RCC in some excellent company. 

2. Payton’s Minalsa Mulberry of Marajo - Lovely red dog of size I prefer, slightly less length of muzzle than 1st, excellent front with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, good length of ribbing and neat rear. Moved soundly with good width. Preferred the head and neck of 1.   

Open Dog – 5 entries  2 lovely dogs headed this class with little to split them 

1. Williams’ & Moes’ Cwmdarhian San Andreas - Red dog of a lovely size. Good head and length of neck. Excellent shoulder placement and return of upper arm which were tucked neatly round very good ribbing which extended well back. Very well angulated rear which he used to power round the ring. Parallel movement coming and going with the correct width throughout. I gave this dog Best Puppy last time I judged the breed and it’s clear the potential I saw in him then has been fulfilled. Delighted to award him his 3rd CC, a well deserved Champion. 

2. Armstrong’s CH Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby - B/T dog of a more elegant type. Excellent head and neck leading into superb shoulders. Good height to length ratio. Slightly narrower through than 1st on the move. Moved well in profile but not driving as much as 1 on this floor. Close decision and I see his excellent qualities have been passed on to his progeny.   

Veteran Dog – 3 entries 

1. Hunt’s CH Cwmdarhian Hogans Hero at Carpaccio JW - B/T 8yr old dog of very good type. Lovely head, good length of neck, good shoulder. Decent ribbing, I would like slightly more length of 2nd thigh but he moved really well with excellent reach and drive. BVIB and delighted to watch him go on to Best Veteran In Show. 

2. Seago & Gibbard’s CH Amlida Dramatiker - Red dog 7yr, lovely head and neck, excellent shoulder. Good ribbing, and rear, just slightly long in loin for me. Super temperament   

Minor Puppy Bitch – 5 entries (1 absent) 

1. McNaughton’s Cedavoch Urbane – Just 6 month old shaded red bitch of gorgeous type. Lovely head and front assembly. Excellent ribbing, good rear. Moved well with parallel action and reach and drive when settled. Loved her. Only lost out on maturity in the challenge but I’m sure she will trouble the best when she matures.  

2. Hunt’s Carpaccio Faberge - Larger B/T bitch who needs more confidence which I am sure will come with time, she has a lovely head. Good shoulder, ok ribbing, well angulated rear. More confidence would help her relax on the move to show her true action and drive better.         

Puppy Bitch – 3 entries (1 absent) 

1.  Rodger’s Glenariff Qui Vive - Lovely red bitch of totally unexaggerated type. Lovely head and neck, excellent shoulder and upper arm. Good length of ribbing, neat rear. Moved parallel with good reach and drive. Loved her and pleased to award her the RCC in excellent company. BPIB 

2. Haggerty’s Smooth Performance - Red bitch, good head and neck. Ok shoulder but slightly lacking in upper arm. Ribbing could extend further back. Moved well with enough drive.    

Junior Bitch – 1 entry (1 absent)   

Yearling Bitch – 1 entry 

1. Wand’s Wanderhund California Girl - B/T bitch with a good head but lacking in stop, good length of neck, good lay of shoulder but shorter in upper arm than I prefer. Decent length of ribbing but overly long in loin making her too long in the body for me. Excellent rear angulation. Moved soundly but so enthusiastic was slipping on the floor. Excellent temperament.   

Post Graduate Bitch – 3 entries 

1. Hinwood’s Longmel Special Truffle - Red bitch with a good head, good length of neck and decent shoulder. Good length of ribbing and neat rear. Moved out well with good drive. 

2. Valentine’s Tiffwazz Robin - B/T bitch, rather fine in bone but not small. Moderate angulation both front and rear, held topline well on move. Moved soundly.   

Limit Bitch - 5 entries, (1 absent)  2 lovely bitches topped this class with little to split them 

1.  Mitchell’s Cedavoch Solar Storm at Bronia - Red bitch of lovely size, excellent head and neck, super front, good ribbing. Firmer topline than 2nd. Good rear which she used well to drive round the ring. Pushed hard in the challenge. 

2. Lockett-Walters & McDermot’s Ralines For Pete’s Sake - B/T with a lovely head, good length neck, well angulated shoulders with good upper arm. Well angulated rear but slipping slightly on the floor at times. Moved well with good width throughout.    

Open Bitch – 6 entries, (1 absent)  Super class of red bitches who were all excellent examples and any one of them would have been a worthy CC winner, classes like this make judging a pleasure. 

1. Armstrong’s Lauraleee To The Manor Born – Deep rich red bitch of a lovely type, excellent head and length of neck, super shoulders and return of upper arm, better ground clearance than some others in the class. Lengthy ribbing giving her a firm top and underline which she held at all times. Moved out parallel with excellent reach and drive which won her the class. Thought she was outstanding. Delighted to award her the CC & BOB (her 3rd), such a worthy Champion.  

2. Norton’s Matzell Martha – Lovely sized bitch of excellent type. Lovely feminine head, lengthy neck, good shoulder but not as much upper arm as 1st which slightly restricted her reach in front on the move. Good ribbing and well angulated rear. Moved well coming and going.   

Veteran Bitch – 4 entries (1 absent) 

1. Norton’s CH Matzell Maid In Time - red bitch 7yr old, lovely head and neck, excellent front, good ribbing and super rear. Moved out well with reach and drive. 

2. Hinwood’s Hampdach Amathyst - Lovely red bitch who has a beautiful head and neck, good shoulders and ribbing, well angulated rear, moved well but slipping on the floor occasionally which affected her movement at times.