• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Osborne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Southern Counties 3 June 2018

Spaniels (English Springer)

Firstly, I would like to thank each and every exhibitor for helping me fulfil my appointment. Having a new hip may be cool, but not without inconvenience! I was so pleased to see an overall improvement in the breed, especially in temperament. Bitches outshone the dogs in both quality and soundness. We still have some poor eye and head shapes. My main winners excelled today, they were all in super condition and fit for function.

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1. DUNSTON’S MEADOWDALE LUTHER VANDROSS AT SEASPRING. B&W of just 6 months. He showed a great amount of

confidence for one so young. Pleasing head with good balance, well developed back skull with decent fluting and eye shape.

Reachy neck into excellent front assembly, with good bone and feet. Well ribbed back, with good depth . Well shaped rump

With decent thighs and good stifles. As one would expect needs to tighten on the move, although well controlled and

happy enjoying his day out BPD

Junior - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1 TOPLISS’ BERESFORD NIGHT TRAIN. Two excellent 15 month old L&W juniors where there was little to choose between them. Just preferred the head and reach of my winner. Super compact dog with good body proportions. Masculine head with correct eye. Proper brows and fluting with good skull width and muzzle. Strong neck into well developed and angulated shoulders. Good depth and length of rib, into strong coupling. Although maintained topline, both static and on the move still needs time to tighten properly. Slightly more angulation behind than I prefer, however he used his hocks well on the move with good drive and reach in front.

2 WALKER’S DEXBENELLA ATTICUS FINCH. Similar attributes to 1. Well put together with pleasing head and eye. Not quite the reach of neck as 1, however is well muscled into good lay of shoulder. Excellent core into good, well muscled thighs. Moved with purpose. Can I just say how nice it was to see the owner out and about again and compliment her on the dog’s fitness and condition.


Yearling - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 EYEINGTON’S MEADOWDALE STORM TROOPER. A strong upstanding B&W dog of good proportions. Like his head for

balance with good width of back skull and strong muzzle. Kind eye of correct shape with plenty of depth under the eye

showing good chiselling. Well arched neck into correct front with good bone and feet. Well ribbed back with strong coupling.

Good width of thigh with short hocks. Moved with good stride length.

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1 SAVELL & ALLEN’S PLAIGLEN ALL THAT JAZZ WITH ALLENIE I first saw this dog as a 5 month old puppy and loved

his movement. My view hasn’t changed although it took him a couple of attempts to really get going today. His head

has also improved from a young age, It could be more masculine, however it is pleasing enough. Loved his front and

shoulders, well developed and strong. Good bone throughout with excellent ribbing and solid topline.

Just the right amount of angulation behind with well muscled thighs. In good coat and condition.

2 WOODBRIDGE’S CRACKERJANNE COURT JESTER. Has a better shaped head than 1, but not the rear strength.

This showed on the move where he didn’t match the winners stride and drive. A L&W of good proportions and balance.

Has nice depth with good in-fill. Nicely angled throughout with super ribs and coupling. Good width over rump and loin.

Nicely presented in super coat and condition.


Limit - Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 3

1 WHITTOCK’S MERRYWATER MINSTREL AT KINGSHEATH. A B&W dog who is easily missed in the line up as he is so

moderate throughout. He has a full black head, which may put many off, but is in fact beautifully balanced.

Not the most masculine, but nonetheless very pleasing, with super eye and shape. He is correct through his front

assembly, has good bone and feet. Nicely arched neck whose length is not short, which suits the standard. Excellent

body proportions, closely coupled and decent width over loin. Excellent topline, with correct tail set. Moderate rear

angulation, good thigh width with stifles of the correct length. In wonderful coat and condition. His movement

was poised, well controlled and true. RES CC

2 TOPLISS’ BERESFORD BLACK TIE. B&W well balance throughout, masculine head with decent eye shape. A wee bit

heavy over the shoulders, but stands on good bone and feet. Super ribs, short coupled and good width over loin.

Well muscled thighs and rear angulation. Took a little time to get going on the move, but is accurate in front and

has decent drive.


