• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Houndshow 2018 2018

Norwegian Elkhound

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

BEST OF BREED : 1282 COWPER Mrs J E Ch Rothenborg Leaha

Dog CC : 1288 GRAY Miss B C Strom Footloose For Grasilva (Imp)

Res Dog CC : 1294 MAUN Mrs T Ch Bowerhinton Brouhaha

Bitch CC : 1282 COWPER Mrs J E Ch Rothenborg Leaha

Res Bitch CC : 1300 MIDDLETON Mr B & Mrs L A Ch Bowerhinton Be Madams Spy At Graythor Sh.CM

Best Puppy : 1280 COWPER Mrs J E Rothenborg Peder

Best Veteran : 1282 COWPER Mrs J E Ch Rothenborg Leaha

Best Special Beginner : 1307 THREADGOLD Mrs W Bowerhinton Bywnans

Class 352 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1280 COWPER Mrs J E Rothenborg Peder a 9 month old very promising shapely young male who has a pleasing profile and an overall quality appearance. Pleasing head and expression with dark expressive eyes and well-shaped good sized ears. He has desirable bone bone and body with a balanced nicely proportioned profile, true front which I preferred to 2nd, and possesses all the basics and scope for sound maturity. Moved with a confident, free easy action and was the better mover of all the puppies. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: 1291 HODKINSON, Mrs J & Mr A & MORTIMER Miss T Laakso Brokki an 8-month-old well boned youngster who in appearance has more substance of body than 1st. Breed typical and obviously masculine head and expression, good length neck needs to tighten in front and body which I am sure will come with maturity. Needs to be more positive in forward movement.

3rd: 1284 CROSSLEY, Mr J V C & Mrs C A & CROSSLEY Mrs C A Rothenborg Pageant At Crossridge

Class 353 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1305 SIMMS Mr N & Mrs E Seasara Earl Grey a very smart well-constructed 17 month old who has a very attractive head shape and expression. True well-made front would prefer more fore-chest although has good spring and is ribbed well back with firm loin and stable moderately angled hindquarters. presents a pleasing profile when standing naturally. Moved with a purposeful true action although a bit close behind.

Class 356 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1306 STEPHENSON Mr & Mrs M Bowerhinton Bangalore a very attractive 2-year-old who is pleasing in proportions and balance and stands well over the ground showing off his qualities to advantage. Impressed with pleasing conformation and is breed typical in appearance. Attractive head and expression, alert and attentive the whole time. Moved out well covering the ground and with a free and easy action. A definite top spot contender.

2nd: 1297 MEDHURST Mrs D & Mr T Ellahyde Fine N'dandi a 2½ year old shapely male who tended to look a little long on the leg in proportions. Very smart attractive head, well-made true enough front, would prefer more fore-chest and tighter elbows. Balanced in moderate angulation front and rear. An eager mover but needs to settle to give of his best.

Class 357 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1294 MAUN Mrs T Ch Bowerhinton Brouhaha a very attractive 2¾ year old who has excellent conformation with a beautiful breed typical, masculine head, ears and expression. Standing presents a balanced ideal proportioned profile shape. He is well made in front with good width and fore-chest. Firm in body cover with ideal spring and ribbing with correct proportional length of loin, and nicely let down behind. Moved with free, purpose true in front but not the width and drive behind of the CC winner. My Reserve Dog CC winner.

2nd: 1283 COWPER, Mrs J E & COWPER Ms B F Kestos Nimrod Of Rothenborg a 2 year old of more sturdy appearance than 1st but nonetheless of overall pleasing make and shape. A male who impressed with his typical head shape and his alert expression. True front although needing to tighten, with pleasing fore-chest, strong in forequarters and neck. Plenty of body substance having spring of rib and broad loin. Needing to be settle on the move.

3rd: 1296 MCHUGH Mrs V J Kinderhorn Espen Of Conrick

Class 358 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1288 GRAY Miss B C Strom Footloose For Grasilva (Imp) an impressive 8 year old male who has a compact body and is powerful in appearance. Presents an outline of correct proportions and balanced angles front and rear. Sturdy and firm in body with notable sound conformation all through. A super quality male who although of mature years he is in his prime and presented in commendable condition. Masculine and breed typical in head and expression, head set ideally on a strong good length neck and firm strong body. Moved the better of this class and other males on the day. My dog CC winner.

2nd: 1292 HORNER, Mr J S & SIMMONDS, Mrs S P & MOTT Mrs M Ch & Am Gr Ch Can Ch Kamgaard Kut Above (Imp USA) a rising 10-year-old obviously mature, stocky male who has a well-built appearance. Very pleasing breed typical masculine head, not responsive or mobile in ears, head set well onto a full strong neck; true parallel front and moderate hindquarters. Firm of stance and moved with a free stride but not settled in action or as true as 1st.

