• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Australian Terrier

Driffield Championship  

Dog Show 


I must say in all my years of judging and writing critiques this is the saddest having had my judging slandered on FB by someone who took some of the top honours in the breed on the day because new dogs appeared from overseas. 

MPD No Entries 

PD 1 

1st Mackintosh Stoddart Stubbs & Seaton TEMORA THE HAWK Good mouth and muzzle, nice eye shape and ear placement. Nice neck with slight arch, heavy on shoulders with correct front assembly. Good body and length with well-muscled and rear angulated quarters. Moved well covering front and parallel behind. Nicely presented coat of good texture. Does not want to get any bigger. RCC 

JD 2 

1st Anderson & Fast OUTBACK RAHNA JEDEDIAH Nice outline, good mouth and nice shape eye, good stop and ear set giving a nice keen expression. Good neck and shoulder and straight front. Nice body and rib, length with well-made and muscled rear quarters. Move true in front and with drive on rear movement. Just needs a little more coat to finish off. 

2nd Nottingham & Cawdwell-Owen VALMAR VON DEN GRAUEN ANFURTEN Very pretty head for a dog, good mouth, stop and ear placement, nice neck, body, rib and length, rear quarters well angulated. Moved well from behind but moved from elbow and not the shoulder in front. Would like a harsher coat and a more natural presentation for the show ring . 

PGD No Entries 

LD 2 

1st Anderson & Bath RHANAS OUTBACKRED DARN YANKEE Lovely head with good mouth muzzle and signs of leathering beginning. Nice shape and dark eye, well placed ears. Good strong neck with slight arch sat and well made shoulders, correct front assembly and straight in front. Good body length and rib with well-made rear quarters and angulation with showed on the move using them to drive, nice harsh wiry coat which need to grow. Correct size for the breed standard as some are getting far too big. Moved well fore and aft keeping nice top line and head carriage. Watched him in the group later striding out and showing his personality. DCC & BOB 

2nd Skelton SPITEWINTER OOH AH HENRY Nice head, good mouth, muzzle, eye giving an alert expression. Nice arched neck on good shoulders, straight front, good body with nice rib but not the length. Well made hind quarters and well-muscled. Moved well fore and aft but just needed a bit of oomph. Nicely presented coat. 


OD 2 (1Absent) 

1st Jones Dk & Lux CH WYEAFON BLUE ILLUSION (Imp) Nice head, mouth, eye good stop and ears giving a lovely alert expression nicely muscled neck and a nice lay of shoulder. Well covered body and rib of correct length, good tail set and well made rear with angulation. Just too big in overall size. Good coat of correct length. 

SBD 1 

 Ferris & Russell WYEAFON PERCIVAL Nice masculine head, good mouth, with strong jaw. Well-muscled neck sitting on good shoulders, nice front, body and rib. Well made hindquarters and good tail set. Moved well fore and aft but would like a level top line both stood and moving. Nicely presented. 

GCD No Entries 

MPB No Entries 

PB No Entries 

JB 1 

1st Stoddart MILLVALLEY CLASSICAL RED Lovely head and expression, mouth, length of muzzle. Nice shape of eye and ear placement. Nicely muscled neck on good lay of shoulder with straight front. Good body and length, well made rear quarters which she can use once settled. Nice coat texture and presentation. BCC RBOB 

PGB 1 

1st Bath AMBERUSH ITS MAGIC OVER GINGERWITCH Very nice head, mouth, muzzle with leathering. Good neck on nice lay of shoulder, good front and body of correct length and angulated rear quarters. Nice harsh coat of correct length and well presented. Moved ok when got head up in front. Moving a little wide behind but was told she is coming into season. RBCC 

LB 1 (1 Absent) 

OB 1 (1 Absent) 


Judge: Mrs Helen Bakewell