Open - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0


he was very immature and lacked body and coat. What a change two years have made. He is a lovely size with just

the right amount of weight. Has a decent head with good balance, if I was to be over critical would like to see

a shade darker eye. His attribute is his balance and proportion. He fills the eye beautifully. Has strength throughout

that helps with his movement which is very fluent. Moves well within himself at the right speed. He is a nice dog to go over

everything fits and touches. Clean shoulders with ribs of good length and depth, super loin and well muscled rear. He is in fit

condition with enough coat to suit his frame CC & BOB

2 BROUGH’S RISELAWROAD NO DEAL Another L&W but in a larger frame. Very well developed throughout, with masculine

head and kind well shaped eye. Has decent body length which still needs to mature. Well coupled with super thighs

and decent angulation. Has a dynamic movement which just needs to be more collected, but certainly covers a lot of

ground with very little effort. I like him, but he just needs time to mature and be in more collected in his action.


Veteran - Dog Or Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1 WILDSMITH’S TRIMERE TIME TRAIL WITH SANDIEBECK SHCM. 9 y/o L&W. Another dog who has been understated

over the years. Such a well balanced dog in super condition. Has a balanced head of good shape, with kind, dark eye.

Sufficient neck into well angulated front, standing on good bone and feet. Solid well ribbed body with good in-fill.

Loved his rear, so well developed with excellent width of thigh and super well let down hocks. In wonderful condition and coat.

Still has verve where he moved out with plenty of purpose. B Veteran

2 HOLT’S SH CH TRIMERE TRANQUILISER AT BETHRYN SHCM IR VET CH. Another 9 y/o L&W. Loved the outline of this bitch,

quite a classic shape. Just preferred head of my winner who has a better eye shape. Still in very fit condition, with

good ribs and muscle tone. She is well balanced with good ribs and bone. Moved well, very fluid with an easy stride.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog Or Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1 WILLIAMS & TOUBLIC’S COBHAY DAZZLING AZALEA L&W bitch. Very feminine with a nice shaped head, balanced with

good fluting and muzzle. Decent neck into good shoulder, just a wee bit straight in upper arm. Nicely proportioned body

with good width, especially over the loin. Moderate angulation behind with well let down hocks. Just wish she was

more toned throughout as that would increase her competitiveness.

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1 MACLEAY’S POTRAIL SHAPE OF YOU. Nicely balanced L&W baby. She doesn’t need too much more growth as she is

already of the correct size. Feminine head with good eye. Decent front where she stands over her shoulders well. Has a

good length of body which has nice depth. Decent bum and moderate rear angulation. She was collected on the side gait,

although a bit loose in front as would be expected of one so young.

2 EYEINGTON’S MEADOWDALE NINA SIMONE Another very raw baby at her first show. A bit hesitant initially where she was

slightly overawed. Very feminine throughout with nice head and good eye shape. Well angulated front and rear with enough

body at this age. Her time will come with confidence as she is a nice baby who moved well in the end.

Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 MITCHELL’S PEASBLOSSOM UNTAMED. Very promising puppy who presents a moderate outline. Very girlie head which is

well shaped with good eye. Reachy neck into decent shoulders. Just a bit straight in upper arm, standing on good bone

and feet. A nice shaped body that is a bit shallow at this stage, but has good length and coupling. Just my type of angulation

behind with moderate stifles and good hocks. Already has decent width of thigh. Her movement needs to settle just as her

stacking technique, but time is definitely on her side. BPIB

Junior - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1 HYDEN’S CLENTONIAN PANDEMONIUM A very nice class of bitches who could change places quite easily….

A B&W which is definitely my cup of tea. Nothing is overdone in any quarter. She has the sweetest of heads,

so feminine with a lovely eye shape and colour. Already has strength of neck, again if I were to be really, really fussy

would prefer just a tad more length. Super front, well angulated shoulders with excellent bone and tight,

well shaped feet. Has good length of body which is well sprung and deep. Her rear angulation is

excellent with good thighs and hocks. Super topline and tail set. In excellent coat and condition. She is very collected

and accurate in movement. Knowing this line she will take time to mature, I just hope that she realises her potential.

2 KEELY’S ALHAMBIAN DIANA DORS A completely different type of L&W bitch. Has a more active style with a tad shorter body.

Has a fuller head than 1, well balanced with good back skull and matching muzzle. Clean neck, crested of good

length. Decent shoulders with good bone and feet. Good chest depth with decent in-fill. Well sprung ribs with good bum

and rear angulation. Has a nice width of thigh and well let down hocks. She headed the class at one stage, but on the final

go around she just lacked strength through her loin that made the difference between 1 &2.


