• Show Date: 17/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Mullis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

South Wales Boxer Club

Championship Show 17/3/2018

I would like to thank the committee of the South Wales Boxer Club for the invitation to give a CC for the first time and their hospitality, really enjoyed the day, thanks to all the exhibitors for a quality entry.

Veteran Dog (8, 3)

1st. Griffiths and Miller’s, CH Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese, 7 year old B/W in superb condition, balanced head with good width and depth of muzzle, good mouth, dark correct eye with a kind expression, sound front assembly, he flows from his neck into his topline and maintains this on the move,, well developed quarters, he moved freely around the ring to win the class and was in my last 4 for the CC & Best Veteran in Show.

2nd. Chell and Cook’s, Manic Countdown At Ludic, B/W presented in lovely condition, clean head of good proportions, lighter and slightly longer cast than 1st, good front and topline, he enjoyed his day, he moved around with drive and never stopped showing.

3rd. Feaver and Cormack’s, Very Attracted To Newlaithe

Minor Pupy Dog (9)

1st. Brown and Hutchings, Winuwuk In The Name Of Lust, 6 month old B/W, eye catching, a real baby who has a beautifully balanced clean head, just right for his age, a good mouth, lovely eyes with a melting expression, correct ear carriage and evident chin, a good front with adequate forechest and depth of brisket for his age, his arched neck flows nicely into his topline, enough angulation behind for his age, when stacked he looked a picture and as he settled he moved well around the ring to gain BPD.

2nd. Brough, Cairns and Murray’s, Galicar Investigating With Limubox, a week younger but more mature than 1st, a striking square outline, a pleasing clean balanced head with a good mouth, he flows nicely throughout, well angulated front and back, correct topline and a spot on tailset, he moved well out and back, a close decision, I just preferred the head and expression of the 1st.

3rd. Carter’s, Susancar Omar Goodness,

Puppy Dog (6,1)

1st. McDonald’s, Yeteb Hey Diddle Diddle, B/W well made throughout, presents a lovely clean square outline without any exaggeration, his balanced clean head and kind expression I found very appealing, he has a good mouth and lip placement, lovely dark eyes, well boned with a good front, neck and topline, well angulated throughout, moved with drive and energy, expertly handled.

2nd. Huckerby and Dowell’s, Carkennar Struck With Norwilbeck Bellchime, B/W showy lad who looks lovely in profile, balanced head with a good mouth, a good front, lovely neck which flows into a slightly sloping topline, well angulated quarters which he used well on the move, just preferred the head and expression of the 1st.

3rd. Morison’s, Byarkey Jar Dancing On Thin Ice To Xandene.

Junior Dog (3)

1st. Miller’s, Walkon Big Star, 15 months B/W, this lad demands your attention as soon as he enters the ring, he presents a stunning outline and has the character to go with it, he has a clean balanced head a wide muzzle, a good mouth and chin, dark eyes with a mischievous expression. His lovely forehand construction, length of upper arm and good shoulder placement gives him super reach, his arched neck flows down to clearly defined withers, a strong topline, good underline and spot on tail set, well angulated quarters with a strong second thigh complete the picture. Took a little time to settle on the move in his class but when he did his reach and drive really did impress and this movement continued in the challenge. Pushed hard by the Open winner in the challenge but his clever handler pulled out all the stops, I was proud to award him the DCC, his 2nd. BIS in agreement with my co-judge.

2nd. Mitchell’s, Diceulon Daiquiri, B/W with a sharp pleasing outline, a balanced head with a strong muzzle, with well angulated shoulders, a good neck and topline, he has well-made quarters with a strong second thigh, a lot to like about him I hope he settles more on the move as he grows up.

3rd. Johnson’s, Frankolina Goldfinger At Sonshoby.

Yearling Dog (5, 1)

1st. Watson and Crooks-Carpenter’s, Beauimres First Officer At Roylark, R/W larger sized striking dog with a super outline, a very showy lad always on his toes who makes his handler work hard, a good head, dark eyes with a kind expression, a good mouth and chin, well angulated front and back with a correct topline, moved well to win a good class.

