• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: veteran stakes

Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

Higham Press/dog.biz Veteran Stakes

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 683 VD/B-St (18 Entries) Abs: 8

Pleased and honoured to be invited to judge the Veteran Stakes at the prestigious Leeds Championship Dog Show. On each day there were line ups of excellent Veterans who, without exception, all were all excellent representatives of their respective breeds. As a result of the high quality on show, many impressive dogs had to go cardless.

DAY 1.

1st: 1319 EMMETT, Ms E J & SIMONS Mr C N Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh.CM a very smart 7 year old Dalmatian who showed herself off to advantage. A very impressive overall profile both standing and on the move. Attractive head which was breed typical in shape and proportions and was feminine and attentive in expression. Sound in front, body and hindquarters which was demonstrated by her true purposeful movement.

2nd: 1745 LOGAN Dr K A & Mr C Luekiki Diemos To Spyanki JW Sh.CM a very eye-catching 9 year old Lhasa Apso male who is in commendable body and coat condition and a credit to her handler. Very attractive in appearance being well constructed from front to rear. Super head and expression, well made front and forequarters, firm nicely covered body and stable good width hindquarters. Moved with true forward action and driving rear action.                                                        3rd: 1030 TEAGUE Mrs M Bringiton Mr Chang By Tarragem an 8year old Pug male of good size with pleasing bone and body. Attractive head and engaging expression. Moved with plenty of purpose and breed free moving action.

 Res: 553 AMSEL, Mrs & RISHWORTH Miss H Ch & Am Gr Ch Artmeis Kaaliya a super quality 9 year old Italian Greyhound bitch.

VHC: 1804 COCKERHAM Mr S & Mrs M Ir Ch Yakuza's Crossfire JW Sh.CM a very smart well made 7 year old male Miniature Schnauzer.

Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

Higham Press/dog.biz Veteran Stakes 2

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 1453 Vet Stakes (26 Entries) Abs: 10


1st: 2393 GRAYSON Mrs E Ch & Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau JW Sh a striking 9 year old Basenji male who has elegance combined with sound construction. A top quality male who is impressive in profile both standing and on the move. He has an excellent head of correct proportions all through, which he proudly carries on a strong, ideally crested good length neck. Quality in make and shape of body which is balanced with satisfying spring and depth of chest. Pleasing height to length proportions. Firm in top line and body condition with ideal rounded buttock. Straight, forward extension in front with drive behind and effortless action in side gait.

2nd: 4690 WILDSMITH Mrs M & Mr S Trimere Time Trail With Sandiebeck Sh.CM

 A super shaped mature well bodied 9 year old male. Well balanced and excellent in overall construction having an eye-catching well defined outline and side profile. Breed typical and masculine in head which is set well onto good length neck and strong body. He has satisfying overall body proportions and shows himself off to advantage enhanced by his excellent coat condition. Moved well having a true strong action.

3rd: 3240 GRISOLI Ms L Ch Loroli Let's Boogie a rising 8 year old Whippet mature typy bitch of super quality. Impressive graceful, elegant outline and noteworthy conformation. She has a very attractive head shape and expression set on a neck of proportional length. Graceful flowing lines all through with a pleasing top line and who is of good size with balance in angulations front and rear. True parallel front and firm broad hindquarters and ideal of cover in body. Moved true front and rear with excellent profile movement

Res: 3901 BELL Miss A Crookrise The Medlar At Owlspoint JW Sh.CM a very striking 7 year old Pointer male who impressed in make, shape and movement.

VHC: 4521 BURLEY Miss M E Suedons Pippin For Barnsbur a rising 9 year old very smart well made Cocker Spaniel.


Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

Higham Press/dog.biz Veteran Stakes 3

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 2397 Vet Stakes (28 Entries) Abs: 18


1st: 5435 BAXTER, Ms S & MORRIS Mr D Ch Albanywater Sea Dancer At Davistell Sh.CM an 8 year old upstanding Newfoundland male who has the look of power and strength. He is well balanced and is substantial in boned and body. Super head, strong neck, sturdy well made body, ribbed well back. Firm and level in top-line with strong, stable hindquarters. Moved with a free steady action..

2nd: 6603 BANNISTER Mrs Y Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove Sh.CM an impressive 10 year old Bedlington Terrier bitch who has a graceful outline and is well constructed in front, body and hindquarters. attractive head set well onto a good length clean neck. Satisfying to go over and does not disappoint in overall make and shape. Light, supple and accurate in movement.

3rd: 6477 BRADY Mrs R Ch Francehill Two Tone a super quality 11 year old male Shetland Sheepdog in commendable coat and body condition. Quality in make and shape and presented in excellent coat. Alert in expression and ready to move with true action in front and steady drive behind.

Res: 7082 MAIDMENT Mrs L M Berrybreeze Explorer At Daxidin a very smart well constructed 9 year old Scottish Terrier bitch.

VHC: 6421 JOHNSON, Miss J & KNIPE Mr A Angelicus Crystal Serenity a rising 8 year old well coated Samoyed bitch.