• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Shih Tzu



My thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge this breed for the first time at CC level - a great honour which I had been looking forward to. It was a very hot day and one had to take into account that the ground was quite rough in places which didn’t always allow for smooth movement. On the whole I felt that mouths were better in the bitches and there were some correct pro-sternums amongst the males. Temperaments were excellent throughout. Thank you all very much for your entry.

MPD (1/1)

PD (1)

1st: MAULE Mrs P M Daltricia Arapaho. Sturdy youngster. Well advanced for 9 months. Very expressive head with well placed eyes. Wide open nostrils. A little upright in shoulder but good length of upper arm. Tail set could be better.

JD (8/2)

1st: FLACK Mrs M Mifcah's Final Fantasy. Well coated and sturdy in body. Broad head but could be more domed. Well presented. Moved out well.

2nd: CARTER, Ms M H & LEIGH Ms S M Gladmin Soweto Storm. Black and white. Very broad and well domed head. Nose could be better. Good body. Looks better on the move than when stacked. Well placed tail.

3rd: CROSSLAND Mr T Chaela Ralphish

PGD (7/2)

1st: MOORE Miss J Y Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth For Jaxtzu (IKC) JW ShCM. Head of good size, broad in skull and wide between eyes. Well set on tail. A little short in leg for my preference but moved soundly when settled. Well presented.

2nd: SMITH, Mrs J K & CUTTS Mr G A Buttons Dream A Dream. Good size. Better in shoulder than some. Well set on tail. Presentation could do with attention. Extremely well muscled.

3rd: FAIRLEY Mr E & Mrs A Rossvale Here Comes The Sun Over Fairmere

LD (6)

1st: HEY Mrs L J Shalehan Yashron. Correct for size. Lovely head piece with correct bite. Well set shoulder. Strong back and tight loin. Good hindquarters with high tail carriage. Moved strongly with reach and drive. CC & BOB.

2nd: CARTER, Ms M H & LEIGH Ms S M Gladmin Transkei Teddy JW. Slightly longer cast than the winner. Good head and expression. Well laid back shoulder. Not as good in hindquarters as winner. Good tailset.

3rd: JONES, Mr & Mrs S & A & JONES Miss C Carlita Reason To Dream JW

OD (6/1)

1st: BRADSHAW, Mrs J M & SYMONDS, Mrs M J & SYMONDS M Ch Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM. Good overall size and typical profile. Lovely neck allowing correct head carriage. Sturdy body. Well set on tail. RCC

2nd: HITT Mrs T A & Mr M G Ch Miracey All Guns Blazin. Good head shape ; eyes were well placed and expressive. A little overcoated but perfectly presented. Moving out well, keeping topline on the move.

3rd: MAULE Mrs P M Daltricia Wilbur Smith JW Sh.CM

VD (1)

1st: HUTLEY Mr A C Kainenables Diamond Geezer. Sturdily built and lovely to go over. Well shaped head with correctly placed eyes. Good lay of shoulder. Correct in coupling with well set on tail. Strong on the move with good rear action. Well presented. BV.

SBD/B (8/4)

1st: MOORE Miss J Y Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth For Jaxtzu (IKC) JW ShCM. 1st in PGD. BSB

2nd: JONES Miss T Carlita Time To Samba. Very pretty bitch with well placed eyes, open nostrils and well set ears. Good bite. Well set tail. Perfectly presented although the coat was a little longer than I would prefer.

3rd: GARDNER Ms D Lyndatzu Petit Fleur

MPB (5/1)

1st: FORBES Mrs Y Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland. Gold. Looking very much the part. Broad head with feminine expression. Good shoulder. Well set tail. Moved stylishly.

2nd: EVERALL Miss F J Wharfeview Candy Kisses. Well balanced for one so young. Came into her own on the move with very good hindquarters and excellent stifles.

3rd: HEY Mrs L J Lyndatzu Que Sah Rah

PB (4/2)

1st: GILKES Mrs G M Zeeva Reflections. Well balanced. Eyes set well apart. Correct bite. High tail set. Good coat with excellent presentation. Stylish mover.

2nd: STEVENS Mr N & Mrs S Peekin Miss Jive Bunny-Tu. Lots to like about this puppy. Eyes set wide apart, Correct bite. Good neck and shoulder. Correct topline - held well on the move.

JB (7)

1st: BEER, Ms J M & TILLEY Mr G Miracey Sea of Love for Tilbe. Broad head and well placed eyes. Good layback of shoulder and correctly placed elbows. Well set tail. Coat of good quality. Movement excellent fore and aft. RCC

2nd: STEVENS Mr N & Mrs S Peekin Miss Jazz-Ming-Tu. Smaller than winner. Very feminine. Expressive head. Well placed shoulder. Moving out well in profile with good tail carriage. BP.

3rd: EVERALL Miss F J Wharfeview Kissy Suzuki

PGB (9/1)

1st: HUTLEY Mrs L Zeeva Zafirah. Lovely overall balance. Good head. Well laid shoulder. Good tail carriage.

2nd: BILLSON Mrs A M Shanjora's Golden Sunset. Typical head with well spaced eyes. Well set on tail. Well coated.

3rd: FARNWORTH Mrs L Tsantha Adornment

LB (11)

1st: HITT Mrs T A & Mr M G Santosha Cherry Brandy At Miracey. Good for size. Typical head with good reach of neck. Excellent shoulder. more up. Moved out well.

2nd: BRADSHAW, Mrs J M & SYMONDS, Mrs M J & SYMONDS M Cremefern Lily The Pink. Good for size. Lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck. Good topline and tailset.

3rd: ROBERTS Ms K Katonier Secrets And Dreams

OB (2)

1st: FLACK Mrs M Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah (Imp) JW. Lovely outline. Excellent head - wide between the eyes and enough muzzle. Well coated. Moving easily when settled. BCC

2nd: HITT, Mr & Mrs T A & M G & ROBERTS Miss K Ch Miracey Disco Inferno. Not quite the outline of the winner. Broad head with well placed. Eyes. Good tail set. Moved freely.

VB (3)

1st: WILLIAMS Mrs D & Mr P Paliden Good As Gold. Broad head with good row of incisors. Correct tail set. Good rear movement.

2nd: MARKS Mrs J S Tansingh Angel And Demon. Narrower in frame than the winner. Good head and well placed eyes. Not quite topline of winner. Moved freely.

Hazel Fitzgibbon