• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Borzoi

    Judges Critiques

City Of Birmingham Canine Association 2018


Judge: Mr G Hill

BEST OF BREED : 362 PINKERTON Mrs S M Ch Ujay Kalinow At Menigma Ger (Imp) JW Sh.CM

Dog CC : 362 PINKERTON Mrs S M Ch Ujay Kalinow At Menigma Ger (Imp) JW Sh.CM

Res Dog CC : 340 GRAHAM Mrs S Dashava Calgary

Bitch CC : 359 ODELL Miss Y Sukeshi Shiggy Bops

Res Bitch CC : 337 FAKKERT Miss I & A Multi Ch Iskristaja Iskra Wolkowo

Best Puppy : 324 CODLING, Mrs R & JONES Mr V Jansams Tiramisu

Best Veteran : 339 GODDEN Mrs R Beamer Starquest

Best Junior : 322 CLARE Ms J Ryazan Firestorm

I was pleased to be invited to judge my breed especially as I had only judged males at the Borzoi Club show in 2014.                      I appreciated my entry of 62 bearing in mind the average entry at Championship Shows over the past year.

My overall impression of the dogs on show were, in the main, positive but it is disappointing that there is no  consistency in breed type, shape or outline and general appearance. Although individual dogs have construction merits there remain, what I feel, several faults among the majority present in this entry. Upright fronts, slab sided ribs, feet which are flat and splayed, strong heads, lack of veining and bite problems are all in evidence. All must be taken into account and penalised accordingly. It appears that, but for a few individual breeders, there is a tendency to import dogs from various overseas countries without thought of background pedigrees or how they will benefit the breed here in the UK. We seem to be a country of exhibitors who just want to win in the show ring and not breeders wanting to improve the Borzoi breed.


All that said I must repeat previous comments from judging experience in 2014 which appears to be still relevant:

Presentation of dogs on the day was excellent although I am always surprised that exhibitors, having taken the trouble to bath and groom their dogs, fail to attend to teeth, feet and nails especially. Long nails are unsightly, not neat and tend to lengthen and flatten the appearance of the front feet in particular.

I found a few mouths with level or slightly overshot bites; there were many weak under-jaws, with narrow, snipy muzzles leaving little room for teeth to be “set square to the jaw”.

In summary there remains a number of conformation points which I think again should be highlighted and which                      continue to need improvement. Upright fronts, lack of fore-chest, spring of rib and narrowness of under jaw are faults                    that appears not to have improved.

Feet need to be considered, with long front feet, which lack knuckling, and incorrect short rear feet are still on show.                       Many dogs lacked muscle tone while both dirty teeth and untrimmed nails were present all too often.

Although it cannot be denied that all line ups could be recognised as “Borzoi”, there were many styles of dog on show with little, if no consistency of General Appearance. It is all too apparent that the influence of many imports from various countries has mixed-up the type of Borzoi now seen in the UK show ring; for me this is not positive progress. Anyone intending to breed should take care to ensure they know the background pedigree of each dog to be used. Breeders should have a clear understanding of the Breed Standard and what they are aiming to achieve, whilst being aware of the attributes and faults of the lines they are using. Faults seem always to be easily perpetuated, while consistency of breed type and soundness is a little more difficult to achieve!!

Class 110 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 367 ROTH-BROWN Mrs D Yegorov Cloudberry an 11-month-old very well grown o/w male who although has a well-defined top-line needs now to mature and broaden all through and settle into himself. Would prefer more oval cut in ribbing but preferred front construction to that of 2nd. He has a pleasing masculine head which is of proportion, balanced and of characteristic breed shape. Moved relatively true but was close; however, he was the better mover of the class.

2nd: 341 HARVEY Mrs L Lynx Shades Of Autumn At Albaneiler (Imp) another 11month old of similar make and shape although less well defined in top-line. Attractive head both in shape and proportions, expression improved by having excellent dark eyes and pigment. One that has grown on well and now needs to broaden all through in body; needs more spring and depth of ribbing. Unsettled both standing and on the move, which did not help his handler.

3rd: 349 LEE-BROWN Mrs A C Zar Elbur Kalinow Of Palamedees (Imp)

Class 111 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 322 CLARE Ms J Ryazan Firestorm an impressive 16-month-old s/g well balanced male who is well boned and well bodied with pleasing muscle tone. Masculine, typy head which for me could be slightly more refined; pleasing eye shape although expression would be improved by them being darker. True well boned front with pleasing fill-in and width across the chest. He has a well-balanced body with pleasing slightly sprung ribbing, graceful top-line, decent length of firm, broad loin and moderately let down hindquarters. Moved with a free action, tending to pin in front although good, satisfying rear action. Preferred the overall make, shape, balance and movement to that of 2nd.                             

2nd: 320 CHALK, Mr & Mrs N R & M & VORRIAS Mr E Chalksville Eagle Lord a 12-month-old young male who has a shapely top-line in side profile. Acceptable developed in bone and body for age. Tends to appear upright in front and narrow without fore-chest, so would prefer more spring and depth of chest to give more substance of body. Pleasing fallaway and hindquarters. Needs to improve in movement.