Yearling - Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1 COOK’S KINGSHEATH BALEY OF BURNBAKE I found both these bitches to be a bit strong in head. This bitch just needs to

mature throughout. Has nice neck and good bone, with decent lay of shoulder. Has a good body, and rear angulation.

She was more settled on the move than her litter sister in 2. Just carrying a bit too much weight today. It’s the difference

between being heavy and being mature.

2 TWILLEY’S KINGSHEATH ASUKA Just like her sister needs time to mature. Has all the angulation and depth of body offering

a decent shape. Not as heavy as 1, however just didn’t settle on the move, pacing for much of the time.

Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1 CORBETT’S TRIMERE TICATBOO Nice compact 2 y/o L&W bitch. Nice shape of head with good width of back skull,

correct fluting and brows and good muzzle. Nice length of neck, with good arch. Solid over the shoulder offering strength

through front assembly. Super bone and tight, well shaped feet. Solid body with good spring and length of rib into short

coupling. Super width over loin and well muscled thighs. She moved with a parallel action, would just like a bit

more reach in front. In good coat and condition.

2 OSBOURNE’S PETRANELLA EXCLUSIVE WITH BRAEGO. This L&W bitch has more body length and thus not so compact.

She has a pleasing head which is well balanced with good fluting and brows, Nice kind eye of good shape and colour.

Well angulated front standing on good bone. Well ribbed back and deep. Slightly longer coupling than 1.

Nice rear angulation with excellent rump and tail set. She wasn’t as fluid on the move as 1, but sound enough.


Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 15 Absentees: 2

1 TOPLISS’ BERESFORD WHAT THE DEVIL. LW&T beautifully headed bitch would just prefer a bit more flew to

complete the picture. Lovely eye shape and colour liked the fluting and brows. Good length of neck, well muscled.

Stands over her front well with good angulation of upper arm. Good bone and tight feet. Good width and length of rib,

short coupled, good bum. Moderate rear angulation with well muscled thighs. Level topline held on the move which

was dynamic if not too well controlled! In super coat well presented.

2 GLENDINNING’S PLAIGLEN DAZZLED. L&W bitch who has her mother’s head, not quite so refined and slightly steep in stop.

Loved her eye and colour. Arched neck into good front. Excellent ribs through to short coupling. Good bum and rear angulation.

Fluid on the move, although a little wide in front today. Another in excellent coat and condition.


Limit - Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1 NICHOLSON’SLOXBOURNE DISCO DIVA AT KINGSHEATH JW. She appeared in the class with that look at me attitude.

She glistened in the sun and stood four square looking very elegant. She has such a gorgeous head, previously I wondered

about her eye colour, but today I had no doubt. She has such a well rounded back skull and super muzzle.

Has plenty of depth under the eye which is well chiselled. Super neck, leading to correct shoulders and excellent return

of upper arm. Her saddle marking makes her body look a tad long, but in fact she is nicely proportioned. Super topline

with short coupling into excellent rear angulation. She is carrying the correct weight which reflected in her super condition.

Her movement was parallel, controlled and sound as a pound. Bitch CC In the challenge I felt she wasn’t giving her all.

So, it had to be the dog going into the group.

2 GREEN’SKENNAIR I AM I SAID I have seen her in better condition as she was lacking coat today. However, she is such a

nice bitch to go over. Super head and expression with dark eye. Reachy neck into well angulated front. Good ribs well back

 into short coupling. She is fluid on the move and despite her leaving her dress at home she deserved her placing

3 TERNENT’SHUNTERHECK UNDER A SPELL JW….Just felt this bitch was a bit heavy today and sluggish on the move.

It was a shame as I like her type.

Open - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1 CORBETT’S SH CH TRIMERE TICKET MAID. L&W Loved her make and shape. Very feminine throughout. Nice well balanced

head with good eye shape and colour. Strong neck, well angulated front on good bone and feet. Well ribbed back

with level topline and good bum. Moderate rear angulation. In good jacket. Loved her fluid movement with plenty of drive.

I felt she outpaced her kennel mate today who ended up in third place. RES CC

2 MITCHELL & PAYNE’S SH CH PEASBLOSSOM MOONSTRUCK. B&W who impressed. Very compact outline with level topline

and moderate angulation. Super well modelled head. Good balance with good eye. Strong neck, super front assembly

standing on good bone and feet. Liked her compact body with excellent spring of rib. Super loin, good bum and well

muscled rear. Good driving action on the move, but not so collected as 1


Judge: Graham Osborne