2nd. Brough and Murray’s, Limubox Fool O’Scotch JW, B/W in super hard condition, stands square in profile, he has a clean head with a wide muzzle and a good mouth, dark eyes with a keen expression, well made with a good front a sound topline, showed and handled well, close decision but just preferred the attitude of the 1st.

3rd. Brown and Hutchings, Winuwuk Danny Mac

Novice Dog (3, 1)

1st. Tonkin and Pellow’s, Rosanyos Erre Ocho, 9 months B/W, a heavier set big boned lad who is at present very loose especially on the move, a little fleshy in head at present but with lovely dark eyes showing a true boxer expression and a good mouth and chin. Well-handled to make the most of his attributes when stacked.

2nd. Edgelar’s, Kezialeigh Save A Kiss For Me, 18 months B/W with a nice head and a kind expression, a tall rangy lad with a good topline and tailset, gave his handler a hard time, the outline of the first decided this class.

Graduate Dog (8,1)

1st. Peck’s, Manic Keep It Real For Enesha, 19 months B/W, very smart in profile, a very clean balanced head with dark eyes showing a true boxer expression, a good mouth with evident chin, good front angulation, a nicely arched neck which flows well into his topline, shorter backed with a good tail set, used his well angulated quarters to drive around the ring, well-handled to win a strong class.

2nd. Brooks, Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux, R/W more compact than 1st, clean balanced head with a good mouth and evident chin, kind soft expression, a correct front and well angulated quarters, he keeps his topline on the move, going well around the ring, close decision but preferred the outline of the 1st.

3rd. Seeney’s, Maranseen Endeavour.

Post Graduate Dog, (6)

1st. Elsworth’s, Winuwuk Close Encounter For Misstricks, B/W elegant male who has a balanced clean head with lovely dark eyes and a true boxer expression, a good mouth and lip placement, a well-made front and tight feet, he is well angulated behind with a good second thigh, lighter in profile than some but moved around the ring with drive keeping his topline throughout. I see now that he is the brother of my RCC winner.

2nd. Jones, Charles and James, Charlons First Time With Maromad, B/W, strong but balanced head with a good mouth, visible chin and well-padded muzzle, dark eyes with a kind expression, a good front, tight feet, lovely in outline, uses his neck and topline well, at times when stacked he can appear a little over angulated behind but still uses his quarters to power him around the ring, in my opinion still needs time. Preferred the head and expression of the 1st.

3rd. Ames, Bonyhams Hoy Pursuit To Thenamy,

Limit Dog, (13, 3)

1st. Morison’s, Jobaran Marathon Man To Xandene, B/W with the most eye-catching outline, his clean head with dark correct shaped eyes, a good mouth with chin and an excellent depth of muzzle. A super forehand, he flows from his arched neck, defined withers into his topline, down to well-developed quarters and second thigh, he drives around the ring and keeps his topline throughout, was in my last 4 for the CC.

2nd. Cook and Postance’, Manic Heart Breaker, B/W, short coupled but square and well balanced when viewed in profile, a clean head, dark correct shaped eyes, a true boxer expression and a good mouth, good layback of shoulder, good neck and topline, well angulated quarters moved well with drive at all times, well handled, a close decision but the outline of the 1st won this class.

3rd. Murfin and Renshaw-Turner’s, Farvalley Dark Knight

Open Dog, (9)

1st. Brown and Hutchings, CH Winuwuk Chance Encounter (AI) B/W caught my eye straight away with his sharp but square outline, combines elegance with substance, on his toes throughout demanding attention. A pleasing balanced head with a good mouth, dark correct shaped eyes, a kind expression, well made front, good height of foreleg, a well-developed forechest and correct shoulder placement, nice reach of neck, withers and a correct flowing topline. Well-made quarters which he used to advantage driving around the ring, pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd. Brough and Murray’s, CH Galicar Mac Steamy At Limubox, B/W who presents a cracking profile picture, very appealing, a good head with a strong muzzle, a good mouth and the darkest eyes, a lovely expression, not exaggerated in any way, well off for bone, he has a good front with strong neck, topline and quarters, he moved freely around the ring always with drive, handled to perfection, I just preferred the slightly taller square outline of the 1st.

3rd. Huggins’, CH Daervlish All Because Of You JW.


Graham Mullis