Class 112 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 340 GRAHAM Mrs S Dashava Calgary a 2-year-old s/r of super style and appearance. He is a substantial male of satisfactory height having ideal bone but a little generous in substance especially over the loin which tends to affect his shape and top-line. Attractive well-formed head which has desirable chiselling, veining and is all in proportion to the rest of him which edged him above other males he was placed over. He has a true parallel front, desirable pasterns and elbows with ribbing of oval cut and adequate depth. Overall body of good length with pleasing balance in angulations front and rear which he scored over others. A young male with quality in breed characteristics and conformation. Needs to fine down in body to achieve fit, maturity to fulfil his undoubted potential. One that I like a lot. My Dog Reserve CC winner.

2nd: 334 EDWARDS Mr & Mrs N Nibrass King Penda a very attractively marked, well presented 3½ year old who is stylish and of pleasing overall size and shape. Would prefer more lay-back of shoulder and although could have more spring he has good depth of chest. True front but handler needs to watch his tendency to knuckle over.  He has a real graceful elegant look both standing naturally and moving in side gait which edged him over 3rd who tended to look long and lacking top-line. Free moving but front action needs to be more settled to give of his best.

3rd: 335 ELLETT, Mrs M & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mrs J Janter Sylvester

Class 113 LD (9 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 363 PINKERTON, Mrs S & CATTONI-SARMAN Ms L Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma (Imp) an upstanding good sized male of striking stature and appearance; shown in commendable coat and presentation. Masculine, well-proportioned head of pleasing shape although, for me, ears could be higher set. He has desirable angulations front and rear and is all in proportion and balance. Best of fronts, firm and well-made in body, broad in loin and moderate, firm, stable hindquarters but would prefer more defined top-line. Scores in movement having true extension in front and acceptable rear action; better mover of class; a graceful and elegant hound.          

2nd: 371 VERECZKI Mrs E Go Go Bolshoi Huckleberry a very stylish 3-year-old male who is shapely, all in                                   proportion and breed typical in appearance. He has a very attractive head which is handsome, and I liked. Well-constructed true front and good width forequarters, firm and sturdy in body and good width stable hindquarters. Pleasing conformation with no part exaggerated and so fits together well, presenting an elegant natural picture. Edged out 3rd on movement.

3rd: 364 RIDGE-REEVES Mrs S M Sukeshi Master Jaba  

Class 114 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 362 PINKERTON Mrs S M Ch Ujay Kalinow At Menigma Ger (Imp) JW Sh.CM a striking 4-year-old matur male who was presented in tip-top body and coat condition. Elegant in profile having balance in angulations front and rear and all in proportion to his overall appearance. Parallel and true, clean boned front with pleasing width all through and having adequate lay back of shoulder, mature depth and ribbed well back; would prefer more spring. Pleasing body cover and muscle condition; he has a graceful top line with compatible fallaway; stands firm in hindquarters having moderate angulation and stable width to enable him to stand naturally presenting an ideal picture with the appearance of imposing quality. Masculine head of acceptable shape having proportional length and width all through. Head set on to strong desirable shaped neck. Liked him the more I went over him. Sound steady movement with enough extension in front and good positive drive behind. Needs to stride out to give his best side gait. My Dog CC and Best of Breed winner. Pleased he was shortlisted in the Hound group later.

2nd: 365 RIMELL Mr & Mrs B & L P Ch Borodino Balanchine a mature 6-year-old very typy r/w in excellent coat and                          when standing has that well-made, elegant appearance of the style of dog I like. Pleasing head of attractive shape and              classic lines but with his open eye shape tended to look apprehensive detracting from his expression. He is well                     constructed in front and forequarters with desirable fill-in, true and parallel in front legs with ideal width across the                           fore chest. He is of desirable make and shape with flowing lines with moderately let down hindquarters. A good honest male with lots to offer the breed. Standing he presented a satisfying breed typical picture but let himself down on the move; although true, he lacked enthusiasm to stride out which, with his make and shape, should be assured.                   

3rd: 336 FAKKERT Miss I & A Cashmir Of The Wicklow Hunters   

Class 116 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 339 GODDEN Mrs R Beamer Starquest a well coated 8 year old who has a shapely elegant standing side profile. Pleasing head which is feminine and breed typical and which I preferred to 2nd; would prefer her ears to be higher set. She has a good length neck and pleasing front and forequarters with good depth of chest. Overall, she is balanced in angulations front and rear and of pleasing size and proportions. an easy free mover needing to settle in front action but was parallel with satisfactory width in rear action. Best Veteran in Breed.

2nd: 338 GODDEN Mrs R Ch Strelkos Skylark Over Beamer an 11-year-old well bodied and profusely coated, mature full-figured bitch who although is pleasing in overall construction she is tending to be slack all through. Obviously feminine in head but her expression is spoilt by her round eyes. She has a true parallel front and the depth of body of a mature hound. Co-operated on the move but action tended to be heavy.