Class 359 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1302 MORTIMER Miss T M Laakso Belina a very attractive 8-month-old puppy bitch who has the quality and promise desirable in a youngster. She is well boned and has satisfying body substance presenting an all-together compact sturdy appearance. Very typical in breed points and very promising in construction. Attractive in head shape, correct ears, dark eyes and endearing expression. At 8 months she has desirable proportions in body and is so eye-catching in profile with necessary proportions and balance true, well-made front and stable in hindquarters. Moved with a free and true enough action.

2nd: 1281 COWPER Mrs J E Rothenborg Petrea a lovely shaped 9-month-old who has all the desired foundation structure to mature into a quality adult. Lacking the coat furnishings allowing her construction to be viewed unhindered. Attractive in head set on good length neck and well-made, true front and forequarters. Preferred the compact well bodied look of 1st but acknowledge the exciting promise this young bitch possesses for the future. Confident and free in movement but still needing to settle.

3rd: 1285 CROSSLEY, Mr J V C & Mrs C A & CROSSLEY Mrs C A Rothenborg Pasha At Crossridge

Res: 1278 ALLCHIN Mrs C Barbelka Betty Boop Of Carolon   

Class 360 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1295 MAUN Mrs T Bowerhinton Bettina a pleasing quality 15 month old bitch who impressed with her typical head shape and her alert expression. True front with good fore-chest; she is firm and strong in forequarters and neck. Pleasing in body substance and spring of rib, good leg length. Attractive overall outline and side profile which I preferred to 2nd. The better mover of this class.

2nd: 1299 MIDDLETON Mr B & Mrs L A Graythor Lo Lykkelig a very compact, well covered, powerful looking good sized 16 month old bitch. Feminine, typy in head though just preferred expression of 1st. Strong in neck, true good width front, firm and well covered in body which is of satisfying proportions and is balanced in angles front and rear. Free movement but tended to crab slightly.


Class 361 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1307 THREADGOLD Mrs W Bowerhinton Bywnans a close coated 5 year old who has substance in body and broad in loin. Attractive in head, true enough in front, needs more fore-chest but has pleasing spring of rib. Tended to appear long in the back. Unsettled on the move and tended to move wide in front.

Class 362 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1298 MEYRICK Mrs J Skogly's Vl Akerselva By Norvin this nearly 2 year-old attractive bitch is impressive in standing profile being compact in body and of pleasing outline and proportions. Smart, lovely head which is breed typical in shape and so feminine in look and expression and which I preferred to 2nd. Well-constructed in front, of satisfying size and proportions in body with moderate angulation, stable hindquarters. Moved well with good front action and parallel although close rear action. The better mover of the class.

2nd: 1290 HAUGSTAD Miss A Skogly's Vl Saksumdal Saga a smart nearly 2 year old who has an attractive side profile appearance. Typical in appearance and having notable breed characteristics and is very promising in construction. Attractive head shape, firm, alert erect ears, dark eyes and has an alert interested expression. She is pleasing in body proportions with a firm top line, tended to drop her tail.  Moved with a purposeful action but not as precise as 1st.

3rd: 1307 THREADGOLD Mrs W Bowerhinton Bywnans

Class 363 LB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1289 GRAY Miss B C Grasilva Silver Vine a very smart, pleasing quality 3-year-old who is of satisfying size and proportions. Well-made and strong in appearance. Attractive head both in shape and expression; dark well shaped eyes. Well made in front which is true having ideal bone and width. Firm substance in body which has spring of rib and decent depth and strong, short loin leading to firm stable moderately angled hindquarters. Moved with a steady free action.

Class 364 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1282 COWPER Mrs J E Ch Rothenborg Leaha a super quality 7 year who looks to be at her best. She is in commendable condition and a breed typical representative of her breed. She is impressive, breed typical and feminine in head and expression. Overall, she is of ideal size, proportions, shape and substance and has a firm, agile appearance. She is well-constructed in front and forequarters being of moderate construction with nothing in exaggeration. Moved well with an easy free action. Bitch CC, Best Veteran in Breed and Best of Breed

2nd: 1279 ALLCHIN Mrs C Laakso Kia's Cracker Of Carolon a mature looking 5½ year old typy looking bitch who is well bodied but needing to firm up all through. She has acceptable proportions and an outline that is breed typical although tended to drop her tail. Feminine in head and alert in expression. True in front but stood and moved wide in front and was loose behind.

Class 365 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1282 COWPER Mrs J E Ch Rothenborg Leaha as previous comments

2nd: 1300 MIDDLETON Mr B & Mrs L A Ch Bowerhinton Be Madams Spy At Graythor Sh.CM a notable quality mature 8 year old who looks good. She stands over the ground to advantage and impresses with her attractive side profile. Alert in outlook, feminine and typical in head shape and attentive in expression. True front although tends to stand wide, with pleasing fore-chest and strong forequarters and neck. Sturdy, firm body and strong, nicely angled hindquarters. Moved well and free but preferred the free striding side gait of 1st. Reserve Bitch CC.