• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Heather Rose Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer



Thank you to those exhibitors who brought their dogs today. I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of going over them. There was a lot to like and many dogs could change places on a different day. Nice type and quality was apparent though some were carrying a little too much weight and cost their placings.

Puppy Dog(4,1) 1)Scanlon’s Zakova Hellz Bells. Very pleasing 8 month old Liver/White dog. Quite eye catching with clean outline. Attractive head , nice expression with good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good coat pigmentation. Moved out well holding strong topline . Well handled to best advantage. BPD 2)Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. 10 month old Solid Liver. Well matured for age, pleasing front and rear angles. A little heavy in head but still an attractive boy with good depth of chest chest. Strong in substance. Coat a little longer than I would have preferred. Eyes a little light at this stage but should darken with age.

Junior Dog(4) 1)Sielski’s Orchidstar Bonds of Speed JW. 1 year old liver and white boy. Excellent muscle condition throughout. Lovely head into strong neck with well laid shoulders. Good tail carriage. Topline held well and moved precisely with good reach and drive. Very eye catching, should do well. 2) Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell.

Graduate Dog(4) 1)Cooper’s Gameglow Top Gun. 2 year old Liver and White. Makes a very pleasing shape with attractive markings. Handsome head with good dark eye . Good angulation fore and rear, harsh coat. Well muscled. Moved out well though a little close behind. 2)Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell.

Post Graduate Dog(3,1) 1)Thomas’s Brainescroft Tahiti. 3 year old Liver and White. Well matured with masculine head and pleasing dark eye. Nice lay of shoulder with nice short back. Good angulation front and rear. Moved well. 2)Cox’s Ceilloch Merlot By Cushatlaw. 2 years old. Pleasing head with good length of muzzle. Good front and rear angulation, nice harsh coat. Sound movement though tail carriage a little high.

Limit Dog(4,1) Sielski’s Orchidstar Wotsit JW. Attractive Liver and White 2 and a half years old. Of good size and substance. Lovely head and eye presenting a very nice expression. Straight front with good front and rear angulation. Shown in excellent condition. 2)Hamlin’s Know No Bounds at Nuash JW. Attractively marked flashy Liver and White three year old, slightly larger set than 1 but of pleasing shape and proportions. Well boned and in good hard condition. Would prefer a little more strength in head though has excellent expression and kind dark eye. Very sound mover fore and aft.

Open Dog(9,7) 1) Brown and Burn’s Sh Ch Magregor Threesacrowd At Pothouse JW ShCM. I was very taken with this eye catching 4 year old dog who fits the standard so well. I love his type, nice deep chest, strong straight front and the harshest of coats. Excellent front and rear angulation. Moved soundly and correctly. A handsome head though perhaps a tad broader than I would have preferred but nevertheless you cannot deny his quality and it was a pleasure to award him DCC and BOB. 2)Harris’s Am Ch/Sh Ch VJK Myst Goes Like The Wind of Barleyarch. A 4 year old Liver and White ticked of a different type. Eye catching and you cannot deny his quality. He carries himself well and is a very sound mover. Loveliest of heads with a kind eye and gentle expression. Carrying a little more weight over shoulders today but still delighted to award him RDCC.

Veteran Dog(3,1) 1) Thompson’s Redmires High Society. 7 year old, an unassuming male of top quality. Well built, and moved freely round the ring with purpose showing excellent reach and drive, outshining some of todays younger dogs. The loveliest of heads, reminiscent of some of the older type from a few years ago. Fabulous angles and in strong harsh condition. Very close for RCC. 2) Prior’s Booton Imperial. 8 year old. Larger set male with good angulation. Moved out well but could not compete with my winner who was on fine form today. Enjoying his day out.


Puppy Bitch(9,0)1) Izard’s Yocklettes Cordiale. 11 months old, lovely shaped bitch with feminine head and expression.. Good angulation fore and rear. Super outline. Moved round the ring effortlessly and precisely. I look forward to seeing her future which should be very bright. Best Puppy and delighted to see her take Puppy Group 2. 2) Rittscher’s Zakova Amrone. Litter sister to my BPD. A very attractive puppy with beautiful head and expression. Good coat and pigmentation, tail set a little low. Moved well with good reach and drive.

Junior Bitch(6,4) 1)Squire’s Taftazini Honour Wynna. Another whose clean cut outline caught my eye. Attractive head with clean neck into well laid shoulders. Correct size with good angulation fore and rear. Moved purposely with reach and drive around the ring. Shown in excellent condition. 2) Rumneys Kacela Sweet Ayana. Pretty bitch with beautiful head. Well assembled with good angulation fore and rear. Harsh coat and shown in good condition. Unfortunately a little uncooperative on the move today. These 2 could change places on another day.

Graduate Bitch(3,2)1) Gardiner’s Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri. A pretty bitch with gentle expression. Smaller set girl who was carrying a tad too much weight today which did not do her any favours.. Very animated on the move and enjoyed her day.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,0) 1)Jones Barleyarch Fairplay. This bitch caught my eye but presented a little heavier today than I would have liked. Good angulation and moved with purpose. Held topline well on the move. 2) Milligan’s Isara Kurzhaar Allspice. Nice head with lovely length of muzzle into strong neck and good shoulder placement. Shown well in good condition. Strides out well on the move.

Limit Bitch(7,1) 1)Thomas’s Brainescroft Saffron. An understated bitch who does not immediately catch your eye but when you get your hands on her, you cannot deny her quality. A lovely type and very correct.. Shown well in good condition and nice harsh coat. Stunning head with the darkest eye. Proved a challenge for her young handler but moves so well around the ring with good reach and drive. Could not deny her place today. Close decision for BOB. 2)Ellis’s Soellis Fannie Annie. Nice bitch making a really pleasing shape. Pretty head with kind expression. Would prefer a little more substance.. Good front assembly and correct angulation. Moves well.

Open Bitch(8,1) 1) Drew’s Sh Ch Cushatlaw Illustrious JW. Another lovely feminine bitch with beautiful head and dark eye. Makes an attractive shape and moves correctly. I can see why she has her title. Coat a little out of condition today which may have cost her top spot. RCC 2) Cox’s Cushatlaw Illustrious JW ShCM. Litter sister to my winner with similar shape and conformation. Very pretty head, dark eyes and nice expression. Slightly longer cast in back. Good angulation, moved well. Veteran Bitch(3,0) 1) Izard’s Goosepoint Chincapin. An attractive bitch with lovely head and kindest expression. Correct depth of chest. Strong loin and correct bend of stifle. Moved okay. 2} Pudney’s Stairfoot Skye. Another girl enjoying her day out. Shown in good condition. A little rounded in croup. Shown in good condition. Moved okay.