• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Harry Nelson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Brittany

Min Puppy Dog 2.1ab

1st. O/W ..Orr Dickens's Tillybirloch Omar..Handsome young puppy very attentive to handler . Racy in outline , typical puppy head with dark eye and correct ear set , balanced in angulation throughout , with good muscle tone for age and development .

Puppy. 1

1st..Cook's.. Highclare Only One Alec Tailliside.. Masculine dog , of good proportion throughout . Alert expression , pleasing head carried on strong neck into the best of shoulders and forequarters . Well developed forechest and body , quality bone throughout, well muscled hindquarters moved on the best of feet , promising future RCC . BP

Junior 3.1ab

1st.. Brown's .. Sanbosier Niru.. Another quality youngster ,cobby proportions , typical outline strong but not heavy , excellent reach of neck , good shoulders , level topline , strong hindquarters move well round the ring , won his class on movement , 

2nd..Coveney's. Neptune De Esprits Voyageurs .. Enjoyed his day out , masculine in appearance with good topline pleasing head with kind eye, movement today was a little erratic . Excellent muscle tone for age and development . 

Open 4

1st..Hargreaves's Bonapartist Lancelot..Strong well muscled orange and white dog .Masculine head , with strong jaw and good dentition . Strong neck set into good muscular shoulders ,deep chest , moved with purpose correct top line when viewed in profile and on the move . Pleased to award him CC & BOB

2nd..Williams's Bonapartist Lieutenant..     Litter brother to one , with a lot of similar attributes masculine head with kind dark eye , attentive to handle at all times , well-developed forequarters, good muscle tone moved on the best of feet just lost out on movement .

3rd..Coveney' ..Sh Ch Tillybirloch Jem

Min Puppy Bitch 1

1st..Gudgin's ..Jassendue Orsha..Beautiful little bitch of a good proportions  , feminine head ,attentive to owner , good top line on the move, shown to perfection with correct outline , well developed chest with good angulation throughout , moved on the best of feet .

Puppy Bitch 2

1st. Tully's..Highclare Oos The Daddy.. Eye-catching quality bitch of good proportions throughout , well developed for age , strong forequarters, with deep chest , well muscled hindquarters with good second thigh moved on the best of feet , promising future I'm sure , RCC . 

2nd..Ryan's..Patouche Oriana.. Feminine head with kind dark eye , strong front assembly, good top line on the move , strong muscular hindquarters , just need time . 

Junior 2

1st ..Graham ,Denwood & Graham's ..Bonapartist Orchid Of Lyndfil.. Substantial bitch of good quality throughout , kind head of correct proportions , strong muzzle with good dentition into strong neck ,well muscled throughout with good top line on the move . 

2nd..Skeet's..Sanbosier Naia.. Feminine head was kind eye , moved at one with handler , balanced throughout for age and development , with good hindquarters , just needs time . 

Limit 2 .1ab

1st..Taylor's ..Patouche Jais.. Eye-catching feminine bitch , who moved with power and drive with correct clipped action . Feminine head with kind eye , attentive to handler , good proportions and angulation throughout . 

Open 3 2ab

1st ..Yarrow's..Bonapartist Linnet. Well proportioned classic cobby bitch , Feminine head in balance with overall body and appearance , kind alert eye and good ear set ,strong neck into well-placed shoulders, good depth of chest ,strong topline both standing and on the move . Good muscle tone throughout .Shown to advantage CC