• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Heather Simper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

City of Birmingham C.A 2nd Sept 2018  

Tibetan Spaniel Report  

I would like to thank all those who entered under me and who accepted my placings so well. I was looking for a moderate Tibetan Spaniel who carried the things that I consider important, good construction, movement and the quintessential points that make a Tibetan Spaniel, for example hare feet. I was fortunate to find these things in my main winners. I have not judged the breed for four years yet I note in my last report I mentioned we were losing the hare feet and sadly that still applies today, cat feet are not typical. I am no way a tooth fanatic but I was aware of some exhibits displaying poor dentition. I was pleased that there were no overly coated exhibits and the majority of muzzles were of a reasonable length, I did not find any with a wrinkle but we must be careful not to allow muzzles to get too short . There were some whose heads that were too large, for me , the standard calls for head small in proportion to body.  What has happened to the shoulder placement in our breed? I found a number of very upright shoulders which in turn create restricted front movement. This is something we all need to strive to improve.  

VD (3)(0)  

1. Blackshaw & Roberts Ch Souska Say My Name : This dog has aged well, he carries no exaggerations, is good for type and balance. His movement is good both fore, aft and in profile. He has a masculine head without coarseness, good pigmentation, good shaped eye and his lift of ear help to enhance his overall expression. He certainly was enjoying his day out. BV who later was awarded VG4.  

2. Parkes Ch Velbri Veratrum at Paralde ShCM. This 11 year old red dog is well constructed,his movement is very positive and he keeps his level topline at all times. He has a masculine head good width and depth of chin.  

3. Poyser & Bodell’s Tinamba  Dashing Angel. 

MPD (2)(0)  

1. Walis Baga’s Follow Balthasar To Velrock: A well- made mature puppy. There is no mistaking he is a male as he has a masculine head without being coarse, displaying good pigmentation and a correct shaped eye. His movement is positive holding his topline  at all times.  

2. Moran & Prouve’s Sommerlyst’s Mandala: This puppy is very raw but displays a very nice head with good ear list helping to give a pleasing expression. He was a little unsettled on the table but pulled himself together to give a good performance on the move.  

PD (2)(0) 

1. Billington’s Lydanstone Morys: 10 months and maturing well. His head displays good shaped eyes , correct ear lift, good width and depth of chin and good dentition. He has good shoulder placement, level topline and good tail set. Moved well.  

2. Horton’s Colphil Bhud Dae: I liked his head proportions and expression. He is longer in body than 1 but he is in very good condition with excellent muscle tone.Today he was giving his handler a hard time.  

JD (6)(1)  

1. Morton’s Linsdown Rambler : This young man is excellent for type and balance. His movement is so good coming, going and in profile. He is very well constructed with good lay of shoulder, topline and  tail set. Very good for muscle tone. His head is small in proportion to his body displaying lovely dark expressive eyes, good length of muzzle , dentition and width and depth of chin.   I think he has a bright future. BJ and short listed in JG.  

2. Steed’s Gianni Its Gollant: I was surprised to discover that this very mature chap was only 7 months. He is well made throughout. Head displays good pigmentation, width and depth of chin, eye shape and lift of ear, correct length of muzzle. Moved and showed well. BPD 

3. Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po.  

PGD (6)(0)  

1. Breeze & Styles Hilsar Is He T’so: A red dog that nice for size. His construction is good with correct amount of neck leading to good shoulder placement,  topline and tail set . He has strong hind quarters this in turn helps him to move with good reach and drive.His head is small in proportion to his body and displays a nice eye shape and ear lift and  length of muzzle.  

2. Harford’s Tuyet Elvis Wonder of You at  Mennimoonz. His construction is good and he displays many of the features of 1. I found him wider in top skull than one which for me detracts from the expression I was looking for.  

3. Roflfe’s Malia Dorje Lhakpa for Trollius.  

LD (9)(0)  

1. Parkes Fantasa Wartortle. There are no exaggerations. He is good for size. Lovely to go over, well made throughout , Good front, neck length, excellent shoulder placement firm topline good tail set, well-  muscled hind quarters. On the move he has good reach and drive. His head is masculine displaying correct oval eye shape, good pigment and correct ear lift. RCC.  

2. Lilley’s Knattings Riverdance To Kensing JW. This dog is in excellent condition with the correct amount of muscle tone. He has many of the attributes of 1 but for me I found him wider in top skull and not as strong in topline when on the move.  

3. Osborn’s Quailmoor The Wizard’s Spell.  

OD (9)(0)  This was a lovely class.  

1. Lemon’s Ch Souska I Need Your Love . One of the few males today displaying the correct hare feet. I love his expression which is brought about by great pigmentation, excellent oval shaped eye, good length of muzzle with width and depth of chin, correct dentition, topped off by lovely ear placement and lift. He has a good front assembly, correct length of neck, excellent shoulder placement, top line and tail set. Well-muscled hind quarters. He moves well coming, going and is lovely in profile displaying reach and drive holding his top line at all times. He is full of quality and type and I was delighted to award him the CC & BOB.  