3rd: 375 WILENCZYC Miss K Ch Kashiba Oh No Not My Baby Sh.CM

Class 117 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 324 CODLING, Mrs R & JONES Mr V Jansams Tiramisu an 8-month-old smart youngster who has all the basics in construction you look for in a very promising puppy. She is pleasing in bone and body and has satisfactory development in shape and size leaving plenty of scope for future maturity. She has a very attractive head which has clean lines, feminine and breed typical with good fill-in below the eyes. True in front with pleasing pasterns and tight feet, nicely made in body with graceful top line and lond moderately angled hindquarters. Not the finished article by any means but no obvious conformation faults at this time to give concern. Moved with confidence and precise action. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 118 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 317 BARRETT-WILLIAMS Mrs J Tyysgol Guinevere a very shapely 14-month-old who in side profile is well constructed having balance and ideal proportions of body with enough coat cover. She possesses an attractive feminine typy head with desirable dark correct shaped eyes giving a noble expression all of which I preferred to 2nd. Soundly constructed in front and forequarters although would prefer tighter and better knuckled front feet; pleasing body proportions and correct flowing top line with moderate angulation front and rear and stable hindquarters of just the right width. The best mover of this class with true action front and rear and pleasing head carriage.

2nd: 321 CHALK, Mr & Mrs N R & M & VORRIAS Mr E Chalksville Pasha an attractively marked 12-month-old at a difficult stage in development being at present a little out of proportion with at times being slightly exaggerated in top line. Feminine in head needing to fine down but pleasing eyes shape and expression; She has decent bone and body substance with scope to develop further. True but upright in front, lacking spring and depth of rib. Needing to tighten and settle on the move.

Class 119 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 355 MASTERMAN Mrs M A Quarenta's Life's A Dream With Santerman a shapely r/w 4 year old petit bitch of attractive style; not the biggest but in profile she has a smart, elegant appearance. Pleasing head make and shape with dark eyes and pigment, almond shaped and nicely set. Super overall proportions, feminine look, harmonising in neck and body length, possessing a flowing top line and fall away. Would prefer more depth and slightly more spring of rib. Moved the best of this class especially in rear action.

2nd: 361 GAYFORD Ms A Jamarqui Mystiqui a heavier built 3-year-old who is who is of pleasing type, make and shape. Attractive head, shapely, with feminine qualities. Head set on good length, strong neck; she is well constructed all through although would prefer more defined lay-back of shoulders. She stands on good feet. Presented in acceptable coat and pleasing condition. She moved out with true front action but a little close in front and rear action.

3rd: 332 DONNELLY Ms M Serenefol Amelia

Class 120 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: 359 ODELL Miss Y Sukeshi Shiggy Bops a 3½ year old super shaped bitch who impressed with her overall conformation and body proportions and balance producing a very striking breed typical appearance. She excels in head and expression which compliments the rest of her both in proportions and quality. She was good to go over and enthused me the more I handled and observed her. Every part goes together so perfectly with nothing in exaggeration presenting an ideal breed typical picture. Satisfying in conformation from front to rear with an ideal graceful top line and fallaway. Moved really well although a little unsettled in the BOB challenge. My Bitch CC winner.

 2nd: 325 CODLING, Mrs R & JONES Mr V Manitias Jelena At Jansams another 3½ year old who is a very ‘honest’ bitch having nothing in exaggeration but possessing some individual desirable features. She has a beautiful head both viewed from front and side. Lovely eyes shape and good pigment and notable depth of jaw; strength in head and jaws but remaining feminine in look. She is true in front when standing but tended to be loose on the move needing to firm up. She has a well made body combining a graceful top line and good length moderate but stable hindquarters. Free moving with better rear action than 3rd.

3rd: 315 ALLEN Mrs G Araura's Tigers Eye

Class 121 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 337 FAKKERT Miss I & A Multi Ch Iskristaja Iskra Wolkowo a mature rising 6-year-old s/r quality bitch. She has a lovely head, which I preferred to 2nd, set on to a lengthy neck of pleasing depth and shape. One that has excellent construction in front, body and hindquarters which although is evident when standing, she must be handled to fully appreciate. Overall standing she is impressive but today lacked firm body and muscle which detracted when she moved in the Bitch CC challenge. Nonetheless a quality bitch that deserved acknowledgement and so the Reserve Bitch CC.

2nd: 323 CLARE Ms J Ch Ryazan Juliet a super typy 4½ year old bitch who is excellent in coat and condition. Very imposing in style and profile shape. One that is totally in proportion and balance with profuse coat giving the impression that she is of modest size, but for me she is ideal. She is of sound make and shape. Moved well in front action but close and loose behind.

3rd: 344 HARVEY Mrs L Ch Ir Ch Albaneiler Aquae Sulis (ai) CW17

Class 122 GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 366 ROGERSON Ms S Nibrass Emerald Queen a 3½ year old of heftier style and build. She is strong in head which could be more refined. True, well boned front with loose springy pasterns and feet that need to tighten. Well bodied with a graceful top line and nicely let down hindquarters. Needs more enthusiasm and to be more precise on the move.