• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Gordon Setter

WINDSOR 1st July 2018


A rather disappointing entry. The Gordon is the “heavy weight hunter” of the Setter breeds and many today lacked the substance required to give the impression of that and a few had substance in abundance. With small classes and differing types the line ups were no-where near even. At times I struggled to find a deep rather than broad head with the required stop and with brows giving that dignified noble expression. Positively, body, construction and movement were good.

The weather conditions were so warm I kept movement to a minimum and all gave a very good performance with just one triangle.

Veteran D/B 4/2abs A good start to the day. Two beautiful males.

 1st Robson’s ShCh Laurelhach Limited Edition at Yohenoak 8yrs Very good head and expression with low set ears, long arched neck into well laid shoulders. Good body and hind quarters. Moved with drive and determination. Delighted he was Veteran Group 3.

 2nd Halliday’s Ch Yennadon The Druid JW Another very much out of the same mould. 10½ yrs had to give way to the younger dog on the power of his movement.


 1st Roberts Cairacaillie Spice Of Life It’s difficult with such a youngster to get the best out of them but this 7½ mth old is at a lovely stage where everything is balanced and in proportion. A little hesitant to start with on the move but showed a good profile.

 2nd Holloway’s Lourdace Headliner Lighter build than the winner and at the in between stages of development needs time, which there is plenty of.

 3rd Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens

P 4

 1st C. Spice Of Life

 2nd Michalak’s Kyuna Dream Merchant. Nicely made dog with good head and shoulders but has not got the bone and balanced proportions of the winner at this stage. Did move very well.

 3rd H Jack O’Lantern by Rackens

J 2

 1st Harker’s Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick. 13mth tall, well grown, youngster. Very good steady true movement.

 2nd McCararty’s Hernwood Boston High Flyer. 17mth Dog with good bone, little to choose between the two, has a lovely head and expression, winner was more together and accurate on the move.

Y 3

 1st Mitchell’s Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brodruick JW. Most beautiful headed dog nearly two years old. Long strong arched neck into very good shoulders, already has a deep frame with plenty of heart room and powerful movement. Would have been in serious contention for higher honours if he carried his tail lower. Hope this is just youthful exuberance.

 2nd Bryant’s Kilnrae Hallmark Younger by nearly six months another good looking dog, not the body of the winner at this stage but nonetheless a very strong mover.

 3rd H. Boston High Flyer

PG 8/1 A strong class, top three all good movers, winner had just the edge with a slightly stronger firmer topline

 1st Ford’s Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW ShCM Very nice dog so well put together which he displayed on the move.

 2nd Ashton’s Yennadon Renaissance with Gaidburn Not quite the body and overall balance of the winner but a very good mover.

 3rd Glaysher’s Amscot Royal Purple of Billingham

L 7/2

 1st Robson’s Liric For Your Eyes Only by Yohenoak JW This rising five year old is coming to full maturity with the most dignified, noble expression, just what I was looking for. Short, deep body, strong bone and good angulation and consequently powerful on the move. ResDCC

 2nd Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora ShCM Smaller, well muscled dog with the right amount of substance to balance his frame a good mover with clear tan.

3rd Poynter’s Hernwood Thunderstorm

O 4/1

 1st Ivaldi’s MultiCh Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein A strong well made fully coated dog with classic Gordon head with dark eye and long low set ears. Good body with correct angulation with well muscled quarters giving strong driving movement CC

 2nd Burke’s Ecameadow The Explorer A little unsettled and reluctant to start but did settle. Balanced but not the substance of the winner did move well.

 3rd Butler’s Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon JW ShCM

GC D/B 2/1

 1st Two year old bitch not really balanced in height to body ratio. Good feminine head moved steadily.

SpBeg D/B 3/1

 A difficult decision between two differing types.

1st Britton’s Graylacier Portreath Nice young dog VHC in PG has good bone needs to body up and mature a steady mover.

2nd Champness’ Rosemullion Philomel Tall fine boned rather upright angulation, a bit unco-ordinated on the move.

MPB 4/1

1st Roberts’ Cairacaille Sugar N Spice Such a lovely puppy Good head, eye and expression, neck and angulation with good level topline. Everything just right for her age,

2nd Passmore’s Beechlake Sea Of Love Not so together or balanced as the winner at this stage but at 6mths has plenty of time to grow and fill her frame.

3rd Johnston’s Glenquin Phoenix

P 4/1

1st Justice’s Ludstar La La Land to Liric (Imp) Beautiful balanced bitch approaching a year, lovely head with dark eye, good body and bone. Steady accurate mover for such a youngster, easily Best Puppy.

2nd Roberts & Watson’s Kyuna Dream Of Magic at Moonglade. Smaller finer bitch with very clear tan.

3rd Johnston’s Glenquin Phoenix

J 4/1

1st Justice’s Ludstar La La Land to Liric (Imp)

2nd Davies’ Hernwood Athena at Herrera 13mths will make a substantial bitch. At the inbetween stages of development at this time. Good dark eye and expression, with deep body and bone.

3rd Marsh’s Lignum Black Lighting at Kilnrae

Y 2

1st Mugford’s Pensylwania Black Lofty at Lynwood (Imp) Lovely balanced bitch very good throughout, good topline held with powerful movement.

2nd Slaughter’s Cairacaillie Night Of Love with Ordett JW Smaller, finer built bitch but nonetheless balanced and true mover.

PG 8/2 Topped by two very good bitches.

1st Justice’s Liric Nostalgia Beautifully balanced with a very good head, dark eye and dignified expression. Long clean neck, good bone and surprisingly mature in body for a two year old CC I thought I would be starting off another to champion status only to find this was her fourth CC in four straight shows. BOB over the dog I found her head and expression to be more appealing and I preferred her, over the excessive coat of the dog.

2nd Mawby’s Burroughtof Star Symphony Another good bitch although almost a year older has more maturing to do. Not quite the head and expression of the winner. Good clear tan and another good mover.

3rd Collingborn Graylacier Celtic Angel at Pollypark

L 8/2

1st Watson & Roberts’ Kyuna Believe in Magic by Moonglade JW Well muscled bitch of correct proportions, clear rather pale tan.

2nd Passmore’s Beechlake I Dared to Dream A bitch of substance, good reach of neck, mature through body, strong hindquarters and consequently good movement.

3rd Evans’ Burroughtof Dark Amber von Langstrumpf.

O 5/1 Two bitches at the two extremes of size and substance. A difficult decision. Both mature and good movers.

1st Osborn’s Amscott The smaller of the two, I preferred the head proportions and expression, muscular condition and clearer tan.

2nd Boxhall’s ShCh Laurelhach Entrapement JW The stronger of the two at the limit of size and substance.

3rd Nagaty’s ShCh Forester’s Xclusive Edition Of Darkmoor at Marlbeck

Graham Lambert