2. Hourihane”s Velrock Serafire at Amcross. This dog has a lovely head and expression. He is soundly made though out, another that has the correct hare feet. He is  full of quality and type. He has positive movement but just not quite as free as 1 today .  

3. Cooper’s  Ch Dedicated To Don’t Waste Time SuSu.  

VB (8)(0)  

1. Hourihane’s Amcross A Parti for Eulyn. A very feminine bitch that is carrying her age well. She has a lovely head and expression. Good front and top line which she holds well on the move another with hare feet. Unfortunately she decided that she had done her bit in the class and was not moving as well when it came to the challenge for BV.  

2. Rose’s Caselden Jewel In The Crown JW. Another lady carrying her 10 years very well. In great condition and lovely to go over. Her head is small in proportion to her body. She has a sweet feminine expression.  

3. Poyser & Bodel’s Tinamba Daddys Angel.  

MPB (1)(0)  

1. Rofe’s Chenrezi Dancing Queen. Rather over awed by the proceedings. Pretty head displaying nice depth and width of chin, good oval eye shape and nice ear lift. She began to settle on the move enough for her placing.  

PB (5)(2)  

1. Poyser & Bodell’s Andor Golden Girl at Tinamba. Very feminine head and lovely expression brought about by her good shaped eye , muzzle length with width and depth of chin and good dentition, topped off by good ear lift and placement. She is well made throughout and moved well.  

2. Osborn’s Quailmoor Guinevere . She has a very pretty head with good pigmentation, eye shape width and depth of chin and ear lift. She has nice hare feet. Her  top line  on the move is not as strong as 1. 

3. Davies & Butler. Colphil Lhay Lha  

JB (7)(0)  

1. Purnell’s Tamrae Time To Talk at Crockerne. A very feminine young lady. I liked her for size and type. Her head is small in proportion to her body it has good width and depth to chin, correct oval eyes and good ear placement and lift. She has good shoulder placement, top line and tail set and strong  well- muscled hind quarters. Moved and showed well. Coming into good coat.  

2. Hourihane’s Pandita. Full of type and quality. Another with the correct sized head in proportion to body. She has a lovely feminine expression brought about by good eye shape and correct placement and lift to ear.  Nicely made throughout with good top line held well on the move just not quite as  strong in the rear movement as 1.  

3. Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady of The Lake. Has all the attributes of 1 & 2 but sadly had to give way to maturity today but I was pleased to award her BP and delighted to see her short listed in the PG.  

PGB (19)(2)  

What a fantastic class I certainly was spoilt for choice.  

1. Moran’s Buus’s Hi-Ra Hailey. This very pretty young bitch headed this class because of her  lack of exaggeration and good breed type. She is very well made throughout. Her head is small in proportion to her body and displays lovely dark pigmentation, good eye shape, correct length of muzzle with width and depth of chin and excellent ear set and placement. She is another with the correct hare feet. Her movement is positive and free which is brought about by good shoulder placement, top line and well- muscled hindquarters.  

2. Thomson & Prentice’s Tamrae Back to Rhedd. Close up to 1 but just not the tail carriage on the move which detracted from her outline. I like her for type, balance and construction. She has a number of the breed points I was looking for, good ear placement and lift, hare feet, slight aloofness in attitude.  

3. Redfern’s Tibbiestars Black Pearl.  

LB (11)(1)  

1. Tapp’s Yllastel From Me To You Velbri JW. She is good for type and displays what I consider to be important features that make a Tibetan Spaniel stand out from the crowd. Her head is small in proportion to her body she has good pigmentation, lovely dark eye of correct shape, nice length of muzzle with good width and depth to her chin. Her ear set is correct and she uses them well. She has the correct hare feet, well made front assembly good shoulder placement, top line and tail set. Moved well displaying good reach and drive. Pushed hard in the challenge but had to give way to maturity. RBCC 

2. Hourihnae’s Bajenta parti Parvati at Amcross. This bitch is very similar in type to 1 and again has many of the attributes. She also has that feminine head and expression brought about by correct ear placement and lift, eye shape, muzzle length and width and depth of chin. Today she had to give way to maturity.  

3. Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love Jw ShCM  

OB (6)(1)  

1. Short’s Malia Yuan Zhi JW. A mature bitch of quality and good type. She is what I consider a no nonsense Tibetan Spaniel ie not exaggerated in anyway. She is very nice to go over with everything flowing from point to point. She has a good front nice neck length, good shoulder placement, good top line which she holds well on the move, correct tail set again held well on the move,  good hind quarters. Her muscle tone throughout is excellent. She has a very feminine head that is small in proportion to her body, it has all the points I consider important to give that quintessential Tibetan Spaniel expression. I was pleased to award her the CC which I have since learnt was her third.  

2. Cooper’s Dedicated To Sensational White SuSu. Another well- constructed bitch who displays good breed type. Her Head is small in proportion to her body with fantastic pigmentation, good eye shape and ear placement. I perhaps would like just a little more length of muzzle. She moves out well and is at one with her handler when standing.  

3. Thomson and Prentice’s Philcar Phasioned for Sanville 


Judge Miss H Simper